Chapter 1: Moving In – Saturday, June 25th, 2011

After unpacking and setting up his new room at the Brady Pub, Will came down the stairs to be greeted by his great-grandmother at the bar. "Are you done already?"

Will took a deep breath and nodded his head. "Yeah, don't have everything where I want it yet, but I think I am done for the day."

Caroline smiled. "Perfect timing," she exclaimed as she pulled Will over to a table to sit. "I was just about to bring up some fresh baked cookies and milk to you." Caroline brought out a tray with cookies and two glasses of milk. She placed them on the table and put the tray away. Will smiled at Caroline because she was trying her hardest to keep his spirits up. Unfortunately, all he could think about was his mother moving back into the DiMera mansion to be with EJ. "You're thinking about your mother, aren't you?"

Will knew there was no point in denying anything. His great-grandmother could always read him. Will picked up a cookie and started fiddling with it. "Yeah, I am still frustrated that my mom needs a man to define her life… to define her happiness." Will finally took a bite out of the cookie.

"Well, to be fair, your mother's relationship with Rafe ended six months ago. It could be worse."

Will agreed as he took a sip of milk. "Don't get me wrong. I am so glad that Rafe is no longer a part of mom's life. After the truth came out about his part in his ex-fiancé's death, I'm glad that he's locked away. I know EJ has changed, I just wish mom would live her life solo for a while before deciding to move back into the DiMera mansion. I don't want to see her get sucked into a dangerous situation again. Of course, she won't listen to me."

Caroline put her hand on Will's and held it. "I am proud of you, Will. I think it's good that you decided not to move into that crazy place. The DiMeras really cannot be trusted and your mother needs to realize that fact for herself." Caroline noticed that Will seemed to not want to talk about that anymore. She watched as he ate another cookie. "So how is Gabi doing since Rafe was sentenced last week? I bet that's got to be hard for her… and hard for you."

Will tried to shrug it off as he finished a cookie. "I don't know. She's still upset about the whole situation. I think she's still in shock that her brother killed Emily. I really don't talk to her about what he tried to do to mom. I figured it's best not to talk about it. I don't want to upset her." Caroline noticed that Will seemed unhappy when he talked about Gabi.

Will's phone began to ring as he drank the rest of his milk. After placing the glass back on the table, Will pulled out his phone to see who it was. "It's Gabi." He ignored the call and put the phone back in his pocket. "I really don't have the energy to talk to her right now. I think I should go upstairs to take a short nap."

Caroline patted Will's hand and watched him head upstairs. "Poor kid… He's more like his mother than he thinks."

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano had called Chad down to talk to him. Chad walked into the living room; Stefano greeted him eagerly. "Oh, good. You are here."

"Well, father, what do you want?"

"What do you want?" Stefano started. "What kind of greeting is that? How about, 'Hello father, how are you doing today?'" Stefano threw his hands at Chad and figured it was pointless. "I asked you to come down because I just got news from EJ that…" Stefano was interrupted by laughs that came through the front door. Sami and EJ made their way into the living room with Johnny and Sydney.

Chad looked around suspiciously when he noted that Sami had luggage behind her. "What's going on?"

EJ smiled. "I guess father didn't tell you that Samantha's moving in. We're going to have the whole family under one roof again." Stefano rolled his eyes at EJ's excitement and poured himself a drink.

"So is Will moving in as well?" Chad got a bit excited.

Sami got a bit uncomfortable and put Sydney down on the couch. "No, Will's not moving in. He's a bit upset with me right now, but I'm sure he'll come around." Sami forced a smile.

"Let's stop talking about the depressing stuff and get things settled upstairs. I'll have Harold come down and grab your stuff." Sami picked up Sydney again and headed upstairs with EJ and Johnny.

Chad was a bit disappointed that Will was not moving in, but was happy for EJ. He turned towards Stefano and noticed he was pouring himself another drink. "Are you going to be okay with all of this?"

"What does it look like? If I've learned anything over the years, it's that a relationship with a Brady is toxic. My son had the misfortune of falling in love with Samantha Brady, which is even worse in my book. Chad, whatever you do, stay away from the Brady women. They will steal your soul."

Chad enjoyed watching Stefano get worked up over Sami. "Noted. What about the Hortons?"

"Stay away from them as well. The DiMeras and the Hortons do not mix either. It's best if you find someone that will fit in with our family. Someone that is not judgmental or 'holier than thou.'"

Chad knew that Stefano was warning him against Abigail. "Well, on that note, I am heading to Lexie's for dinner."

"Tell Alexandra and Theodore hello for me. Oh, and Abraham as well."

"Will do." Chad walked out deciding to make a quick stop before heading to Lexie's house.

After a shower and getting dressed, Dario walked out of his bedroom and found Gabi sitting alone on the couch. Heading over to her, he asked, "What are you doing? Why are you sitting alone? You should be out with your friends or Will."

Gabi sighed and looked up at her brother. "Well, I tried to call Will earlier, but he did not answer. I think he might feel awkward around me because of Rafe. I don't know what to do about it."

Dario took a seat next to his sister. "Well, it's understandable that he might not know what to say or how to respond to you. Rafe really messed up and the things he pulled on Sami was not good. If Will really cares about you, he'll get over it and realize that what our stupid brother did has nothing to do with you as a person."

"¿Y nosotros? What about us? Are we supposed to get over it?" Gabi was clearly annoyed as she sat back in the couch and crossed her arms over her chest.

Dario got up. "Well, eventually. We do have to move on with our lives and not let what Rafe did get in the way of us living our lives. I know it sucks right now. Rafe is going to be in prison for a while. Hopefully he'll get some help, but there's nothing we can do at this point. Just like when Arianna went to prison, she got better by herself."

"What Rafe did was so much worse. He killed Emily and almost killed Sami. Rafe has been lying to us for years. Things are not going to get better."

"Well, I don't know what to tell you." Dario put his hands down feeling defeated. He sat down next to Gabi again knowing that he could not leave things this way. "I promise you. Things will get better. We will get through this as a family. We always have." He gave Gabi a hug. "You should call Will again. I have to go in for work, so I'll be back late tonight."

Gabi hugged her brother back and watched as he left. She picked up her cell phone and debated on whether she should call Will again.

Melanie checked her hair in the mirror on the wall of the Horton living room. She turned around and thanked Abigail for inviting her to dinner with her family. Abigail smiled. "Oh, I am excited that you agreed to come. I know that my Uncle Justin and Aunt Adrienne love you, so they'll be happy you came as well."

Melanie was a bit surprised to hear that Justin and Adrienne were going to be there. "You didn't tell me it was a big family gathering. I thought it was going to be you, your mother, and me." Melanie noticed Abigail had a guilty look on her face. "Why do I have a feeling that there's more you're not telling me?"

"Okay, but you have to promise you won't back out," Abigail admitted. "My cousin, Sonny will be there. He's Justin and Adrienne's youngest son. He's a great guy."

"Wait. Are you trying to set me up with your cousin?"

"I promise you! You'll like him!" Abigail grabbed Melanie's arms to make her look at her. "He's a great guy… and he has a good heart."

Melanie rolled her eyes and sarcastically responded. "Oh, a great guy with a good heart. Sounds like something I really need in my life right now." Abigail lightly slapped Melanie on the arm, when the doorbell rang.

Jennifer came down the stairs and saw the two girls standing in the living room. "Were you two expecting anyone?"

Abigail and Melanie shook their heads. "No. Chad told me that he had plans tonight."

Jennifer made her way to the door and opened it to find Nathan Horton on the other side. Jennifer stepped back in surprise. "Nathan, what are you doing here?"

Nathan smiled. "I couldn't stay away. I had to come back to where I belong."

"Come in. Make yourself at home." Jennifer helped Nathan bring in his bags into the living room where Melanie and Abigail were waiting. Melanie and Nathan immediately made eye contact surprised to see the other there. To avoid any awkwardness, they quickly looked away from each other. Nathan noticed that they were dressed to go out and asked if they were going out. "Yeah, sorry. We are going out to meet Adrienne, Justin, and Sonny."

"How about you come with us? We still have a while before we have to leave."

Melanie stepped in and looked at Abigail. "I'm sure Nathan is tired from his trip back." Nathan agreed with Melanie.

"I insist. You should come. The more the merrier, right mom?" Jennifer shook her head and smiled at Nathan. "You have to come."

Melanie began to bite her fingernail as she watched Nathan give in and accept. He was avoiding eye contact with her and that made her feel even more nervous about dinner. She still could not believe that he was back.

Back at the Brady Pub, Chad walked in hoping to talk to Will. He wanted to make sure that Will was okay. He spotted Caroline wiping the bar down and headed over. "Is Will around?"

Caroline was surprised to see Chad. "Oh. Hey Chad. He's not in at the moment. I think he went out with Gabi somewhere." She looked down and continued wiping the bar. Chad stood there awkwardly unsure of what to say next. Caroline noticed and stopped wiping the bar. "How are things with you and Stefano? Is he showing you the DiMera ways?"

Chad could not tell if Caroline was honestly curious or if she was trying to get rid of him. "It's great. He's been a good father and has really welcomed me into the family. He accepts me for me."

Chad watched as Caroline's eyebrow went up. "Well, I'll tell Will that you stopped by." Caroline continued with wiping down the bar.

Taking a hint, Chad turned around to leave. As he headed towards the door, Kate walked in. When Kate spotted him, she had a surprised look on her face. Chad knew better. "You can drop the act, Kate. I'm guessing my dear old dad asked you to follow me." He continued with outstretched arms, "As you can see, Abigail is nowhere in sight."

Kate put her hand on her hip as Chad dropped his. "Now Chad. I think you've got this all wrong. I just came in here to grab a quick coffee. I had no idea that you were going to be here, so no need to be paranoid."

"So if I was here with Abigail, you wouldn't call up Stefano and tell him? I know you don't like that I am seeing her."

"Chad, let me clear things up for you. Your father and I want you to be happy. While Abigail is a very attractive young woman, she is just so… what's an appropriate word…" Kate tapped her finger on her chin. "…square. I think it would be beneficial if you thought outside of the box."

Chad shook his head. "Yeah. I think this conversation just got a bit weirder. Didn't know that was possible. Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I should be going. I'm going to be late." Chad left without a goodbye.

Kate made her way to the bar and ordered her usual. Thinking to herself, she wondered what Chad saw in Abigail. The girl was a bit judgmental. Kate knew she needed to do something to keep Chad and Abigail apart.

Caroline walked over with Kate's coffee. Having seen the whole scene between Chad and Kate, Caroline knew what Kate was thinking. After handing the coffee to Kate, Caroline started, "You may be Stefano's wife, but that does not make you Chad's mother. Maybe you should let the poor kid just live his life. Haven't you ruined your own kids' lives enough?" Caroline walked off.

Annoyed, Kate shook her head to adjust her hair. She looked back at Caroline and mouthed the word "bitch" as she walked off.

Will rolled around in his bed when his phone started to ring. He scooted over to the night stand and grabbed his phone. It was Gabi again. He decided he probably should pick up this time. With a groggy voice, Will said hello.

Gabi questioned Will's not answering his phone earlier.

"Sorry, I was taking a nap. How about I grab us some takeout and bring it over?"

After Gabi agreed, Will hung up the phone and sat up in bed. Rubbing his eyes, he questioned his relationship with Gabi.