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This will still be an Edward/Bella pairing and will somewhat follow Twilight cannon through Breaking Dawn. Yes, that means I do plan on having Renesmee exist but I don't intend to write her as a perfect, Mary-Sueish little angel girl. Also, Jacob will NOT be imprinting on Renesmee as that's just WRONG. I know that their age difference wouldn't be as large as, say, Edward and Bella's but it was still disturbing, having Jacob see a little baby girl in that sort of way. I know how Meyer described it, that the wolf would be whatever their imprinted needed them to be but it just kinda bothered me. It's not the age difference so much as the fact that he imprinted on her as a baby. If a wolf imprints, in my story, the imprintee will be no younger than thirteen. This means that Clair will have a significant age boost as I don't plan on having Quil with a two-year-old in any capacity.

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Chapter One: Exodus


By Rita Skeeter

January 2, 2007

Ever since the battle in which He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated, the wizarding public has been on edge, wondering whether or not one dark lord is being traded out for a dark lady that has the potential to be just as oppressive and cruel. Who is this dark lady, you ask? None other than Coraline Potter: Girl-Who-Lived and so-called twice-defeater of You-Know-Who.

Ever since that fateful day when Potter returned from the maze in the third task with the dead body of Cedric Diggory but no witnesses as to how the unfortunate lad was killed, the public have been wondering just what kind of a person their saviour truly was. The truth, dear readers? Coraline Elizabeth Potter: Girl-Who-Lived and twice-defeater of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is not human at all. That's right, NOT HUMAN! With a desire to unveil the truth, I, my dear readers, did a little research on Miss Potter's genealogy. I was thoroughly shocked to discover what I did. The very knowledge I shall be imparting to you, my loyal readers, will rock our world.

We shall start off with the least shocking of her lineage. When looking into the Potter side of her family tree, I discovered something most curious. Henry Potter, father to James Potter, grandfather to Coraline Potter, took a Muggle-born wife with more than just humans in her ancestry. Her name was Leanne Raven Clearwater, an American who was two years behind Henry Potter and in Ravenclaw house. She is of no relation to Penelope Clearwater, one of the Profit's junior reporters. Leanne Clearwater haled from a Native American reservation outside a small town called Forks, Washington in the United States. Unlike her older brother, Simon, Leanne was a witch.

However, that is not the only sort of magic that ran through her veins. Many families in this Quilayute tribe were genetically different to others. According to Quilayute legend, they are descended from what they called Spirit Warriors who protected the tribe from evil. After a few generations, the so-called Spirit Warriors became what they are today: werewolves. Unlike our well-known werewolf who is forced to change at the full moon, these werewolves are more akin to shapeshifters, somewhat like animagi but different. The transformation, called phasing, has only occurred with the males of the tribe and only when a vampire is near. The males turn into an abnormally large wolf with extreme speed and strength. They all have a pack mentality and, whilst in wolf form, none of their thoughts can be easily hidden from others of their pack. There is a leader, called the alpha, whose commands are forced to be followed if he truly wishes it.

Before you, my most lovely perusers, grow too comfortable with the thought of Coraline Potter being descended from something like Muggle animagi, I must tell you about their more feral natures. First off, these shapeshifters have extremely short tempers and, without being provoked at all, will transform into snarling, out-of-control beasts. Also, they have a process called imprinting where there so-called nature calls to one of the opposite sex, even those who are not descended from their kind. They lure the unsuspecting human in and become extremely possessive, claiming them for themselves and nobody else. The poor human is trapped with no escape, forced to pander to the desires of the beast who ensnared them. This, my readers, is what James Potter was, what Coraline Potter is. As far as I have been made aware, our Tarnished Saviour is the first female of her kind.

I was not able to receive as much information on Lily Evans's family tree. I did, however, discover something shocking. Her Hogwarts records which, until now, were classified read:

Name: Lily Elizabeth Evans

Date Of Birth: January 30, 1970

Biological age: 11 years

Physical Age: 9 years, 3 months

Magical and mental age: 22 years

Emotional age: 12 years, 9 months

Species: One quarter human, three quarters vampire

That's right, the mother of our own saviour was a blood-sucking vampire whose nature was only slightly diluted by her minute amount of human blood. Everyone in our world knows what vampires are and what they are capable of. They are cunning, guileful creatures of extreme and sensual beauty but do not be taken in by smooth words passed through bloody lips. They WILL kill you. Vampires are nothing but red-eyed monsters and it is a wonder how two, let alone one, were able to slip into our fine institution, Hogwarts. Decrees are now being set in place so such a travesty does not happen again.

For some of the naive readers out there who are still dwelling on the slightly more than a quarter of human blood that our Tarnished Saviour has, do not be fooled. During the long and drawn-out final battle, Coraline Potter was bitten by one of You-Know-Who's vampire servants. This was just as she was dealing the final blow to You-Know-Who. According to my sources, over the next three days in which a human would normally change into a vampire, our Tarnished Saviour's opposing genetics fought for dominance. The werewolf blood tried to eject the vampire transformation and push out her vampire heritage altogether whilst her vampire genes tried to overwrite the werewolf blood in her transformation. This resulted in both opposing bloodlines coming to a compromise of sorts. This left the Girl-Who-Lived with none of her humanity, her human blood flushed out of her system. She is now nothing but a blood-sucking, wolf-shifting beast. And to think, dear readers, that we actually TRUSTED her so thoroughly. Many people have commented on our Tarnished Saviour and the path she has been taking that is now cemented by her transformations.

"Always knew there was something off about her." said Ronald Weasley, 16, in reference to his former friend and girlfriend. "She could get away with anything, I swear. And it was like she could lure you in with a few nice words and a flutter of those poison eyes. The sad thing is I actually DID think she was okay, once. But that all went down the loo when she entered herself into that tournament. And then, this year, she starts hanging out with blokes like Malfoy. I mean really! Did she think she could continue to fool me? Only DARK witches and wizards hang out with MALFOYS and I bet SHE'S the darkest of the LOT! I DID date her for a time, at least SHE thought so. Really, I was just keeping an eye un her. Hermione is my TRUE love." We can clearly see what he thinks on this particular subject. Now, we shall see what his long-time girlfriend, Hermione Granger, says.

"She was always too pretty. I KNEW it couldn't be natural. She was always guileful and cunning, I bet she bedazzled the hat into putting her into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. And she was always too smart, too quick with spells. It wasn't natural and, for all I know, she could have plucked the answers right out of my head with some sort of vampire gift of hers. And I saw her training with that Malfoy, using DARK SPELLS. I confronted her but she just said she NEEDED to learn what the so-called opposition was using. The sooner that she's been banished from this good country the better. We're all better off without her kind corrupting us." Hermione Granger, 17, stated heatedly. It is quite clear how the new Golden Couple feel about there X-best friend. But Albus Dumbledore is not without comment as well.

"I am very disappointed in Miss Potter. I truly thought, even despite her parentage, that she would remain steadfastly on the light side and not resort to her innate darkness. I suppose that an old man's folly is to blame. A stricter watch should have been kept on the girl but I never would have guessed she would have run away from Privet Drive upon her sixteenth birthday and into Draco Malfoy's arms shortly thereafter. I shall not make such a mistake again. From here on out, all those with nothing less than 100% human blood will NOT be permitted within the halls of Hogwarts. We shall be checking into every students bloodline extensively, including and especially the Muggle-borns, before they are officially entered and a check shall be done on all current..."

Coraline Potter slammed the newspaper down with an inhuman amount of strength. She cursed as the small table that served as the dining table in her flat teetered and toppled to the floor with a resounding BANG noise. Not wanting to break anything, she slowly, and wandlessly, levitated the table into its rightful position.

"Everything okay out here, Cora?" asked her flat-mate and one of her only true friends, Draco Malfoy.

"GRRRRRRRRRR! Those fucking stupid motherfuckers don't know what the bloody fuck they're bloody talking about the bloody backstabbing fuck-faced FUCKERS! What the bloody fuck are they SAYING? I was always on their bloody side no matter what the fuck they bloody say to bloody justify themselves! And they make it bloody sound like we're fucking DATING when it's more like you're my fucking BROTHER! I bloody HATE those stupid MOTHERFUCKERS!" she ranted angrily, her skin temperature heating up and the little blood she had trickling into her cheeks to make a fantastically crimson blush against her vampire-pale skin.

"Well I HOPE I'm not your FUCKING brother, Coraline." Draco smirked.

"SHUT the bloody fuck UP." she snarled, her blush growing more pronounced.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Cor. We've not enough space for you to explode in here. Just wait awhile longer, okay?" Draco asked.

"Yeah yeah, whatever, Coco. Where's Lu and Nev?" Coraline asked him.

"Meh, you know they're sleeping. Are you all packed?" he asked her, sitting down across from her.

"What do you think, Coco? I've been packed for AGES! You DO realise that this is my family we're talking about, right?" she asked.

"Of COURSE I do... at least you've GOT one to..." Draco started heatedly but trailed off at the hurt look on his friend's face. "God, I'm so sorry, Cora. I'm such an insensitive prat sometimes, aren't I? I know you want to get to know your family and I don't blame you. It's just hard for me because my father's dead, my mother's in prison, and they stopped giving a damn when I said I didn't want to be a Death Eater." Draco sighed. Coraline had found him not long after that day she had ran from the Dursleys and been allowed to take the unoccupied flat above the Weasley twins joke shop. There he was in an alcove of NOCTURNE Alley, beaten, hexed, and bloody. She knew that a Death Eater's son would NEVER be given proper treatment at St. Mungo's so she took him up to her flat and healed him the best way she knew how, the Muggle way. This was the way she had healed herself a number of times when the beatings from the Dursleys, especially her aunt, were actually able to hurt her. In retrospect, if she were normal, they would have killed her a long time ago. Also, now that she thought about it, her aunt was the one who could hurt her more than her uncle and, to a lesser extent, cousin could.

Over that long summer, they had talked and gotten to know each other and were now like brother and sister. Later that school year, Luna and Neville had been brought into the fold and they were now all like one big, odd family. It helped that Draco and Luna were actually cousins. Luna's mother was the disowned Artemis Malfoy, twin to Lucius Malfoy.

"Trust me, Coco, you're not NEARLY as insensitive a prat as Ronald Weasley, even in your bad-boy days. On an RWPS of 1 to 10 you rank about a three." Coraline laughed, the soft giggles sounding like harmoniously tinkling bell chimes.

"OI! I'll have you know that I'm STILL a bad-boy... just not like I was." Draco sputtered indignantly.

"Hahaha, SURE you you are, Coco." his friend laughed.

"I really AM! And would you PLEASE stop calling me COCO?" he demanded.

"Hmmm... NOPE! I think it's a CUTE nickname." Coraline smirked.

"I don't DO cute, Coraline. You're sure a lot more bubbly than usual, aren't you?"

"Yup! The two of us have taken everything we have in our vaults and estates and transferred them to Gringotts America and Neville and Luna have all their family money as well. I think we're good to go. It's 9:00 now, we need to be at Heathrow by eleven for our 3:00 flight out of this place." Coraline grinned.

"Yeah. So, Remus and Tonks are meeting us their, right?" Draco asked. He was, of course, referring to Remus Lupin, a known true werewolf, and Nymphadora Tonks, Remus's fiance. Most magical creatures who could were flying out of England like bats out of hell. They knew that if they stayed than they would be oppressed, enslaved, or worse, executed. This was why the six of them were leaving. The five were on Coraline's side and they wouldn't see her treated like shit by the very community she had saved. Remus and Tonks knew that they were both high on the ministry's shit-list as well for the fact that A: they supported Coraline, B: Remus was a known werewolf, and C: Tonks was his fiance. It wasn't as if Tonks, Draco, Luna, and Neville were truly safe from the ministry even if they weren't Cora's friends. Each of them had some non-human ancestry anyway and the ministry would be after them. Some of their fully human friends, such as the Weasley twins, Patil twins, Gryffindor chasers, and the Creevy brothers would be staying in England. Although Neville's gran was fully human, her son had married a non-human woman and she would be looked down upon. She had given Neville all the Longbottom money except for enough to tide her over until her death and would move to New Zealand within the week. Luna's father had died in the war so she was left with the Lovegood fortune. Tonks's parents had already gone to British Columbia a few days ago. Many countries all over the world were allowing magical creatures and those of creature ancestry to seek asylum. Thankfully, America was one of them. Coraline shook her head and focused on Draco's question.

"Yeah. They should be meeting us in baggage check. I can't wait, Draco, really. For the first time, I'll have FAMILY! Do... do you think that... that the Clearwaters will like me even though I'm... you know... half like their sworn enemy species?" the young woman, who looked even younger by biting her lower lip in a nervous fashion, asked her surrogate brother in a small voice.

"I don't know," Draco said candidly, he was never one to sugar-coat things. "We'll just have to wait and see but, if they're so small-minded that they get stuck on your other half than they're not worth knowing anyway."

"You think?" she asked. Draco could hardly believe, for all her false bravado in Hogwarts, that she was really so insecure but he knew she was.

"No, I don't think. I KNOW. You are Coraline Elizabeth Potter, damnit, and I can't think of anyone MORE worth knowing... except perhaps my handsome self." Draco said, puffing out his chest in a proud and cocky manner. Coraline giggled.

"Thanks, Draco, I think I'll be okay now." she smiled. Coraline Potter might have looked just past her fourteenth birthday but she was as smart as a genius 32-year-old and, emotionally, she was just over half way between eighteen and nineteen. This was a trait that, apparently, she held in common with her mother. From the spells that she, Draco, and Luna were able to find, even without her human blood she was still aging and would continue to do so until about the age of twenty. She would appear around seventeen and a half then. Even after her physical body stopped growing, though, she'd continue to grow mentally, magically, and emotionally. That was what was assumed because her mother didn't age a day past her 20th birthday.

"Good. Let's not think about all that negative stuff, huh? How about we wake our brother and sister up?" Draco grinned. Coraline matched it easily.

"Allow me, brother, allow me." she smirked.

A couple hours later saw all four teens entering the airport at the British Airways terminal. Draco and Coraline were both grinning while Neville and Luna were sulking somewhat. Before this year, Coraline would have never guessed at how much Luna and Neville loathed getting up in the mornings. She would have thought Neville, at least, would be more of a morning person, working on his plants or whatever. When she had asked, he'd said, "I'll do as the plants and wait for the sun before I do anything meaningful, thanks." she had simply shrugged. Luna had inherited, as she'd learned, the Malfoy sarcasm and general snarkiness and put it to good use in the mornings.

A few people looked at the four oddly as they entered the building and got in the long, sprawling line. They were four teenagers, after all. Each of them had a few bags with them. They all had a suitcase which was actually magical on the inside. All four had everything they owned in those suitcases in different compartments. They had clothes in one, books and writing supplies in another, gold in a third, and family and personal heirlooms and artifacts in the fourth. The only thing that the Muggles would ever see was the clothes compartment; the other three were undetectable to any sort of scan, Muggle or magical. Aside from their four-compartment suitcases, each of them had individual carry-ons. Draco would bring a smaller-looking, Muggle-styled wheeled suitcase with him on the plane. In it were all of his potions things including cauldrons, scales, preparation supplies, ingredients, and completed potions. He didn't trust the Muggles not to lose it. If the security were to look inside, they would only see arbitrary things like books, a blanket, and a pillow. Neville carried a similar suitcase. However, inside it were seeds and cuttings of all the magical and non-magical plants he thought would thrive in the rich, wet soil of Forks. Muggles would see things similar to what they'd see in Draco's when they searched the suitcase. Luna carried two things. the first was a purse. Luna's purse was a magically expanded Duney and Berk and it was bright, sunny yellow. The shape was round and multi-coloured DB's covered all but the straps. Even the zipper was rainbow-coloured. It was smallish in circumference and had a leather handle to carry it by hand or wrist as well as two thin leather backpack-like straps. Luna wore it like a backpack on her back. In her left hand, she carried an ordinary-looking animal carrier. All that Muggles would see when they looked in was Luna's white toy poodle, Snorkel. In reality, it was a magical familiar carrier that could be purchased with ease at any magical menagerie. None of the four trusted the Muggles with their pets. Lastly, their was Coraline's luggage. Over one shoulder, resting on her left hip was a purse very similar to Luna's. However, it was a bit bigger around and, instead of being bright yellow, it was black. It still had the rainbow zipper and the multicoloured DB's all over it, though. In her right hand, she carried a hard, black guitar case. On the lid near the top was an etched image of a lily. The petals were a deep, dark red and the stem and centre were green. Etched in an arch above it in flowing gold script was the name Lily Elizabeth Evans. Below it, reverse-arched in the same flowing gold script was the name Coraline Elizabeth Potter. Inside it was one of Coraline's most prized possessions, her mother's guitar. Also, inside the slightly expanded case were her mother's journals, music books, stories, etc. Coraline had added to the collection herself with her own diaries, songs, and stories. She wouldn't feel right about having her mother's guitar in some cramped space beneath the seating area of the plane so she carried it.

"MERLIN this line is long. We'll NEVER get to the front." Draco moaned. Irritated, he brushed an arrent strand of platinum hair out of his silvery eyes and off his fair-skinned forehead. Sometimes, his eyes seemed silver, at other times, they seemed blue or grey. Draco had more of a lean, runner's body. He was just shy of six feet but he was content with that. A lot of girls around the terminal were stealing glances at him. They would, of course, as Draco was a quarter veela on his father's side. His ears held a slight point as the Blacks had a history of dark elves in their blood. However, the veela nature was most noticeable. It had come from his grandmother, apparently. Today, Draco wore a pair of black boots, dark blue jeans, a black jacket, and a green sweater with a coiled silver snake on the front that had green eyes. His right wrist sported a black-faced watch with silver hands and emerald numbers. The band was green dragon hide.

"Don't be so melodramatic, Coco, we'll get their soon enough." Coraline reprimanded him. Her long, dark red curls were down today and she wore a light blue headband on her head. Her curly bangs, thankfully, covered her lightning-bolt scar and almost fell into her large, emerald eyes. She looked roughly two years younger than she actually was but she had already reached five five. Both her parents had been tall, her father was six three and her mother was five ten. Coraline wore white trainers, faded blue jeans, a brown leather winter jacket, and a light blue sweater with a white silhouette of a grand castle on the front. In her ears were a pair of emerald studs and diamond danglies. Around her neck was a beautiful gold necklace with an emerald heart pendant. This had once been her mother's. Also, hanging beside the pendant, their was a beautiful gold ring with a diamond in the middle surrounded by emeralds and rubies. This was her mother's wedding ring and she never let it out of her sight. Around her left wrist was a gold charm bracelet with a lion, snake, eagle, badger, book, sword, claw, and fang. Her right wrist sported a gold wristwatch with a white face and emeralds at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 marks.

"Whatever. Say, where are those two, anyway? Aren't they supposed to meet us here?" Draco asked.

"I don't know, cousin. Maybe they're getting a little extra sleep. After all, their flat isn't infested with cold-water spritelings or Discordant Drum-breakers... wait... that was just my obnoxious sister waking me up, wasn't it?" Luna asked grouchily. Her somewhat scraggly, dirty blond hair was put up into two plaits with striped pink and yellow ribbons and her long bangs were parted to the right, a few strands falling into her right eye. Luna had Draco's same eye colour except her eyes were a bit larger, more protuberant. Her skin was a bit more tan in colour. She was a petite girl, barely sixteen, and just scraped five two in height. Her ears had a bit of a natural point to them. Luna's father was a wood elf and had passed many of those traits onto his daughter. Luna had also inherited the quarter veela blood from her and Draco's grandmother but the elf blood suppressed it somewhat. Her eclectic fashion sense showed through in what she was wearing. She wore a blue winter jacket, a bright pink sweater with a yellow unicorn on it, and a flowing, fuzzy yellow skirt. The shoes on her little feet were white with splashes of different colours streaked through and, just below her skirt, knee-length rainbow socks could be seen. She wore her same radish earrings and butterbeer cork necklace which, she had told them, were once her mother's. She wore a silver charm bracelet on her left wrist similar to Cora's except instead of the sword, fang, and claw their was an arrow, a feather, and a leaf. On her right wrist was a watch with a bright pink band, a sunny yellow face, purple hands, and rainbow-coloured numbers.

"Well at least YOU didn't have some annoying GIT threaten to take a CUTTING off your MIMBULUS MIMBLETONIA." Neville huffed. Neville had really grown up over the last few years. He was quite tall, at least six one, and had broad shoulders. He was naturally a bit dark-skinned and his eyes were warm and brown. His hair, which he wore almost to his shoulders, was dark brown and somewhat shaggy. His colouring and height had, apparently, come from his mother's side of the family. Alice Yuley was another of the LaPush Quilayutes to come to Hogwarts. Neville had first phased on the battlefield more than a week ago. Neville wore black shoes, pants, and a dark red turtleneck sweater under a black denim jacket. On his right wrist was a watch much like Draco's except the hands were gold, the numbers red, and the band was red dragon hide.

"OI... I said I was sorry... bloody crazy..." Draco trailed off, shuddering.

"What'd I say, Coco?" Coraline asked sweetly.

"Let YOU wake him up." Draco mumbled.

"That's right! If you'd been in Gryffindor, you would KNOW how scary Nev here is with his plants. I mean, look what he did to that Weasley git back in fourth year." Coraline said, grinning.

"It wasn't my bloody fault the stupid ARSEWIPE decided to take a cutting off my Ignis Lilium. Because of him, the whole plant died. Bastard DESERVED the bloody hexing as far as I'M concerned." Neville grumbled. Fourth year was when Coraline was becoming better friends with Neville and he was starting to come out of his shell a bit more.

"Yeah... a good hexing, too... bloody scary..." Coraline muttered, shuddering theatrically.

"Awe, is the big, bad, Cora Potter SCARED?" Draco grinned.

"OI! You would be, too, if you'd seen that ferocity in his eyes. Plus, I wasn't the one who screamed like a GIRL this morning!" Cora taunted.

"WAIT! My ickle cousykins screamed like a GIRL? I have GOT to here THIS." came a voice from behind the four. Standing there were Remus and Tonks, both grinning. Each pulled suitcases much like those of the teenagers behind them. Remus carried a smaller suitcase, like Neville's and Draco's, with different defensive and training equipment inside. Tonks carried a bright, bubblegum pink Duney much like Cora's and Luna's. Hers was a backpack style like Luna's. Also, the young metamorphmagus carried an expanded duffle bag that was filled to bursting with Muggle electronics. Surprisingly, Tonks was quite the computer whiz.

"What happened?" Remus asked them. Remus looked a little worn from the previous full moon but good overall. His eyes were a light, amber brown and his hair was medium brown in colour. His skin was naturally tanned and a few scars could be seen on his face. Remus was lean and a bit wiry, reaching a height of about five nine. He wore a pair of sensible brown shoes, khaki slacks, and a lite green, button-up top under a brown jacket. On his right wrist was an equally sensible watch with a white face, black numbers, silver hands, and a brown leather band.

"Oh, it was a brilliant show. Draco and I decided to wake Neville and Luna up this morning. I said I'd take Neville but Draco INSISTED he be the one to wake him up. Well, what draco did was threaten to take a cutting off his Mimbulus Mimbletonia. Next thing I know, Draco's screaming like a girl, running out their bedroom with bright pink hair and boils. And here comes Neville, furious and pajama-clad with his wand blazing right behind him." Coraline laughed. Remus and Tonks joined in followed by Neville and Luna.

"Sure, fine, laugh at a poor bloke's misfortune, why don't you?" Draco huffed.

"Awe, there there, little cousin. No need to sulk now." Tonks grinned. Reluctantly, she was in her normal appearance that day. Tonks was slim and reached five seven in height. She looked a lot like a Black with aristocratic features and silky black hair which was cut in a cute, sassy style just above her shoulders. However, she had her father's dark hazel eyes which always sparkled in amusement. Her skin was nearly as pale as Coraline's. It was to be expected, really, as she was a quarter vampire herself, on her father's side. Her ears held a slight point to them from the bit of dark elf blood that she had inherited from the Black side of the family, much like Draco. Tonks was dressed in a sassy style, like always. She wore some black trainers with different colours swirled through, a pair of faded blue jeans with a patch on the left knee, and a black Weird Sisters T-shirt underneath her bubblegum pink winter jacket. Her ears sported large, silver hoop earrings and a pair of amethyst danglies. Around her neck was a black choker with a teardrop-shaped amethyst stone hanging from it. Her left wrist had a bracelet like Luna's and Cora's except the last three charms were a bullet, fang, and thorn.

"Malfoys do NOT sulk. They simply... erm... contemplate. Yeah, that's it, CONTEMPLATE. You got that, NYMPHADORA?" Draco asked.

"Don't call me NYMPHADORA!" the twenty-something growled. Luckily, they were the next people in the queue and were motioned forward at that moment.

"ID? Passport?" asked the bored man behind the desk. The six of them all pulled them out and showed them as well as their tickets.

"Will you be checking any bags today?" he asked. They nodded. Remus handed over his brown suitcase first. It was promptly followed by Tonks's pink and silver one, Draco's green and silver one, Neville's dark red and gold one, Luna's dark blue and bronze one, and Coraline's black and gold one.

A few more hours and they were all boarding the plane. They were all, except Tonks, shocked at just how big the plane was. Tonks had flown before with her parents. Their were two isles to the plane and three sections of seats. Luckily, the six had first-class seats in two rows of three on the right side of the plane. After stowing their carry-ons, they all chose their seats. In the very front row, Neville took the isle seat followed by Remus in the middle and Cora by the window. Luna sat in the isle followed by Tonks in the middle and Draco by the window just a row behind them. They would be taking this flight all the way to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. From there, they would take a connecting flight to Port Angeles and drive to their new home. As the plain lifted off the tarmac, they all smiled. They would make a home out of Forks yet. This was a brand new start for them and they were going to take it with both hands.