Kurt had many dreams. He had a ton of things that he wanted to do with his life, most of them had to do with fashion, music, and becoming an actor. He loved to perform.

But one of his smaller dreams? To see the ocean.

He wasn't quite sure why that was something he wanted. A day at the beach seemed like the complete opposite of something Kurt would find fun. When Mike Chang had stated he wanted a pool party to celebrate his birthday Kurt was the only person who showed up in long pants and a hoodie, hiding in the shade the entire party.

He supposed it was because it was something his mother always dreamed about. Seeing the ocean. He felt like if he did it... she was sort of doing it as well, through him.

Even though her death was so long ago, Kurt felt it was his job to make sure that dream came true... in dedication to her.

That's why he was so thrilled when his father and Carole surprised him with plane tickets.

"Dad! This is amazing, what is this for?"

"For doing such a great job at Nationals, you kids deserve a fun summer trip."

"We really appreciate it, but we didn't win."

"Hey, just because you didn't come in first place, that doesn't mean you guys didn't do an amazing job."

"This is going to be great, it's going to be like a beach party every day!"

"I can't believe I'm finally going to get to see the ocean."

"Well, unfortunately Carole and I aren't going to be able to go with you guys, Carole can't get off work, and there's no way I could close the shop for two weeks."

"But if you guys aren't coming why are there four tickets?"

"We thought you might each want to invite a friend. Now there are some rules that come with this trip since you're going on your own..."

"I gotta call and invite Rachel before she makes other plans!"

"Finn, you might want to listen to the rules before inviting your girlfriend."

"Don't worry about it dad, Rachel and Finn won't be doing anything inappropriate, Rachel doesn't plan on sleeping with Finn until she's twenty five, it's part of her long range plan..."

"Who are you going to invite, Kurt?" Carole asked with a smile.

"Well, Mercedes of course." Kurt said smiling.

Sometimes Kurt wished he had a boyfriend.

But going with Mercedes would be just as fun. She was his best friend after all.

He couldn't believe his dream was finally coming true.

It didn't really sink in until they checked into their hotel.

"Alright, let's change and hit the beach!"

"Kurt, you're not wearing that."

"I burn really easily, I'm not going to take any chances."

"If you wear that you'll die in the heat at least put on swim trunks."

"Didn't bring any."

"Well then I guess our first order of business is going to have to be a shopping trip." Mercedes said with a smirk.

"I love the way your mind works." Kurt said, his smile growing as he looked at her.

Mercedes decided to head back to the hotel and head to bed early, saying that between waking up at four in the morning to catch their plane and the six hour shopping trip she was too exhausted to hang at the beach today.

Since Finn was taking Rachel to one of the finest restaurants he could find (that he could still afford) Kurt figured he was on his own when it came to his first time seeing the ocean.

He changed into the swim trunks that he'd bought today shopping with Mercedes, along with one of his least favorite t-shirts (he didn't want salt water all over one of his good shirts after all), heading out.

He could barely contain his excitement as he finally felt the sand between his toes, the cool air blowing and hitting his face as the sun just started to set against the water.

He could understand why seeing this was so important to his mother... it was absolutely breath taking.

He just wished she had seen it too before she died...

He also wished he had someone to share it with.

Realizing that it was going to be dark fairly soon, Kurt started to head back, day dreaming as he walked until he heard a strange sound.

He looked around a moment, he seemed to be alone... no one else was here, so what was that sound?

"Hello?" He called out, looking around. When no one responded, he tried to find the source of the sound.

"Is someone there?" he asked again, looking at what reminded him of a wall, only made of rocks. Whatever was making that sound was on the other side.

He carefully climbed over the rocks, completely shocked at what he saw. He was pretty sure all the air had left his body and he couldn't remember how to breathe.

He had to be imagining things... because there was no way what he was seeing was real.

There, right in front of his face, was the most handsome and attractive man he'd ever seen in his life. He had a thick head of curly dark hair that almost covered his big bright beautiful brown eyes.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, but his waist was completely twisted and wrapped up in what appeared to be a fishing net. The other side of the net was caught on a rock so he couldn't move.

His hands were desperately pulling and yanking at the net, but his actions just seemed to be making everything worse.

The lower half of his body where his legs should've been, was replaced with a tail. A fin, actually.

It was an extremely pale green and shined lightly in the spots where it was still wet from the ocean, a rather large hook stabbing right through the very bottom of it.

Kurt was in the presence, of a merman.

And a panicked one at that. Though Kurt couldn't say he blamed him, he'd be freaking out too if he had a hook in his foot, erm... fin, and a net trapping him against a rock so he couldn't return to the sea.

But was Kurt actually seeing what he thought he was seeing? Could he actually be looking at a merman? A creature he believed to be nothing more than a character from a story book?

Upon spotting Kurt, the young merman's eyes widened a bit (Kurt hadn't been sure that was possible, they seemed so big already), and even more panic and fear crossed his face, tugging at the net even harder.

He was afraid of Kurt.

"Hey, hey, it's okay... I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." Kurt said softly, slowly making his way closer to the merman.

But upon seeing Kurt move closer he just tugged even harder at the net, tears filling his eyes but never falling down his face.

"Calm down, it's alright, it's okay, I'm going to help you." Kurt said, the merman's motions slowed slightly and he tilted his head as he looked Kurt over.

"I'm gonna help you free yourself, okay?"

The death grip the merman had on the net got significantly lighter.

Kurt slowly kneeled down, putting his hands on the net and carefully unwrapping it from around the creatures waist.

But the second he managed to get him free, before he could even register that he was done, the merman practically jumped back into the water.

"Wait! Come back!" He shouted loudly, frowning after a couple of seconds when he saw no signs of anything in the water.

He hadn't even gotten to talk to the guy.

He wanted to hear his voice... to speak to the creature that he didn't even know existed until now. But he didn't get to.

He blinked in surprise however when the familiar face popped up above the water from the nose up.

"You didn't give me the chance to take the hook out of your..." he hesitated, was he really about to say what he thought he was about to say? Was this even happening? Was he dreaming? "Out of your fin... it's going to hurt for a really long time if you don't let me take it out."

The boy tilted his head curiously, the same way he had before.

He was obviously trying to figure out whether or not Kurt could be trusted.

"I swear, I just want to help." He said, but he didn't budge.

"Can you... do you not understand what I'm saying?" He said, suddenly realizing that this creature might not even understand English.

But then he nodded.

"You can? You can understand me?"

Another nod.

"Can you speak?"

Nothing this time.

"Will you come back so I can help you?"

He hesitated a moment before coming back to the shore.

Kurt noticed his tail was a much darker green now that it was wet then it had been when he was dry and on land.

"Okay, this is probably going to hurt, but only for a second... it'll hurt a lot worse if you leave it... okay?"


Kurt pulled the hook out as carefully and gently as he could, unable to believe that he'd just touched a merman fin.

"There, you're all set." He said, biting his lip.

"I'm Kurt, by the way." He was silent a moment, just incase he wanted to say anything... he didn't. "Do you have a name?"


"Can you tell me what it is?"

He leaned forward, squinting his eyes and practically sticking his face in Kurt's face to the point where their noses were almost touching and Kurt leaned back a bit out of pure instinct.

"Why did you trap me in a net if you were just going to let me go anyway?"

Kurt was positive he stopped breathing... he spoke. His voice was beautiful.

"I didn't trap you in the net."

His eyes went back to their normal size. "You're human?"


"It was human's net, so you did it." He didn't sound angry or like he was accusing Kurt of something... he sounded like he was just stating facts.

"No, I'm not human, I am a human. I'm Kurt, a human. There are lot's of humans out there that could've made that net. But it wasn't me." He didn't seem to understand. "I'm a human, just like you're a merman. I'm Kurt, just like you're..."

"Blaine." he replied.

"You're Blaine." Kurt finally breathed out.

"And you're Kurt... a good human." Blaine smiled, it was the first time Kurt saw him do that.

"Thank you for helping me."

Kurt smiled. "You're welcome." Blaine turned to go back in the water.

"Blaine?" His head turned. "Will I see you again?"

"You want to see me again?" Kurt nodded. "You'll be alone?" Another nod. "And you'll still be a good human?" One last nod. Blaine smiled.

"I'll be here the same time tomorrow." He said before diving in and swimming away.

So I got this idea because there's a lot of merman Kurt fan art going around tumblr and I just wanted to write something where Blaine was the merman and Kurt was the human. Just do something a bit different.

More coming soon. Hopefully you enjoyed the first chapter! :D