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Summary:My first ever attempt at a Severitus Challenge. Set just after the death of Sirius Black, doesn't really follow HBP or DH. Contains mild violence and swears. Rated 17.


Chapter Six:

"Bastard" Harry muttered as he picked himself up off the floor.

"Fucking WANKER" He shouted as he heard the lock click and ran towards the door.

"CUNT" he roared as the door handle gave him a short sharp electric shock.

Fuming Harry turned around and threw the old wooden rickety desk chair across the room. Satisfyingly it broke and its legs rolled across the floor.
Not satisfyingly enough though, Harry picked up the nearest chair leg and began to smash everything in sight.

The candle holders on the walls.

The window.

The mirror above the desk.

All the oddments atop the desk.

He pulled out the desk draws and threw them at the door.

Sweat mingled with tears as he heaved at the heavy desk pulling it away from the wall. He wedged himself in the gap inbetween his back against the wall he placed his feet on the top rim of the desk and pushed, hard. He landed on his shoulder when it fell.
Glass from the mirror cut into his skin but his anger was still not satisfied. it was like a thirst, dry and raw- it needed to be quenched.

He sat up surrounded by shards of glass, the desk lying infront of him. Desperately he picked up a big piece of glass and ran the edge across his palm. It was immediate.
The release. It was as though all the tension and anger was draining out of him. He watched the blood flow out of his hand and down his arm like streams of crimson water it calmed him.

He slumped against the wall listening to the thumping of his heart as it slowed.

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