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Joey: yea she would really do it…

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Notes: cross dressing, maybe OOC, OC, AU, (A/N)

Parings: Yami x Yugi, Seto x Joey, Bakura x Ryou, Marik x Malik, Tristan x Duke (not in that order)

Yugioh Princesses

In a beautiful garden behind one of the palaces on a sunny spring afternoon, there was a table that sat five princes. But these princes weren't called princes at all, but princesses instead.

The reason for this is because the princes were far too beautiful, if people called them princes they'll think it's a joke. And the fact that they preferred to wear dresses didn't help ether.

(well let's go to the princesses shall we?)

"Oh my! Did he really do that Joey?" Said Princess Yugi. He was a friendly 16 year old boy that stud at 5ft and had odd five spiked hair that was black with magenta tips and blonde bangs that fell in his face, and large purple eyes.

He was one of the two princesses that truly acted like princesses. He was soft, kind, gentle, and sweet just like how the fairy tails say they are.

"Yea he did! I can't believe that he actually proposed to me with his wife right beside him!" Said Princess Joey in his foreign accent with laughter and tears from his honey colored eyes running down his cheeks. His big blonde hair falling around his head as he put it down on the table to calm himself.

His name really was Joseph but he really didn't like being called Joseph because that's what his mother called him, and believed that she was the only one that had the right to call him by it. But despite him being a princess, he was the toughest of them. He would get in fights with people off the street and win. For his tough altitude and way of fighting, many of the Knights wanted to make him their bride.

"Joey! Don't laugh at them! Imagine how his wife feels about that!" Said Princess Ryou with a sad expression on his face like it was his husband that proposed to Joey.

Princess Ryou was actually sweeter, gentle, soft, and kind then little Yugi. He took almost everything to heart as if it happened to him. He looked almost like angel with his flawless pale skin and long white hair. He had large chocolate brown eyes that made him look even more innocent like a child.

"Well Ryou it is kind of funny when you think about it." Said Princess Malik in his raspy deep voice letting out a chuckle every now and then.

Princess Malik had big and long platinum blonde hair that went perfectly with his brown skin. Princess Malik was kind of an odd child because when his mood changed his personality changed as well. When he's sad or happy, he's just like Ryou and Yugi, but when mad or angry, he and Joey were on the same level or worse.

"Well Joey you know if I were there he would have ran off with me and forgotten about you two." Said Princess Duke flipping his long ebony hair and looking a Joey with his large odd green cat like eyes.

Princess Duke was actually the most stuck up of his friends. When he was with his friends, he was lot more kind and caring. A lot of the people had said that he was the 'beauty among the beauties' and loved the attention he got from it. His friends on the other hand, made sure that 'miss thing' wouldn't get to full of himself and always had hourly ego checks.

"What did you say to him Joey?" Said Yugi ignoring what Duke had said.

"What else would I have told him? I said no he was already married and was to old." Joey said with a little sigh.

"Yea just one of many that try to marry us." Ryou says looking down giving a little sigh of his own.

All the Princesses went silent after this sighing and thinking about themselves and the men that tried to marry them.

The reason for this is because all the princesses where all unmarried and had no boyfriends. Yes they knew that they were loved by many men but those weren't the men they wanted to marry.

Those men only loved what they saw of them, not what was on the inside. The princesses thought that if they chose one of them, that they wouldn't love them anymore if they knew what was on the inside of them.

But what the Princesses didn't know is that they would find five others that would love the ugliness of a Princess….