I wasn't... handsome. I mean, inside I was but...

My life wasn't that bright.

But her.

She was my future.

In my mind.

My scared legs from so many fights were dripping with the drizzle of rain.

My paws were cold and hard from the mountains on which I live.

I'm not handsome. Though...

Maybe that was different.

In my mind.

I had nicked ears that were constantly being shredding from the demanding life of an outcast.

My nose, being so close to be ripped off, was hurting from the repetition of a few pieces of hail from now and then.

But that cat only a few feet from me...

Maybe I did seem beautiful, precious.

In my mind.

I sat down, my fur touching the gray boulder.

It was cold.

Not because of the rain... Because of...

Her. Without her.

In my mind.

She would never love me back.

I wasn't funny.

I wasn't a prince.

But, maybe, just maybe.

In my mind.

She would probably desert me, like the others.

But she'd be there.

Standing, touching my shoulder.

In my mind.

The reality was being ripped away.

Shaking my head, the drops flew into the sky.

Maybe, I would be like those drops.

No one cares about them.

But maybe she would.

In my mind.

If I could change myself, I would.

I'd be the rich golden grown.

Long black whiskers.

Friendly green eyes instead of my ugly, dark yellow mixed with gray.

In my mind.

Perhaps I could walk through camp without snarls.


I'm not sure.

But I am!

In my mind.

Her fur touching mine.

Her tail slowly wrapping in mine.

The touch of her soft, cold nose against my white cheek.

In my mind.

I had to forget about her.

Though I can't.

I can't stop thinking.

I have to talk to her.

In my mind.

My paws were leading me to her.

Her head went up.

Was that...?

Was that a hopeful gleam?

No, it was just...

In my mind.

No, it's not.

There's that gleam.

I quickened my speed.

I was only a few inches from her.

I dipped my head.

Did she dip her's back?

No, that also was...

In my mind.

Seconds later, I realized I had been talking with her.

A decent conversation.

Nothing more.

Would this continue?

In my mind.