He began to walk away.

The outcast,

yet, he didn't seem like one.

I've seen him.

Watched him.

He would always look back at me.

His name was Dust.

The outcast.

He was slow.

But smart.

He would stare at me.

As he was now.

He would smile when he saw me.

Smiling for a brief second.

The outcast.

He began to walk.

Toward me.

I grinned.

He was walking toward me.

The outcast.

He quickened his speed

till he was inches away from me.

"Hello," I said to

The outcast.

He created conversation.

His tail twitched constantly.

He fumbled over his words.

Dust was talking to me.


The outcast.

He continued to talk to me,

then he stopped.

He muttered something.

He left.

The outcast.

I couldn't stand to watch him leave

I wanted him to stay.


The outcast.