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Previously from Chapter 1

Present Time, Noon

"Bella, don't, please," I pleaded as her breathing became more labored.

She struggled to take another breath and with a final gasp, she said, "I love . . . you."

Tears slid down her cheeks. I bent down and touched her tears with my lips, quivering with despair.

"Don't give up, Bella," I pleaded. "You need to allow the venom time to spread. We can have forever. We can love each other forever. Please, just hang on a little longer."

I closed my eyes and wept.

Chapter 6

Forever is Our Today

Present Time, 12:20pm

"Jasper, she's gone." Peter's hand touched my shoulder. Snarls erupted from my chest as I held on to Bella's body. No one was getting near her.

"No, she isn't," I growled. "She is still alive. I can hear her heart beating."

"Jasper," Peter whispered, "it's too late. Let her be in peace." He placed his hand over mine carefully, trying to pry it from Bella's body.

A red curtain descended over my eyes, blinding me. It was as if I could feel the rational part of my brain shut down, leaving a wild animal in its place. On instinct, I attacked the hand that was trying to steal my Bella. I rammed my fist into the body that was attached to the hand. Strong arms clutched my body attempting to subdue me. I pulled loose from his hold and crouched over her body ready to attack. The hand came forward again, and I bit it, tearing off a chunk of skin. The hand backed away screeching in pain. That was when I attacked. Screaming and cursing, I pummeled the body that belonged to the hand. Over and over, I slammed my fists into its rock hard chest, causing my knuckles to crack from the force of the contact.

From a distance, I heard a familiar voice call my name. I hesitated, and then, without warning, arms wrapped around me and the voice yelled into my ear, "Stop fighting me, Jasper! It's me, Peter."

The red curtain slowly lifted and I found myself in Peter's arms, his clothes torn in shreds. Bella's body lay lifeless a few feet away from us. I fell to my knees and wailed. My hands clawed at the ground, reaching for Bella, attempting to make her come back to me, and yet knowing that there was nothing I could do to bring her back. I clutched at my chest, feeling as if my heart had literally been broken in two. I wanted to rip it out and smash it into the ground to stop the pain.

Peter held me as I sobbed. After a few moments, my body began to shut down as I let the waves of grief wash over me. "She was my dream, Peter. She was a beautiful dream for a man who could never sleep." I dropped my head, and my body went limp. "What's the use of my existence without her?"

"Jasper, what are you trying to say?" His brow furrowed with worry.

"What kind of cruel fate builds our dreams and then lets it slip away from us? Why would anyone want to live forever when love must die?"

I walked this earth for over a century, content to live forever. Peter and Charlotte stood by my side and helped me to see another way of existing. Alice gave me love and a family to cherish. I had a comfortable existence, and then fate brought me Bella. She was my forever.

I looked below and saw my family throwing the newborns' remains into the fire. Faceless newborns lived an existence similar to mine. Maybe they were happy with their existence; maybe they had a love of their own. Regardless, the battle was over, and now they ceased to exist. They had no thoughts, no worries, and no fear of losing a loved one, simply because they were no more.

"Do they know?"

"Yes, they saw what happened to Bella. They wanted to give you some space. They're grieving, too."

It was then that a surge of fury began to rise in my chest. This was not the end, not yet. There was one thing I had to do. "Tell me who planned this," I demanded. "I know this was a trap. Who did it?"

"It was Maria. When you took off with Bella, she started to go after you, but I was able to hold her off. She and Victoria must have united forces to attack you. They retreated after Maria saw that she was losing too many newborns."

I jumped up and growled, "She is not going to get away with this."

Peter held onto my arm. "Wait, Jasper. It's suicide if you go alone. We can take her down together. Gives us time to plan our attack and we'll kill that bitch."

"No, I am taking this into my own hands," I yelled as I ran down the ridge to catch up to Maria's army. "Forever is our today!"

I caught scent of Maria and headed west. I could sense my family following me, so I ran even faster. I needed to do this, and I needed to do this alone.

After a few miles, I finally caught up to her army. I counted thirty of them, but I didn't care. Before they became aware of my presence, I tackled a newborn to the ground and ripped off his head.

The others began to attack me. I moved swiftly, avoiding their grasp, searching for the demon that was responsible for killing my Bella. Then I saw her, and without thinking, I lunged myself at her. Out of nowhere, two newborns descended on me and ripped my arms off. I fell to the ground, and yelled in frustration. I was so close. I tried to jump up to attack, but strong arms held me down.

"Stop!" Maria commanded. She strolled towards me. I growled as she ran her finger down my chest. "How did you like my surprise, Major Whitlock?"

"You are going to die, bitch!"

She threw her head back and laughed. She waved to her newborns and they immediately surrounded me. She kneeled down and wrapped her hand around my neck. "Not today, and not by you!"

I spit in her face. She scowled and yelled, "Mátalo!"

A newborn jerked my head up and bit into my neck. I bit down hard on my lip, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of hearing me cry out in pain. That was when I noticed seven figures standing on a ridge, watching me. Peter was crouched, looking like he was about to lead my family to attack. I shook my head and mouthed, no. He hesitated. I could see him struggle, grief and understanding written all over his face, and then he turned to Carlisle and Emmett and told them something. I couldn't hear his words because all I heard was Rosalie's fierce war cry as she ran down the ridge. Emmett tackled her and clenched his arms around her, holding her at bay.

Slowly, the newborns began to rip my body into pieces. I should have been in pain, but all I felt was the crack in my heart. I looked toward my family, making sure that Peter held them back. Maria didn't care about them. She wanted me to die and she would kill anyone that got in her way. My family wouldn't survive if they tried to attack, and they had everything to live for—they had each other.

Smoked swirled around me and I smelled a familiar scent, it was like burnt leather. That's when I heard a piercing scream. It was Alice. Charlotte and Peter held onto her as she fell onto her knees, rocking back and forth, as she screamed my name over and over again. Carlisle held onto Esme who was sobbing in his arms.

I looked to Peter. His eyes filled with torment, and that's when I realized that I was burning. The flames rose quickly, engulfing my body. It was through the blinding, white light of pain that I heard her.

I closed my eyes and smiled as she whispered, "The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible but there arriving he is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise."



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