"Please Ari!" cried Lucy as they walked up Ravenclaw Tower. "Everyone will be there!"

"Lu, I can't. I have a Qudditch match on Sunday and Professor Longbottom wants my extra credit assignment tomorrow morning." She said, tucking her dark hair behind a pearl adorned ear.

"But tomorrow's Saturday!"

"I know. But that's when he wants it." Ariana shrugged.

"But you already got an 'O' in your Herbology O.W.L.!" Lucy argued.

Ariana sighed, "Yeah."

"Are you making excuses?" Lucy said, stopping in front of the Ravenclaw common room entrance.

Ari shook her head. "No!" Then she bit her lip.

"Yes you are!" She said, pointing at Ariana. "We've been friends since first year. Yes you are."

"I'm not making excuses." She said, folding her arms.

"The entire fifth year will be there." Lucy said.

" Do I care? Nope." Ari tapped the bronze eagle knocker on the knobless door.


"Where do vanished objects go?" Asked the knocker.

"Into nonbeing, which in retrospect is everything." Ariana said, recounting Professor McGonagall's lesson from second year.

"I'll never understand how you can solve them that fast." When Lucy said 'that' she snapped as the door opened.

A large library covered one high wall; the current head boy's latest change. The fireplace roared, not warm, but giving off enough light to make the blue and bronze room look cheery and bright.

The fire always reflected the overall Ravenclaw student attitude. If the majority was happy and excited, so was the fire. If they lost a quidditch match, it was quiet and almost melancholy.

"Please Ari!" Lucy repeated for the hundredth time.

"Why is it so important I go?" Ariana said, flopping down on the blue couch.

"Because it's for Christmas. Everyone's going to be there, and because you should."

"I don't want to go to a Seven Minutes in Heaven aka Snogging party." Ariana stated, looking over her shoulder and pointing at the book shelves with her oak wand, "Accio 'A Tale of Two Cities'." The book zoomed off the shelf, narrowly missing Lucy's blonde head.


"Whoopsie." She said, opening to her bookmark.

"Ari, please." One hundred and one.

"Why must I go?" Ariana asked, groaning and closing her striking green eyes. She opened them, looking at her friend beside her.

"I'm serious, Ari. Because I don't want to go alone." She was serious. An uncommon thing for Lucy.

Ariana sighed. "Fine. But you're doing my Herbology assignment."

"Deal!" She squealed, hugging Ari.

"You're welcome." She called to her as Lucy ran up the stairs into the girls dormitory hall.

"The room of requirement, part dos." Said Gabby, an Hufflepuff import from Spain. "Some graduates from last year conjured it up. Great, no?" She said, smiling as they walked down the stairs.

Among all the pictures there was one of a lone door. It opened slowly, and the wizards in the nearby pictures rolled their eyes.

"Not again." One muttered.

The trio of girls checked for Filch and his cat, Mrs. Norris.

"It's clear." whispered a nearby picture of a Weasly twin. Fred, Ariana thought, died in the Battle of Hogwarts.

"Thanks Fred-o." said Lucy smiling at the young redhead.

They walked through the painting into a room filled with Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff robes, boys and girls alike.

The room had four closets, one in each corner. About fifty or sixty fifth years were there, eating snacks.

A girl screeched as a chocolate frog jumped into her Hufflepuff robes.

Ravenclaws rolled their eyes, Slytherins snorted and smirked. Hufflepuffs laughed and the Gryffindors tried to hide their own laughter as a few stood to help.

"Alright, Alright. Settle down." Said James Potter. Beautiful green eyes and tousled brown locks.

Girls sighed longingly.

"Tonight, as the first SMIH night of the year, it's ladies' choice." He flicked his wand, a bag appeared before him. It was small and a shining golden color.

"For the new comers," he continued, "All you do is place your item inside the bag." It floated around the room, each boy dropping something in. A pair of sunglasses. A picture. A pencil.

Jack Weasly earned a laugh from Hufflepuff when he dropped a BEATLES tee into the bag.

The bag made its way around, back to the hands of James.

"And a quick jumble," he said, shaking the book sized bag, "And we're ready."

A girl stood. "Now," started Mallory, a Slytherin, "The rules. This is seven minutes in heaven, not ten or forty or however long you people want. SEVEN. We'll give you two warnings, a two minute and a thirty second. A small light will appear on the back of the door. There is only one rule of conduct once inside the closet," she said, turning towards the boys, "No means no. We girls know two charms, one for removing –ahem- your manhood, and another for blasting open the door. The doors, are otherwise locked from the inside and outside for the entire seven minutes."

"Thank you, Mallory." James said. "Now, Scorpius, you have the order?"

"Yes." The handsome, pale, bright blonde boy stood. "I have a role sheet, all the girl's names are here, and are divided into thirteen groups, four in each. One pair per room, obviously. Totally random." He pointed at the page and muttered a spell to jumble the names. "Botts, Daniels, Jacobson and Goldsby."

Four girls stood, biting lips and their cheeks turning red. They all faced the crowd, each picking an item.

Victoria Botts picked a bottle of Firewhisky. Larry Amos stood, blushing.

Jackie Daniels picked out a maroon barrié. Peter Dolér stood, a French Gryffindor.

Donna Jacobson fished out a report card and Rich Leland, a Slytherin, stood.

Mallory Goldsby took the bag, and with drew a cherry-red pair of boxers.

Everyone couldn't stop laughing as Mark Jansen stood, bowing. "Thank you, thank you!"

The couple disappeared. Seven minutes later, the doors swung open and they emerged.

Larry had slap mark on his face, and Victoria looked smug. Peter's white collar was faintly pink and Jackie's lips had lost their red luster. Rich was tightening his belt, and Donna straightening her skirt. Mallory had a different pair of boxers in her hand, waving them around like a flag while Mark laughed.

James started clapping, "Congrats to the first group of the night!" People joined, but most nervously sat there, awaiting their names or items to be called.

Scorpius went down the line, only stopping when Lucy snatched the list, finding her name in the next group.


"Just checking, Scorp." She said with a wink.

The next group came, and Lucy got the bag.

She pulled out a pair of drumsticks, charmed to look like black snakes. None other than Isaac Scott himself.

"Here we go." Ariana said loud enough that some nearby people laughed. Lucy had been fostering a crush on the Slytherin since the Halloween ball two months before.

Lucy kicked Ari. "Ow!" She exclaimed, laughing with the others.

They all disappeared, leaving Ariana anxious and nervous without Lucy.

Seven minutes later, the doors swung open. Lucy stepped out, color in her cheeks a smile on her face as she sat back next to Ari.

"Well…?" Ariana whispered.

"Best make out of my life." Lucy said back, stars in her eyes.

Ariana laughed.

"And I have a Hogsmead date tomorrow."

"Sweet!" Ari was happy for her. Isaac was a cool guy, one the more quiet, less menacing of the Slytherins. He was a drummer and a guitarist, and a talented one at that. He was hot, but Ariana didn't find him to interesting.

"We're down to the last round!" Said James, "And all that's left are…" He turned to Scorpius.

"Laura, Gabby, Natasha and Ariana." He said, reading the names off the list.

"But alas lads," James said, looking in the boy's direction, "There are ten items left in the bag."

"Who will be," Mallory paused for dramatic effect, "CHOSEN?"

Everyone laughed.

Laura drew first, a decapitated Barbie. "EW." She said as Donald Jones, a crazy Slytherin stood.

Gabby picked out a golden pocket watch, an eagle engraved on one side. Patrick Stamen blushed, and walked up to the front standing next to Gabby.

Natasha stuck her hand in, withdrawing a black IPOD. A smiling Gryffindor named Lester stood. Tasha smiled back, they were already going out.

The bag was handed to Ariana.

She swallowed. Ari looked at Lucy for support, but she was too busy locking lips with Isaac.

Ariana placed her hand inside, and fished around.