Author's Notes:

Any miscellaneous Familiar of Zero and Zero crossover short stories will end up in here; I may expand upon them in the future, they may just sit here at the present length. Generally speaking, what I put here will start from the assumption that the reader has a basic functioning familiarity with the cast of Familiar of Zero, and thus will not go to any particular length to introduce or explain most of them. Also, I am not fond of Saito. He will probably never appear here.


An earth-shattering explosion rocked the summoning circle, closely followed by an earth-shaking thud. Smoke from the explosion obscured the clearing for quite some time, and quite a number of young nobles surrounding the summoning circles broke into fits of coughing. Gradually, the smoke cleared, and Louise began to make out a shape within the smoke.

I have not failed! She shouted within her mind, raw exultation coursing through her. Straining her eyes, she attempted to discern the shape of what she had summoned through the fading smoke, but could not yet see the full shape, it was rather large. As the smoke continued to clear, she looked up. And up.

And up. Finally, she saw theā€¦ golem? The golem's head, and the glowing bright blue eyes within its metallic face. The massive, man shaped-amalgamation of red, blue, and gray metal (and was that glass?) surveyed the courtyard, sweeping its gaze across the various students, and professor Colbert, before settling on Louise, as the nearest being. Kneeling in front of her (and causing the ground to shake slightly when its knee struck the flagstones of the courtyard,) it fixed its gaze upon her.

"I," It said in a deep, commanding voice, "Am Optimus Prime. Who, are you?"

Several of the students fainted.

Louise snapped out of her shocked reverie, and she met the massive Prime's gaze with a fierce, exultant stare of her own.

"I am Louise la Blanc de la Valliere," She said, raising her wand, and reaching up to tap the thing's forehead, "Pentagon of the five elements, bless this creature, and make it my familiar."

She had to jump, in order to reach the creature's face to kiss it, something that would normally have flustered her greatly, as it reminded her of her shortness, but right now, she could not care.

"Interesting," The titan said in an amused voice as it (he?) inspected the runes melting themselves into the metal plate on his left forearm.


Optimus encounters Guiche:

"Apologies human," Optimus said, crouching to examine the blond more carefully, "I did not mean to mistake your gender, but I am not yet very familiar with your species. I had thought males past puberty had more body hair."

Guiche spluttered indignantly, and when he heard Louise (and Montmorency!) break into a most unlady-like fit of laughter, considered, for a moment, challenging her familiar. Then Optimus stood up, and Guiche recalled that the 'Ah-toe-bot' was made out of metals stronger than bronze. And was something like six times taller than him.


Optimus encounters Fouquet:

"I'm sorry ma'am," Optimus voice rang through the courtyard as he stepped around the castle wall and into view, "But I cannot permit you to burglarize the Academy treasury."

Fouquet ordered her golem to attack. Optimus's left hand reconfigured into a white-hot blade, and proceeded to cut the golem into several dozen pieces, while his other hand gently crushed the woman's wand, then caught her as she began to fall from the Golem's shoulder.

"I will plead for leniency on your behalf," Optimus said, as his heavy strides carried him around the castle, towards the faculty wing, "As you timed your assault to avoid imperiling the students, but I must now hand you over to the local authorities."


Optimus encounters Siesta:

"You are very diligent," Optimus said to the maid doing laundry beside him in the courtyard, "It speaks well of your character."

"Thank you, Mister Prime," Siesta said, smiling up at the massive robotic life form.

"It seems very inefficient, however," Prime said, "I will see what I can do to aid you in this."

One week later:

"This machine will be resistant to rust," Optimus said to the stunned maid, "And will require water and soap in the indicated portions to function properly. The solar panels should receive as much direct sunlight as possible. With six hours or more in a day, you should be able to operate the machine approximately fifty percent of the time."

"Thank you Mister Prime," Siesta said, slightly dazed as she watched a machine do an hour's taxing work in half an hour, without any further labor required on her part.


Optimus encounters Colbert:

"But how does it work?" Colbert asked excitedly, showing, pacing around the mechanical contraption as it spun clothing to clean-ness.

"It runs on electricity," Optimus said, a tinge of amusement evident in his voice.

"Electricity?" Colbert said, not looking away from the machine, "How does a machine run on electricity?"

"Here," Optimus said, extending a single metal finger to draw in a loose patch of earth, "I will explain to you the electric motor and generator, as I have seen humans use them before."


Optimus and Louise talk:

"Don't you get tired?" Louise asked curiously, looking up and down at Optimus, where he was standing outside of her window.

"Autobots experience fatigue differently from organic creatures," Optimus said, his voice quiet for a being whose height is measured in stories, "We instead experience metal fatigue over much longer periods of time, and must occasionally replace portions of our bodies with fresh material."

"How much longer?" Louise asked, leaning against the edge of her window.

"Barring accidents or combat," Optimus said, "Years, decades, or even centuries by your time scale."

Louise's eyes widened.

"Centuries?" She asked, her voice full of awe, "How long do your people live?"

"We do not die of age," Optimus said, "Only of starvation or war."

A long silence passed between the two at Optimus words, until Louise eventually broke it.

"We must seem pitiful creatures to you," Louise said softly, "Short-lived, frail, weak."

"No," Optimus said quietly, but with certainty, "The measure of a sentient is not in their span of life, the durability of their body, or their strength at arms. The measure of a sentient is in what they make of themselves, with the opportunities they are given. I am powerful amongst my race, not the most powerful, but quite formidable, and I hold a position of leadership. An old foe of mine, who once millennia past, was a friend, is in many ways my counterpart amongst the Decepticons. He and I have fought many times, yet neither of us have managed decisive victory over the other. He is also a leader, and our forces have met in battle many times, but though we have both driven the other from the battlefield, neither of us has been able to rout the other's forces.

"Our abilities are a near match, yet he is unjust and cruel, harshly punishing subordinates for failure not their fault, sometimes slaying them outright. I have not been a perfect leader, but I know there are many innocent lives that would have been lost had I not fought to protect them, and many he would have slain unjustly had I not stopped him."

Optimus stopped for a moment, then bent down to place his face, larger than Louise's entire body, directly in front of the diminutive girl.

"You are a child, on the cusp of adulthood," He said, "Often belittled by your peers, and with more limited abilities than they possess. But your measure is not found in what your peers think of you, but what you choose to do with yourself. Perhaps all that your magic can do is create explosions, but that is an ability in and of itself. If the need arises, you could serve as a warrior, and destroy foes with powerful blasts from afar. Or perhaps something more simple, such as demolishing unwanted structures, or clearing sections of forest? There are many things you could be or do, but in the end, who you are is something you will decide for yourself, not something your peers decide for you."

Louise was uncertain how to reply, and her confusion was plain on her face. Optimus gently nudged her with one of his large fingers towards her bed, then bid her goodnight, and quietly (for him) moved off to another part of the castle.

Sleep was long in coming for Louise that night.


Optimus and Louise speak with the princess:

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings," Optimus said, "I would be proud to stand beside you as you seek to bring freedom and justice to the common folk of Halkeginia."

"And I," Louise said, "Will of course support you in your reforms. You are my liege-lady, I could not do otherwise."

Henrietta smiled.


Optimus Prime deals with the Reconquista:

The impromptu would-be wedding was interrupted by a massive metallic hand ripping the roof off of the church.

"Wardes," Prime boomed, blazing blue eyes glaring down at the grey-haired traitor, "I am very disappointed with you. There are very few things that can raise my ire sufficiently that I would be willing to kill a human for. Attempting to rob a young woman of her will, then force her to sexual congress is one of them."

Wardes snarled, and raised his sword-wand to defend himself, but a blast of brilliant blue energy crashed through one of the church windows and disintegrated him.

Prince Wales brain locked up. Louise shook off the enchantment from the Cardinal. Prime analyzed the ring Wales wore, and identified the Prince as the Prince.

"Come," He boomed, carefully sweeping the two up with one of his hands, "We must return to Tristain immediately."

"Guh," Wales said.

"Um," Louise said nervously as Prime carried them through the night, "Prince Wales, please meet my Familiar Mister Optimus Prime."

"Guh," Wales repeated.


When the Reconquista attacks Tristain:

Swarms of airborne Knights descended upon Tarbes; Louise and Optimus glared at the mass of Dragons and Britons.

"THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING, ENSLAVERS," Prime boomed, his voice easily projected across the entire battlefield, "SURRENDER OR FACE DESTRUCTION."

The Britons did not surrender.

Prime opened fire.

There were not many Dragon Knights left at the end of the day.