Hello yellow! (who says "Hello yellow"? She is in a Mario and Luigi DS version video game and if you guess correctly you get a special reward [what is it? You'll have to win first to find out! :D]) I, floopyrocks, am back! To make up for making the Runaways a oneshot I've decided to make this. This is one big story. Every chapter is a oneshot about Angela/Akari and someone else. I may do a oneshot about every single villager in Harvest Moon Animal Parade or maybe I'll just make oneshots about certain villagers. It depends on what I feel like doing. Anyways here is the first chapter. Enjoy!

You guys are probabally wondering why and/or how I got inspired to do this. Well actually what happens in this chapter actually happened to me while I was playing Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. I was in Fugue Forest and I had given my last food item to the ferret outside of the Witch's house (cause I want it to be my pet. i think its really adorable!]) and I was almost out of stamina and one of the passageways got blocked by a tree (i didn't know that you could choose the option that said "go back to beginning of forest" or somethin like that) so I used my axe but I didn't make it so I passed out.

So thats the story. I hope you enjoy this chapter! :D

Chapter 1: The Angry Forest


I was trying to get out of the Fugue Forest. I knew the place like the back of my hand. I had been there almost every single day (not on days when it rained) to visit the little ferret that lived outside of the Witch's house. I thought the little thing was just adorable so I had been trying to befriend it by giving it common mushrooms that I found around Castanet everyday. They regrew during the day so when I woke up there were new mushrooms for me to pick. It had taken me several days to coax it out of its hiding place at first because it was terrified of me at first glance. After I did that I ran through Fugue Forest's maze every single day until I ended up back at the Witch's house and gave the ferret a mushroom.

Today was the last day of summer. I had just visited the ferret and now I was trying to get out of Fugue Forest. I felt like I was going to fall down at any given moment and I wanted to get back to my farm as quickly as possible so I could use the hot spring that was behind my house, to replenish my stamina. But unfortunately the forest didn't seem to want to be nice to me today. I knew I was still far away from the exit. Then as I turned to walk down another passage way all I could see was a tall tree trunk. Oh no not now! I thought. I ran toward the tree and punched it to see if it was to good to be true. "No, no no no no no!" I cried desperately.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't have enough stamina to cut down the tree and unfortunately I had also given my last food item to the ferret so I didn't have anything to replenish my stamina either. I had no other choice. I took my axe out of my rucksack and put my feet in position to swing. Then, using all the power that I had left in me, I swung my axe, hoping that it would cut down the tree with one hit. Unfortunately, it didn't. I could feel myself starting to fade into unconsciousness. Right before I gave in I managed to let out one loud word. "LUUUUUUUUUUUKE!" I felt the axe fall out of my hands and I felt it scrape my boot. My axe was sharp enough to cut through the boot and managed to leave a large gash on my foot. I had no time to cry out in pain. Then I fell to the ground and laid there, not moving.


I was in Fugue Forest swinging my axe at a tree. I stopped and took a look at my axe. It was a silver color thanks to Akari. My brain suddenly started a flashback of that day.

I had walked into my dad's carpenter shop. I hadn't done anything all day because I couldn't find my axe. I asked my dad a third time if he knew where it was or if he had seen it.

"Son, I told you before. I haven't seen hide nor tails of it," he said. I sighed and hung my head. Then I sat on the floor. What was I going to do? Suddenly Akari came into the shop. She walked right past me as if she didn't see me. She walked over to the counter.

"Hey Dale have you seen Luke?" she asked. Dale pointed to me and Akari turned around. "Oh mi gosh! I'm so sorry Luke! I didn't see you there. I have a present for you!" She had a big smile on her face as if nothing was wrong with the world. I stood and watched as she pulled something shiny and silver out her rucksack. Then she handed it to me. It was my axe! "Here you go Luke!" she said happily.

I was amazed. "B-b-but how did you?"

"I got it upgraded at the blacksmith thanks to Ramsey!" she replied.

I was too astonished for words. I turned my newly upgraded axe around in my hands.

Akari's smile faded. "You… You don't like it do you?" I didn't reply. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have. I should've asked you first. I'm so sor-"

I stopped you by giving her a hug. "Stop rambling on Akari! I love it! This is the best gift that anyone could ever give me! And on my birthday too! Akari you're the best!" I pulled away from the hug to see Akari blushing. "What?"

Akari smiled a big smile. "I'm glad you like it Luke."

After watching that memory in my head I turned back to the tree. I swung my axe and right before it hit the tree I heard a loud voice.

"LUUUUUUUUUUUUKE!" It was Akari! I stopped my axe about an inch short of the tree. I have to find her! I thought. I then ran through the next passage.

I had run through several passageways until I came to one that was blocked by a tree. There was no way around it. I peered around the tree to see Akari. I could see a small pool of blood around one of her boots. "Akari!" I exclaimed. She didn't respond. I assumed she was unconisious. I started thinking of what I should do. If I cut the tree it would fall on top of Akari but if I cut the tree at angle it could fall any which way. I decided to cut it at an angle. I took my axe out and swung it rapidly. Suddenly I heard a large creak, it was about to fall. I watched as it was about to fall on top of me but luckily, I jumped out of the way just in time. When the tree was gone there was a tree stump.

"Stupid tree stump," I mumbled to myself. I could see Akari clearly now. I quickly cut the stump in half, then rushed over to Akari. I picked axe up first and put it in my pocket. Then I picked Akari up and started making my way back to my dad's carpenter shop.


When I woke up I could tell that I wasn't in my house. Where am I? I thought. I sat up and looked around to see Bo sitting in a chair, watching me. He smiled when he saw that I was awake.

"Oh good! You're awake! LUKE! SHE'S AWAKE!" he yelled. Luke came running into the room. He didn't have his bandana on and I wondered where it was.

He ran over to my bedside. "Are you ok Akari? How's your foot?" he asked.

I was confused. "My… foot?" I looked down at my feet to see Luke's bandana wrapped around my left foot. I could see that where it had bled. I wriggled my toes but scrunched my face up in pain when I did. It hurt badly. "It hurts when I move my toes but if I don't otherwise I can't feel anything," I told him.

Luke smiled. "That's good. I heard you call my name in the forest a couple days ago-"

I stopped him. "A couple days ago? How long have I been out?" I exclaimed.

"About 4 days," Bo replied. "Don't worry Luke talked to Renee and asked her to take care of your animals and asked Anissa to take care of your crops."

"Oh. Sorry continue."

"As I was saying I had found you unconscious in Fugue Forest a couple days ago. You were stuck behind a tree. I think you had tried to cut it down so you could get by it but you weren't successful and you passed out. And in the process of falling down your axe slipped out of your hands and hit your boot and cut through it, also cutting your foot," Luke explained.

I nodded. "Yup. You got that exactly right." I smiled at Luke and he blushed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bo leave the room. "Thanks so much Luke. If you hadn't found me in time I probably would've lost too much blood!"

"Well right before you passed out you yelled for me! That really helped!" Luke said.

"Well then I'm glad I screamed right before I collapsed!" I said.

We both laughed. Then we stood there in silence for a couple of seconds. Then Luke broke it. "Uh… Akari can I ask you something?"

I smiled. "Sure Luke. What do you need?"

Luke blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh… Will you go out on a date with me?"

HAHA! Left you on a cliffhanger there! Sorry but you're not gonna find out what happens next! *smiles mischievously* Anyways I hoped you guys liked the first chapter! I will post the next chapter soon! See ya until then! :D


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