This is an unofficial chapter. I've decided to make a sequel to this story and I'm going to label Going Bananas Over You as complete. I'm posting the first chapter of the new story which I've named "My Heart Cries Out for You" today. So keep an eye out for it! :D


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Edit: I've decided to make this chapter like a little guide to all of the characters in this story so that if you're every confused you can lookee here. But I must warn you there are some spoilers here if you haven't read the other chapters.

Akari- a farmer who came to Castanet in order to save it. She has brown spiky hair. She owns Melody Farm and several animals. Loves Luke.

Luke- one of Dale's apprentices. Has dark sapphireish blue hair and golden cat like eyes. Really hyper, happy all the time. Dale's son. Loves to chop down trees in Fugue Forest. Loves Akari.

Finn- the orange harvest sprite. Died in the house fire along with Akari's duck, Rain. Finn does not guard a bell.

Comet- one of Akari's animals. a black adult cow.

Leaf- a white cow with black spots. is Comet's daughter.

Peanut- Adult white sheep.

Rain- Akari's duck. Died in the house fire.

Blizzard- Akari's replacement for Rain. Hates Akari.

Alan- the red harvest sprite who guards the Red Bell of Fire.

Collin- the yellow harvest sprite who guards the Yellow Bell of Earth. Likes to tell jokes.

Ben- the blue harvest sprite who guards the Blue Bell of Water. Very forgetful.

Daren- the green harvest sprite who guards the Green Bell of Wind. Very sweet. Often falls asleep.

Edge- the purple harvest sprite who guards the Purple Bell of Heart and is Akari's guide. After Finn died Akari chose Edge to be her guide in place of Finn. Before he became Akari's guide he was very lonely.

Dale- owner of the carpenter shop, has dark sapphireish blue hair.. Father of Luke. Bo and Luke are his apprentices.

Bo- 14 year old boy with spiky blonde hair. Is practically Luke's brother and is one of Dale's apprentices. Kind of quietish.

Maya- girl with bright orange hair, works at the Ocarina Inn. Loves Chase.

Chase- boy with purple eyes and orange hair. Likes oranges and works at the Brass Bar at night. He doesn't hate Maya but he doesn't really like her.

Toby- quiet boy with silverish-bluish hair. Likes to nap and fish a lot.

Thats it for now but i'll continue doing this later. Until then, bye! :D