'But Emmy!' Althalus cried.

'No! You are worry too much and annoying me way too much. Just go away! Don't disturb me!' Emmy screamed at him.

'Please,' he whispered and got down on his knees.

'No. I am fed up with this Althalus. Go, take a horse and disappear. I can't stand you being around anymore,' she said to him back.

Althalus got up from the floor. No tears fell from his face at what she had just said. Seeing that broke her heart even further, but she was not going to bow down to him after what he had just done.

Althalus couldn't cry. He was too shocked. He knew the tears would come later when he was all alone, out in the woods and travelling in the opposite direction that he wanted to be. What had he done?

It was worth one more attempt.

'Please?' he whispered. The whisper almost wasn't able to be heard it was so soft.

'You have had too many chances, Althalus. Please, leave my sight. I can't stand you anymore,' Dweia said back in the same tone. Althalus hung his head and quickly pack what he needed to pack. It was going to be good to get out of the house, but without Emmy and with her pregnant…

It wasn't looking up.

Althalus put in his weapons, spare clothes and the necklace that he was going to give to Emmy the next day. It would have been their second wedding anniversary.

With one last look around the room that he called home, he left.