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"Run!" Marik shouted.

I turned around, and started to sprint towards the other end of the hall. They were blocking the way to the door.

I peeked behind my shoulder to see that one was chasing me, while the others were taking down Bakura and Marik.

Spinning around another corner, I ran for a little bit more before I came to a dead halt. The hallway had ended; it was a dead end.

The man that had been chasing me, a man with tousled light brown hair and green eyes, smirked evilly at me.

"Master Malik won't be pleased with your little escape attempt." he said, and I could hear the echo of his voice. The side-effects of mind-control.

I started to back up, clutching my sister tight to my body. I'm going to have to fight my way out of this one if I want to get out. If Malik found out that I tried to escape... well, I don't want to think about what would happen then. I mean, I barely even did anything and he raped me, for Ra's sake! He took my innocence away from me, my innocence that I have been saving until I was completely ready to give it up.

The man started to stalk towards me, mirroring my movements. I placed Pandora on the ground, before she took off towards the dark corner and covered her eyes.

"How're you going to drag me out of here? I'm not necessarily one to go down without a fight." I said slowly, until I felt my back hit the wall.

"I won't have any problem with it. Master Malik had given us the ability to paralyze anyone who tries to escape." he said with a smirk.

I really didn't think about that. Well, now I'm screwed, and I basically just sent Pandora to her death.

"Pandora..." I whispered, turning my head towards her. "When I say run, you run."

She nodded, curls bouncing slightly. She peeked at me through her fingers.

As soon as I felt the jolt of electricity run through my spine, I shouted, "Run!"

Pandora took off as fast as her little legs could carry her, and the man made no attempt to stop her. Probably figured she'd run into somebody else.

"Come along, Skye. Master Malik should be finishing up the duel right about now. He won't be pleased with you at all." the man said, voice filled with the coldness of a snake.

He effortlessly scooped me up bridal style, and started to walk. I'm not quite sure where, because I haven't been in Seto's blimp before. I didn't know my way around. I'm assuming we are heading to the above-ground dueling area.

My mind wandered to Marik and Bakura, and what was happening to them. They'd surely be killed when Malik caught them! And it's all my fault!

"All my fault..." I managed to whisper, barely audible. "All my fault..."

The man didn't hear me, I assumed, because he didn't ask what I said or why. He just continued to walk, turning town a hall occasionally.

I saw that we were coming upon an elevator, which I assumed would carry us up to the dueling area. I wasn't ready to face Malik! My failed escape attempt won't go unpunished. He'll probably... *gulp* rape me again, or worse. I assumed a beating would happen as well. Sadness filled my body as I thought of my sister and the rest of my family, for that matter. If my sister manages to find her way to Ishizu, then she'll be safe, that's all I know. If she doesn't, and runs into Malik's mind slaves... then... she's dead. And I would be all alone.

The elevator door slid open, and the man stepped onto it, and used a finger to press Sky Deck. So I was right. This leads right to the duel area. I'm going to face Malik in under a minute.

I closed my eyes, and I could feel the tears starting to form. Damn it, Skye! Don't cry! You aren't going to show him weakness again. When he was... you know, raping me, that was when I was at my weakest. I won't allow that to happen ever again. He will never see my cry, or give up, or ever try to please him, ever again.

The door gave a ding, and I could feel the warm breeze before I could see outside. The sunset was still on the horizon. Was it only minutes ago I was still in the room?

The man strolled down the walkway and up the steps. Malik, looking crazier then ever, was battling Yami, who had stepped in for Yugi.

"Master Malik!" he called, and I cringed at the name. "You had a little escape attempt!"

He barely flickered his eyes at us, before returning to the duel.

"Leave her here. I'll deal with it after the duel." he said, before slashing down Yugi's life points even more. (A/N Ok, so I'm not quite sure how the whole dueling thing really works since I never figured it out, so you'll have to deal with what I give you. K? K.)

The man carried me over to where I saw a small half-wall surrounding the whole entire area, then dropped me onto the ground hard, hurting my butt.

I still couldn't move, but I managed to keep upright. The man then left me, walking over to where the rest of the mind-slaves and everyone else were watching. I didn't see Marik or Bakura, so maybe they escaped. I don't blame the fact that they probably left me here. I deserve whatever I get for making my parents, grandma, and sister suffer. I deserve to burn in Hell.

My eyes registered the duel, and I was catching the gist of it. Yami was winning, from what I saw. Or what I assumed. I'm not entirely sure how to play this game.

After another five minutes of battle, I saw that Yami had finally vanquished Malik. I smiled to myself slightly, happy that Yami had won. I wonder what he had gotten for beating Malik.

"Malik!" I heard Seto announce. "Yami had defeated you in the duel, therefore you must give up the Millennium Rod!"

I saw Malik sneer at that. "Why don't you make me?"

I gasped when I saw the mind-slaves run forward, onto the dueling area, grabbing Yami and Seto. Malik's eyes then traveled to me.

Nausea rolled around in my stomach, and I felt my face pale in absolute fear as he slowly advanced on me.

"Well, well, Skye. It seems that you tried to escape." I heard him say, and I flinched at the venom in his voice. "Tomas, release her."

The man's name was Tomas? Sounds familiar. Tomas looked at me, and I felt control surge back into my body. But I remained on the ground, too terrified to make a move.

"Why would you dare try that?" he asked sarcastically, cocking his head to the side as he came closer and closer. I felt the darkness surge off of him.

I didn't answer, just gaze at him, trying to keep the fear out of my eyes. I must keep my promise to myself to not give him the satisfaction of my fear.

I heard my name being shouted by the others, everyone else that had been on the blimp. I still didn't see Marik and Bakura. Maybe they were killed on the spot. Maybe they are actually dead. Maybe Ishizu and Pandora are too.

"You know what the punishment is for trying to escape, do you?" he asked, though he knew that I probably had a pretty good idea.

I still refused to answer him.

"You're silent. Do you not want to talk to me? Face the consequences?" he asked as he finally came close enough to me that I could probably kick out my legs and knock him over. Wait a sec... that's a good idea.

"I wouldn't try that." he said, kneeling down to eye-level with me.

"And why not?" I asked, and I was shocked at the bravery I heard in my voice. Did I really sound like that?

"Because you'll just be digging your hole deeper and deeper... you know what I am capable of, Skye. Why test my limits?"

"Because I don't have anything left to lose." I replied slowly, and I could hear the calmness in my voice.

"I'm sure you do." he said, reaching out. Shivers ran through my body as he started to play with the edge of my jeans.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Your sister, Marik, all of your friends. Pity they all have to suffer because of you." he said, and he met my eyes. Cloudy lavender and deep sapphire.

I bit my lip, and cursed at myself for forgetting about them. How could I forget my friends?

"My sister is nowhere to be found." I answered. "And you'll have to get through me before you can reach my friends."

"It'll be quite easy to do that, you know." he murmured, and his fingers started to travel up my leg. "You'd know that."

I did know that deep down, but I refused to let that register in my mind.

"Your sister is coming up now with some guards." he said quickly, and I detected a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. Hope leapt in my heart at the fact that she's alive, but then it was crushed back down to the ground when I realized that she would be killed. Right in front of my eyes.

"How do you know that?" I asked him. I was honestly curious. He's been talking to me the whole time. How could he know that?

"I just know things. I see Ishizu gave you her Millennium Necklace." he noted, his fingers reaching up to touch it. "How are you able to wear it?"

"Talent." I quipped back, because I really didn't know the answer myself.

"She's been exposed to enough Shadow Magic from you to be able to wear it, Malik." I heard Yami shout. "It's in her blood."

"Interesting. I suppose using my magic on you has it's side-effects after all." Malik said slowly, and I saw his eyes darken slightly.

"Sissy!" I heard Pandora scream.

Out of instinct, I leapt up and started to run towards her voice.

Malik's cold arms slammed in front of me, and I felt myself being spun around, before my head touched Malik's chest.

"Nice try." he teased, holding my wrists together with one hand. As much as I tried to get them out, I just couldn't. How was he that strong?

"Bring her over here!" I heard Malik order, and I saw a different man with light blonde hair and dark green eyes carry my sister over.

"Your big sister has been very bad." I heard Malik tell her.

"Don't hurt her!" I shouted, fear evident in my voice. There goes trying to be brave...

"You're too late for that now, Skye. You should've stayed in your room and waited until I came and got you. Maybe then your sister could've lived!" I heard him snarl into my ear, before I was thrown back into the wall, my back hitting it with great force. "You would've killed her anyway!" I shouted at him, anger welling up inside of me.

I saw him froze, and he turned around to meet my eyes.

"And how would you know that?" he asked softly, and I was honestly more scared of this tone of voice then him shouting.

"Bakura told me." I answered, crossing my arms around myself.

"Bakura? Hmm... where is he?" Malik questioned to no one in particular.

"Right here." I heard Bakura's voice say, and my eyes flickered towards the entrance, to sit up straighter and blink, to be sure they were real.

Yes, yes they were. Bakura, Ishizu, and Marik had come after all.

"Oh it's you guys. What a relief!" I heard Malik say sarcastically. "I was hoping that my guards killed you."

"They tried." Bakura said. "But they failed."

It was then that I noticed a slice across Marik's cheek, and Bakura's shoulder, as well. Ishizu showed no sign of injury, so I assumed she had dodged all of the guards.

"Release Skye and her little sister this instant, Malik!" I heard Marik snarl, and I was surprised at the venom in his voice. I hadn't realized that he was capable of that.

"Not likely. Skye's mine now, my light. Her little sister was just a reassurance that she wouldn't run. Looks like I was wrong." he said, his voice silky and venomous at the same time.

I saw him pull out the Millennium Rod, and I saw the glint of the sharp end. He had removed the part that protected the sharp blade.

"Time to die, little Pandora." I heard him laugh, before raising the Rod.

"NO!" I shouted, and, without thinking, leapt at him.

I managed to get him to the ground, and knocked the Millennium Rod out of his grasp, and I desperately tried to reach it. But he managed climb on top of me, and when my fingers just clasped around it, he knocked it out of my grasp.

I threw my elbows into his ribs, and managed to knock him off of me.

I clumsily tried to reach for it again, but Malik's boot pinned my arm to the ground.

"Nice try, Skye." he sneered, and as he removed his hand, I felt him yank my hair, forcing me to my feet.

"I had to do something." I muttered, and winced when he yanked harder on my hair.

"And you failed." he said, and I felt his hand leave my hair and spun around to meet his angry glare.

"At least I tried," I spat in his face.

"And, yet again, you failed. Now you'll really pay," he hissed, before he forced his lips to mine. My shocked gasp enabled him to slide his tongue in, forcing me into a fiery passionate kiss. Yet there was no passion at all. He was only doing this to show me that he was truly in control.

My eyes registered movement in the darkening night, and I saw Marik run forward.

Instead of shoving him off of me, like I had hoped, he had snagged the Millennium Rod.

Malik then shoved me off of him, causing me to stumble to the ground.

"What are you going to do with that?" he snarled. "If I die, you die too."

"Exactly." he said, before the sharp point pierced his heart. He had stabbed himself!

I saw Malik begin to bleed where Marik had stabbed himself, before I saw him collapse.

"NO!" I shouted in anguish, pulling myself to my feet and sprinting over to Marik as he began to collapse.

"Marik..." I whispered, tears spilling over my cheeks, as I was unable to hold them in any longer.

"Skye..." he breathed, and I could feel the pain behind his voice. "I had to do it."

"Just for me? Marik, you deserved to live." I said. "I deserve to die for all that I've done."

"Skye, it's my fault that all of this has happened to you. There's just one last thing I wanted to say..." he said, his voice getting weaker and weaker.

"Yes?" I whispered, a tear dripping off my cheek and landing on his shirt.

"I've loved you since the day we met," he whispered, smiling slightly. "Ever since I first laid eyes on you.""It's strange, but I have as well. I just refused to accept it... up until now." I whispered back, smiling sadly before leaning into him.

Our lips met, just for a few moments, a sweet and soft kiss.

I felt his breathing cease, and I leaned away to see that his eyes have closed. He was gone.

"No..." I whispered to myself, clutching my chest as the feeling of heartbreak threatened to consume me. "NO!"

I heard Ishizu start to sob. Her brother, dead.

I looked up to see that the mind-slaves had released Yami and Seto, and were holding their heads, looking dazed. Yami and Seto's heads hung in sorrow.

I turned around to look at Malik, to see that his breathing has stopped as well. He was forever gone, out of my life. But so was Marik.

"It's all my fault!" I wailed, throwing myself onto Marik and beginning to sob.

I felt someone's hands on my shoulders, and I barely registered Yami saying, "Skye, it's time to let go of him."

"No!" I shouted, clinging onto him tighter.

My hands were removed from his body, and I was lifted to my feet by Yami.

"It's all my fault Yami! It's my fault he's dead!" I screamed, continuing to cry, though instead on his shoulder.

"Nothing's your fault, Skye." Yami tried to soothe, startled at my display of emotion.

"Yes it is! If I didn't try to escape, none of this would have ever happened!" I wailed.

"Yes, it would have." Bakura said. "Marik's been planning to do this for a long time."

"What?" I whispered, leaning away from Yami while rubbing my eyes.

"Marik had a plan. If he couldn't get you out, he would kill himself, therefore killing Malik in the process. I thought that I had talked him out of it." Bakura said, frowning.

"Come now, Skye. We need to get you out of here and back home." Ishizu murmured soothingly, though she was still crying herself.

"What will happen to them?" I asked Seto quietly as I passed by him. He froze.

"Well, we'll have a proper burial for Marik, of course. And I'll have some guys come and get rid of Malik's body." Seto explained. "I'll probably have to get rid of this blimp, too."

I nodded my assessment, before following Ishizu, who was holding my sister, to the elevator, then out the doors of the blimp.


"Did you get it?" I whispered to Ishizu as she came inside, her arms full of groceries.

"Of course I did. Do you seriously think that it's possible?" she asked, setting the bags down on the counter. Ishizu and Odion had been gracious enough to let my sister and I live with them until I'm old enough to live on my own.

"Well, I've been getting all of the symptoms, and I'm late, so I think that it's very possible." I explained as I dug around in the bags.

"I got the best one they have." she assured as I pulled out the box.

"Thank you, Ishizu." I said, sincerity to my voice. I sure hope that this would turn out good.

"Call me in there when you're done." she said as she started to remove the rest of the groceries from the bags.

I then proceeded to power-walk to the bathroom, since I really needed to find out for sure.

Pulling out the contents of the box, I quickly scanned over the instructions and did as they said.

It says to wait five minutes, so I walked back out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen to help Ishizu to put away the groceries.

"Done?" she asked. I nodded.

"Ok. How long do you have to wait?" she asked.

"Five minutes." I replied.

"Did you set a timer?" she asked.

"No, but I remembered what time I took it." I replied, glancing at the clock. Four minutes to go...

"What do you want for dinner?" she asked. "Odion and Pandora are going to be out pretty late, so it's just going to be you and me."

Odion had taken Pandora out of the house so I could take the test without her interfering. They went to the movies or something.

"I don't really care, at this point. What do we have?" I asked as I gathered an armful of cans.

"We can just throw a pizza in the oven." she said, shrugging her shoulders. "If you don't mind. Unless you want something more elaborate..."

"No, it's fine." I assured her as I started to stack the cans in the cupboard.

"Ok." she said. She sounded very tired, and I bet I do too. I've been up since yesterday, since I realized I was late. I bet she has too.

Three minutes.

"Did you start the towels?" Ishizu asked as she put away the milk.

"Yes, they actually should be done." I said, turning around to walk out of there.

"No, no. I'll go check." she said. "Finish putting away the groceries."

And with that, she disappeared.

I took my time as I precariously placed the rest of the items in the cupboards, wasting as much time as possible. When I was done, I glanced at the clock.

One minute

Ishizu returned, basket of dry laundry in hand. She must have unloaded the dryer as well.

"Can you put the bags under the sink?" she asked as she set the basket down in the living room.

I gathered the bags, and did as I was told. I placed them under the sink.

"Ishizu..." I whispered as my breathing started to grow heavier. It was almost time...

"Everything's going to be alright, no matter what happens, Skye." she assured, walking back into the kitchen. She placed a soothing hand on my shoulder.

"Ishizu, can I please just say thank you for all that you've done? Ever since the funeral you've let me and my sister stay here like we were family."

"That's because you are family! Even though we aren't blood related, I still see you as my sister. The same goes for Pandora." she said, rubbing my shoulders.

I smiled sadly at her, before my eyes drifted towards the clock again.

Time's up.

I froze, not wanting to move.

"Do you want to go in alone?" she asked, guessing why I suddenly had frozen.

I nodded. I needed to do this by myself.

"Go then. I'll be in there as soon as you say my name." she soothed, before crushing me in a hug.

"Thank you." I whispered in her ear, hugging her back.

As soon as I released her, I turned around and strode towards the bathroom. Every step seemed to echo off of the walls, taunting me.

The bathroom door was slightly open. I reached out to push it open with a trembling hand.

I slowly took one step at a time as I entered the bathroom.

The test stood on the sink, and I couldn't see the results from where I was standing. Praying.

I took another step forward, and with my hands shaking terribly, grasped the test.

I paled as I read the results.


"No..." I whispered, sliding down to the ground. "No."

I can't be...

"ISHIZU!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I couldn't be alone any longer.

I was pregnant.

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How many days has it been since I have been in this room? Days? Weeks? Shit, I don't even know anymore. I haven't eaten since I was thrown in here, but who would when you have a psycho who is supposedly in love with you? Speaking of that psycho I keep thinking about what he did to my family, and what he might do to my little sister. I can't forgive him for doing what he did to them, nor will I ever forget. I miss Marik. I wish I could see him, but it's impossible to see him with Malik's mind controlled minions watching every exit. Bakura sometimes comes in the room to give me messages from Marik, but they aren't enough. I mean sure they brighten my day/night, I can't tell anymore, but I want to see him in person. I sit on my bed and my mind begins to wander. Thoughts of Marik invade my mind, as I try to figure out my emotions on how I feel about him, so here I am suffering from slight paranoia of being stuck in here and talking to myself. Suddenly the door opened and I looked up to see Malik smiling at me. I cringed and thought 'hell has frozen over when he does that' I chuckled, 'no, hell freezes over when he becomes good and lets me out of here!'"What are you laughing at, dear?" he asks sweetly, well he tried at least. It came out more like a growl."Nothing you need to fret over, darling!" I spit back."Come now, there's no need to be shy around me" he walks over to me and peers into my eyes."The only thing I need to worry about is you."He took my chin in his hands and frowned at me."If you do not drop the attitude I will have to punish you.""Oh bite me!" he smiled darkly and I flinched."Oh I can do much more than bite you if you want."I pulled my head from his hands. "You sick bastard!"He barked a laugh, but then frowned again. "You still love him don't you?"It was my turn to frown"Who?""My idiot light, who else do you think!""Ok first off, I do not love him he is my best friend. Second I only see him as a brother."Malik's frown turned into a full on scowl."I can read you mind Skye. I know all of your thoughts and memories, even the ones you want to forget. I know for a fact that you love him. Just forget about him!"I rolled my eyes."Haven't you ever heard of personal space, pervert?"He glared at me."If you do not drop the attitude I will punish you." He threatened.I glared back at him."You wouldn't dare! How could you punish a girl who hasn't done anything to you! What kind of person would do such a demonic thing!?"He rose and eyebrow at her with an expression that read 'did you really just ask me, of all people, that question?'I anime sweat dropped."Right, stupid question…"He smirked."What did you come in here for anyways?""Oh just to have some fun…" he smiled a dark sickly smile that made my stomach turn. His eyes were filled with an emotion I couldn't read…It kind of looked like lust…'Oh God.' I thought. 'Why does he have that look on his face?'"What kind of fun?" I asked, not wanting to know the answer."Oh… some of this and some of that…"I moved away from him, off the bed and backed into the wall. He slowly walked over to me and the closer he got, the closer I got to the door. Soon I full on sprinted to the door, but not before an arm snaked around my waist and threw me into the wall. My head hit the wall with a loud 'Bang', but I paid no mind to it. I was concentrating on how to get away from this man who looked at me as if I was a prize."What the hell is wrong with you!?""Nothing," he smirked, "I am only getting what I deserve… and that's you.""I am not some prize you ass hole!""Tsk, tsk tsk. And here I was going to be gentle with you, but since you still haven't dropped that little attitude of yours I guess we will have it rough."I stared up at him in horror as he advanced on me. I screamed as I tried to run to the door but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. I felt something cold on my wrist and I looked down. I realized that he handcuffed me and pinned me to the wall! His lips were resting on my neck while his hands explored my body. I couldn't help but whimper at the touch of his cold hands. He cupped my chin to force me to look at him; tears were streaming down my face as I was being violated."Don't cry love." He said softly while licking away my tears. "I hate y... mph!" His lips came crashing down on mine with brute force as he forced his tongue into my mouth exploring it freely. He grabbed my chained wrists and forced me onto the bed with my hands above my head. Without breaking the bruising kiss his hands tugged my shirt upwards toward my bra. My eyes flew wide open as I realized what he was about to do to me. I tried to scream but it was useless. Suddenly my shirt was ripped off of my body leaving my skin exposed. I whimpered as his head moved to my stomach and kissed it. I slightly moaned as his tongue ran from my naval to my neck. "Please stop!" I cried"Why? I am having some fun! Don't you like it?"His hands moved down to my pant lines and tugged them down just a bit."NO!" I screamed. I tried to kick him off and managed to land a good kick in his stomach, but he was too strong and he straddled me to restrain my movements. His face was a few inches from my face as he glared at me. His hands yanked my jeans off and he pulled his pants down."You will pay for that Skye! I will make you mine tonight; I want to hear you scream."His hands pulled my underwear off and I screamed all night long as he violated me in the cruelest ways.I hope you all liked it, and please review and tell me what you think! THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!