AN: Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son/Transient Son is the property and ingenious creation of the renouned author and mangaka, Shimura Takako. Publishing rights belong to Fantagraphics Books (USA), Enterbrain Inc (JAP), and Comic Beam (JAP). Broadcast rights are maintained by AIC Classic Studios and Fuji TV. All of the songs used in this story are the creations and properties of their original writers, performers, and recording contractors. I hold no ownership rights to this title whatsoever, and I never will, nor do I hold ownership rights to the songs used in this story. I am simply writing this story as a leisurely past time, and because I am a humble fan of this story simply telling a story out of profound respect for the author and sincere understanding and affection for her characters, whose humanity and compassion are so moving that they prompted the idea for this story.


To be honest, I really don't like slice-of-life stories all that much. I rather prefer my reading selections to have a hint of action, adventure, supernatural/fantasy elements, etc. Isn't the point of reading fiction to escape the doldroms of everyday life and find yourself in a world so different for you own that you forget about your own troubles for a while?

Well, I'm happy to say that this story has proven me wrong in that notion. Reading Hourou Musuko has been a real treat for me, a step forward into a genre that I didn't enjoy that much before. This story has something that really grabbed me in a way that every good author has taken hold of their readers: real humanity. These are people just like you and me. They suffer, they endure, they laugh, they cry, they stumble, they help each other up, they go through life as anyone else would, facing challenges that many people can't even imagine going through. And the real emotion that they feel, even in those silent, still moments, is so profoundly moving that you will find yourself on the verge of tears as your heart breaks for them.

Even though I have never experienced anything like what Shuichi and Yoshino are going through in the stories, I wanted to do my best to try and capture their struggles and triumphs in a way that spoke to who they truly are inside, not who the world wants them to be because of how they were born physically. The term "gender" is a psychological and social thing, it is how we see ourselves in terms of who we are in personality and nature, it does not define our physical form. The word that does that is a biological term that is rooted in anatomy, and that is our "physical/biological/birth sex." Though the former is very much influenced by society's view of the latter, the world's close-minded definition of who we are as individuals should never limit us to who we truly are. This something we decide for ourselves.

Likewise, I wanted to do the same for their friends, whether they were going through the same things as Shuichi and Yoshino, or not. Everyone here is human at their core, and they react just as everyone else would to certain situations and environmental triggers. This is very much a learning experience for me, and something that I hope will nurture my skills as a writer. As such, I wanted to do my best to capture moments from these character's lives in the form of a song to center the chapters around, either to voice their emotions and inner-most thoughts, provide insight on the subject of the source material of the story, or to break up the more emotional and serious chapters with a lighter tone. I mean, we can't be down all the time. There needs to be those chapters that will make us smile, feel all warm inside, and remind us that, come Hell or high water, the people we care about are always going to be here for us to pick us up when we fall, provide a shoulder to cry on, and be an open ear to our troubles.

My apologies for the ranting on this subject, I hope that this didn't disinterest you in my story. Well then, without further ado, let us begin these one-shot (and sometimes two-shot) stories of our heroes and their friends as their lives are given a soundtrack, one that provides a window into the their inner-selves, as well as our own.

I hope you all enjoy this story, and that you will continue to do so as it continues… Even if life gets in the way and updates tend to be sporadic at best. Please keep in mind that gentle, constructive criticism is encouraged, and that flames, hateful reviews, and any sign of trolls will be treated as such and dealt with accordingly.

Please, enjoy yourselves. Read with your hearts and your minds wide open…

- Erik Howlett.