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Tamaki sighed as he stared at the blank walls and hugged Usa-Chan to his chest.. He had been up for hours. There was no clock in sight, so he had no clue how long he had left to sleep.

He estimated that he had been asleep on the sedative for about five or so hours. What a miserable experience to have under his belt! All he wanted was for his father to come take him home!

He glanced over at Akatsuki, still sound asleep. Who knew how long he had been stuck there? He was possibly there for weeks! Months, even!

Tamaki paused suddenly, a bead of sweat trickling down his face. Would he be there that long? He had heard horror stories in the past of people being locked away in facilities for the rest of their lives!

He turned over onto his stomach and began to cry, dreading what was to happen to him.

Time seemed to blur, and the absence of a clock was no help. Before too long, Tamaki heard a nurse call out, "It's six-thirty! Eeeeeeveryone up!"

Tamaki sat up in bed; his tear-filled eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. This didn't go unnoticed by the nurse who had come in to take vitals.

"Are you alright, Suoh?" she asked, wrapping a blood pressure cuff around Tamaki's arm. "Why are your eyes bloodshot? You haven't been hiding anything, have you?"

The prince, a lump in his throat from holding back tears, simply shook his head. He cleared his throat and said, "I just didn't sleep, is all." The nurse took off the cuff and took his pulse.

"Well if it happens again, tell one of us and we can give you something to help you sleep." He nodded, pushing back the covers. Suddenly a different lump came to his throat- a more uncomfortable one.

"Uh oh! He jumped up and rushed into the hallway. "Someone unlock the bathroom, quick!" A nurse standing by obliged and quickly unlocked the bathroom. Tamaki rushed in and threw up into the toilet, just making it.

No one came in to check up on him.

"What the hell is this?" Tamaki snapped at the had been standing in the medication line, and was about to tell this nurse that he had no medications. Before he could speak, she had handed him a small white pill- a very strong reminder of the ones he'd overdosed on. She sighed, trying to keep a cool head.

"It's called Lexapro. It's an antidepressant that you have been prescribed by us."

Tamaki was about to shout, but then he remembered what would happen if he lost his cool again.

Maybe if I can control myself enough and act like I don't belong here, I'll go home faster!

"What if it doesn't work for me?" he calmly asked.

"Try it. You may feel some side effects from it. Make sure you tell your doctor about ALL you're feeling; physically and emotionally."

Tamaki shrugged and popped the pill in his mouth, accepting the glass of water to wash it down with.

"Just wondering, when will I see my doctor, anyhow?"

"This afternoon."

Tamaki's smiled inwardly.

Maybe if I convince this doctor that I'm ok, I'll be home by this evening!

His heart pounded in anticipation. The afternoon was just a few hours away, and he could hardly wait.

After a freezing cold shower, breakfast (which Tamaki could barely choke down) "school" time, lunch finally arrived.

Tamaki sat down with his tray, absolutely ravenous, when a whisper caught his attention.

"You know what I heard, I heard Suoh's really nuts. The dummy tried to kill himself!" Akatsuki laughed to his small group of friends. "I heard the doctors talking this morning!"

The prince abruptly stood up and walked to his table. "Do you…have a problem…faggot?" For the record, Tamaki had no clue what that word meant and was just returning the English insult to his enemy.

Akatsuki looked at Tamaki before looking back at his friends and laughing.

"Maybe we do, Suoh," he said. "Maybe you're so crazy that you'll never get out of here! I'm due up for discharge soon! You'll probably never be able to say that!"

Tamaki's hands balled into fist.

"Ooh! Looks like the baby's gonna start crying!" said one of the other guys.

"Maybe he'll go try to kill himself again and be successful this time!" said the other. The two friends high-fived. Tamaki raised a shaking fist before he stopped as thoughts came flooding into his mind.

What if he's right? What if I can't convince them to let me go home? What if…I am here forever?

"Come on in, Tamaki!" boomed a powerful, yet cheery voice form behind the door. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Tamaki let himself into the small office. In it, sat a tall, lean man with a glasses and a friendly half-smile on his face. "Have a seat! Come on, I won't bite!"

Tamaki let out a chuckle as he did so. For a moment, the doctor picked up a clipboard and was writing stuff down on it, as Tamaki tentatively took in his surroundings. He noticed a picture on the doctor's desk. It was of a ten year old girl who was sitting at the bottom of a slide, grinning with excitement.

"Is that your daughter?" he asked.

The doctor smiled "Technically I'm not supposed to answer any questions about my personal life but yes that's my little girl!"

They both were silent again. Eventually the doctor put down his clipboard.

"Now Tamaki, I want you to know that whatever you say is completely confidential. Unless you are planning to hurt yourself again, anything you say is strictly between you and me! I promise!"

Tamaki looked around the room once more before returning his eyes to the doctor.

"Now, Tamaki. First and foremost we need to discuss what lead you to do what you did. Can you tell me what happened that day?"

Tamaki didn't want to spill his story. Not to this total stranger. He bit his tongue, trying to figure out whether or not telling his whole story would hurt his chances of getting out of there quickly.

Maybe if I tell some of the story and then say I now know it was stupid of me to do that, then maybe it'll help…

And he began to tell little tidbits of his story. But somehow he found it in his to tell the doctor the whole tragic story of the past few years.

"Tamaki Suoh?" A voice broke through his thoughts. Tamaki's head shot up from the crossword he was doing. It was rec. room time, and Tamaki was keeping to himself as usual. . "You have a visitor."

"It's probably my father," he said, getting up and picking up his lunch tray. He walked into the other room and nearly dropped his tray. There sat not his father, but Kyoya. He looked a little nervous, like he was dreading something.

Tamaki sat down across the table and put down his tray. They sat in silence for a moment.

"So…how's the…food?" Kyoya finally asked. Tamaki shrugged.

"Kinda bland, but what can you expect, it's a hospital." Kyoya nodded. They sat in silence once again for a few minutes, trying not to make eye contact. "So, do you know when my father's coming?"

"He'll be here soon. I just went ahead of everyone."


"Well I…I…" He cleared his throat. "I need to sincerely apologize once again, Tamaki. I really hurt you, and I never knew you were in this much pain! And I had no idea I was causing a good amount of it. I really would like to just…you know, move on and start again!"

Tamaki nodded, trying hard to keep his boiling anger deep down. He felt such distain for Kyoya for hurting him.

And yet…

Before he could stop himself, Tamaki sprang forward and enveloped Kyoya in a hug. "I'm sorry, too!. Im sorry I was such a…drama queen." How he hated those words! Tears began to fall unwillingly down his cheeks. "And I forgive you, Kyoya! I just can't go on pretending like I don't! You're my best friend!"

Kyoya sat there for a stunned second before returning the hug. "And you are mine. That's why I want you to work hard and get better. All of us are routing for you!"

"All of you guys?"

"Yes, Senpai, all of us." Came a female voice. That voice belonged to Haruhi, who stood in the doorway with the rest of the Host Club and Yuzuru behind her. The group entered the room, their arms full of various gifts from all the guests at the host club; stuffed animals, get well cards, flowers and other little, yet expensive-looking presents. Tamaki was bewildered.

Mori handed him a box full of presents. "These few here are from us."

The prince was speechless. His father came over and hugged him.

"You see, son? You are loved! I hope someday soon you can see that too!"

"I'll see it sooner than you think, father!" There were happy tears in Tamaki's eyes as he returned the hug. To hell with what Akatsuki had said, this is what truly mattered to him! "I'm seeing it right now!"

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