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Heir to YOUTH

It was not often, but sometimes he thought about what he would be like when he was a mature shinobi of Konoha. Not that that would happen for a while. He knew he was still a most youthful blossom of the Leaf Village, still not yet in full bloom. Gai-sensei was most wise, and often reminded him of this, in that most hip and beautiful way.

If there was one thing he wanted, it was to be as amazing as Gai-sensei when he reached Gai-sensei's age. Gai-sensei was the living embodiment of one who had never left their most passionate youthfulness behind. His passionate sensei lived in the eternal springtime of youth.

He had learnt many things from beloved Gai-sensei. How to keep his hair in the perfect precise cut and style (it was an ingenious method invented by Gai-sensei, involving a pudding bowl, copious amounts of hair gel, and wax). Why he should never, ever, listen to rap music (Gai-sensei said it was the most un-youthful thing in the world, and would corrupt his innocent mind). What to do if he tore a hole in his jumpsuit (it would never happen, as the jumpsuit was 100% flexible, and completely durable).

Yes Gai-sensei had been a font of truly magnificent knowledge. And he wished to be just like his beloved sensei.

Back when he was younger, he had been a victim of some most terrible people. These people had teased him, mocked him for his inability to perform genjutsu and ninjutsu.

You will never be a ninja.

These words had hurt him. Hurt him badly. But he had never given up, instead, aiming to improve his taijutsu until it was the best it could possibly be. So what if he had not a scrap of talent? Who cares if he was not a natural genius like his youthful teammate (and eternal rival)?

You will never be a ninja.

Gai-sensei had taught him a most important lesson. It was not natural talent, but hard work that got you places in life. He knew that, though his natural talent was lacking, his spirit and willpower was burning most passionately! He had perseverance. He never, ever gave up. He worked hard, he worked so, so hard. He did not like to brag, or think too much of himself, but he knew, deep down, that he deserved to be a ninja.

You will never be a ninja.

Every kick, every punch, every drop of sweat, was evidence for the opposite. No matter how hard he got knocked down, he simply got back up again. He had proven those bullies wrong, advancing to genin, and even chunin, still using only taijutsu!

70% of his success was hard work. The other 30% was his utter belief in the one that inspired him most.

Mighto Gai.

Sometimes, just saying his sensei's name brought tears to his eyes. Gai-sensei was just that fantastic. His utter determination. His unyielding power. His cutting-edge fashion sense. He absolutely was the hippest man around!

Gai-sensei was there for him. When he had been gravely injured during his fight with the now Kazekage, Gai-sensei had spoken to him, pledged to die along with him if the operation to fix him was unsuccessful.

That was the belief Gai-sensei had in him, and the belief he had in Gai-sensei. His sensei… his sensei was like a father to him. He had taught him so much.

Perseverance. Persistence. Passion. Patience.

Perseverance – Steady, continued belief in his values and goals.

Persistence – Relentless continuation on his path, no matter the obstacles.

Passion – Burning enthusiasm, putting his heart into everything he did.

Patience – Ability to endure, wait, delay, without losing it.

He carried these four most important lessons of Gai-sensei's in his heart. Without them, he did not know whether he would be as good a shinobi as he was today.

With them though, he knew that he could become not just a good, but a great shinobi.

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