Kon-El's POV;

When children grow up, they go through two stages of socialisation. The "primary socialisation" starts with one's birth and andis initiated by one's family. Father, mother. They teach you how to behave, what's wrong and what's right, what's good and what isn't.
Everything you need to be a part of society.
The "secondary socialisation" begins when you start to form your own will, when you decide on your own what's wrong and right, and your character is influenced – no, shaped – by your social environment. Family, friends, school. I never went to school!
I think I love my best friend. And I think the absence of primary socialisation is at least partly at fault. No one ever taught me it's wrong to love your best friend – especially when they are a boy.

It's not like I didn't love Cassie. I did love Cassie... I think. She's awesome and she's damn pretty.
I loved being with her.
But if you've ever been 16, you know you're pretty fast with changing your mind about loving someone. I am 16 and I'll probably stay 16 for a while longer, so I'm an expert on that subject. When I noticed the feelings towards Rob, I ignored them in some sort of self-defense until they were just too obvious to ignore.
How could you tell yourself you're not starring at your best friend's ass when you totally are? And I totally was starring at his ass that day. But that's only because his costume actually tempts to do so. However, he didn't notice. Thank god he didn't.
It's been a week since then. Seven days I couldn't focus on anything, because he's on my mind. 168 hours I've been fantasizing about kissing him. 10,080 minutes I've been wondering, if he could ever feel the same way.


"Kon. Koooon! Konny, you there?" Bart asked, while running around me in a small circle and poking my head occasionally. I groaned. "Cut it out, Bart. Yes, what is it now?"
"Where's Robin?", the other boy forced himself to focus on me for a second, before he continued running around the HQ with lightning speed.
It had been raining for a while now. I remember I started yesterday evening and I doubt it stopped at all. I couldn't help but to wonder how Robin usually got here, since his dad didn't know about him being Robin and all. Bart was fast enough to just not get wet while running and I had my own chauffeur, but something like this wasn't like Tim at all. He'd probably show up any second, explaining he had to walk here. Wet to the bone.
I could not decide wether to sigh or to smile at that thought.
However, when the door opened ten minutes later, Robin's excuse was a different one. "Sorry guys. I had to go on patrol with batman all night. I didn't even get home. Got here right away"
"Rob. It's been raining all night." I raised my eyebrows, looking at him sceptically. But I assumed he knew that, since rain was dripping from his hair and his costume was soaked. He walked past me. "Yes, yes. I know. Did anything happen while I was absent?" -"Nothing. And nothing's gonna happen as long as you wear those clothes. You're not Aquaman. Ever heard of the flu? You could get one, you know."
I'm not sure what got me so angry back then – worry, I guess. - but I just couldn't stand it. Couldn't stand the way he cared about everything but himself. Couldn't stand the way he acted like he knew it all.
Robin looked at me, enquiringly I supposed, but I'm not sure since he was wearing his mask.
That was when Bart made it impossible for me to forget that he was still in the room. Because I actually really forgot he was still there.
"So you want him to, like, strip for you?"
I mentally smacked myself for thinking: Yes, probably.