Chapter IV: konflict of option

"Get off him!" I heard my voice scream.

Poison Ivy was, compared to most of the other supervillains I had met so fae, rather attractive. Even despite her green skin. Under other circumstances I probably would have considered hitting on her.
Our eyes met for a brief moment before she flipper her hair back in some sort of movie star kind of way before crossing her arms in front of her chest.
"Listen, boys.", she said. "This time I'm not here to fight. So just let me go and I won't have to hurt you or your friend."
That sounded almost too good to be true. Robin looked at me sharply. Don't believe her, his eyes said. I was a bit unsure how to react. Being a hero, it was my "job" to stop Poison Ivy, but I didn't want to risk Robin getting hurt. So I didn't reply for a few seconds and just stared and the woman in front of me.

Ivy rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers. "Get away from me.", she instructed me, "Or I'll have to do something to the little Boywonder over here." I could tell she didn't really want to fight, but then again Poison Ivy wasn't exactly known for her empty threats either.
Rob subtly shook his head, which unfortunately didn't stay unnoticed and was immediately punished by thick roots winding itself his neck. I gritted my teeth and couldn't cold back anymore. Pushing myself off the ground forcefully I shot towards Poison Ivy. Yet, she ducked away and brought herself out of my reach, the plants around Robin tightening their grip. I heard him gasp and felt cold fear and nausea rising up in me.

This was different from a normal fight. This time it wasn't a complete stranger I had to rescue. This time if I failed I'd lose my best friend. I knew it shouldn't make a difference, but it did.
Another differences was that this time Robin wasn't at my side to come up with any of his clever plans. I was alone and Robin was in danger.

The though alone that he could get hurt and it would be my fault made me lose focus. Ivy studied my mimic closely, probably looking for any kind of weakness she could use against me. Given the fact that my poker face wasn't as unreadable as Rob's I tried to stay in motion and tried to buy myself some time.
For better concentration I closed my eyes for a second, reaching out my TTK out for her ankle. The disadvantage of using telekinesis was that I hat to focus all my my attention on it, which wasn't very easy when things like she's gonna kill him or what if you can't save him? ran through my mind.
"Don't dare to try that again!", Poison Ivy hissed.
I tried again nonetheless and this time I successfully took a hold of her left leg and managed to throw her off balance. I also successfully made her lose her temper.
"I swear you'll regret it if you don't back off now!", she screamed, face colouring dangerously brown (because that's the colour you get when you mix greed and red). She gesture the ranks of ivy that held Robin captured to push him onto his feet and up against the wall of the storage building. Robin drew in a sharp breath and I felt my insides cringe.
I needed to come up with some sort of trick quickly.
I approached her again, determined to knock her out if it was necessary, even though she was a woman.
However, I was stopped by Robin screaming "Don't touch her!".

What. ...Oh right, her pheromones.

A nasty grind spread on Ivy's venomous lips as she wrapped her arms around Robin's slender neck. I wished he would have pushed her away or at leased expressed any kind of disapproval, but he didn't. I saw the thin branch of ivy, lying around his neck like a collar, but it still felt like a kick in the guts.
Poison Ivy's slender fingers traced his jaw bone, turning Robin's face slightly her way, although his eyes were still firmly fixed on me. I had frozen in mid air, watching terrified as she whispered something into Rob's ear and then pressed a kiss to the spot right above his cheekbone.
Jealousy welled up in me, although I knew that it was inappropriate in this situation, although I knew that Robin wouldn't let her touch him if he wasn't influenced by Ivy's pheromones.

But still.

Suddenly Ivy let go of Robin and he swung himself to to the top of the storage building. I was about to attack her, when the look on her face made me stop. She gave me a devilish grin and causally pointed her thumb at Robin. "You might want to follow him.", she suggested cheekily.
Alarmed my eyes followed my best friend who now disappeared over the treetops, heading towards the city. I had a very bad feeling about all of this, so I had to make the hard decision to let Poison Ivy escape and follow my best friend instead. I passed on taking a look at her and seeing her victorious smile before I took off

We had almost reached the harbour when .when I caught up with Robin, because for someone who can't fly he's pretty fast. I caught him on the roof of multi-storey building, grabbing his arm forcefully with my TTK and tearing off the plant around his neck with my hands. To be 100% sure it didn't manipulate Robin anymore, and, admittedly, for my own satisfaction, I crushed it under my foot.
Then I looked up at Robin, who stared at me wide-eyed. The red lipstick stain on his cheek immediately caught my attention and I reached out out to rub it off but Robin slapped my hand away. Surprised, withdrew my hand and gaped at him.
"What was that for?"
"For letting Ivy escape you moron!", the shorter boy snapped at me and I flinched. I told myself I was only surprised at his level of voice and not the sheer shock of him snapping at me for saving him.
"She was going to kill you!", I argued, "Probably."
However Robin wouldn't have any of it. "I can very well take care of myself, I don't need some Superbabysitter." He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked up at me as if he was looking down on me.
Part of me wanted to assure him that I knew what he was capable of and that I was aware that he didn't need to be looked after but at the same time I very much wanted to punch him in the face for being the ungrateful dick he was right now.
I raised my hands in surrender. "Fine. Next time I'll watch how you manage to catch her while you jump of some building because she told you to."
Before he could come up with an answer that was probably smarten than what I said I took off and headed for the head quarters.
"That's not what she told me to do!", I heard Robin scream after me.
I told myself I didn't feel bad for leaving him behind, and I almost believed it. The the image of Ivy kissing Robins cheek came back to my mind and I suddenly believed myself a lot and I even picked up my pace.

I had been gone barely and hour when I returned to the HQ. The others where still gathered in the main hall, apparently waiting for Robin and my return. When I kicked the door open Cassie jumped up from the chair she had made herself comfortable at. "Where is he?", she asked alarmed when she realized that Robin wasn't with me.
"I don't care where he is." I snapped at her, although I knew that she didn't deserve it. "He's save, don't worry."
She gave me a disapproving look but I wasn't in the mood to be reasonable and simply turned my head away.
"Oh don't be such a child, Kon. Just tell me what happened."
I chose to rather continue being childish, walking past her and letting myself drop on one of the big office chairs.
Cassie sighed. "Fine! Be like that! You don't need us anymore than, do you?"
Without waiting for my answer she walked out the door, making sure to throw it shut with a loud bang.
"No I don'!" I yelled. I didn't even care whether she could still hear me or not.
Bart and Suzie exchanged a meaningful look.
The the door opened again. I half expected Cassie to return, but I was Robin, but he looked just as pissed. I groaned in annoyance, even though I knew it would be nothing but a provocation.
"Uh, Suze and I might be going for a walk if you don't mind." Bart grinned nervously as he saw the expression on Rob's face and hurried outside, together with Suzie.
Robin payed no attention to them and instead continued to glared at me.
"What?" I asked irritatedly.
"Do you think running away is away a superhero deals with a problem?"
"Oh spare me your preaching." I murmured. "It's more than enough if Superman gives me that shit every other week, I don't need that from you."
"Well maybe you should reconsider your methods then."
"Thanks for the advice Boywonder. You're so smart, I can't see why Batman hasn't handed you over his costume yet. I mean come one, you're obviously the best for the job. Because you would never let yourself killed by someone like Poison Ivy. Seriously, you're so damn impressing! Can you leave me alone now?"
"With pleasure.", the dark haired boy hissed, unnaturally uncontrolled. "Believe me, I've got better things to do than-"
"That's enough."
Simultaneously they heads shot around to the big computer screen.
Neither of them had notices exactly when it had switched itself on and their mentor, the Red Tornado started watching their dispute.
The next thing they did notices was the small clicking noise which signalled that the room was being closed off.
"What are you doing?", Robin yelled, his voice a little too sharp.
"I think you two need a little time to cool down.", the android explained calmly. "Your team really doesn't need another breakup over such a stupid disagreement."