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A Slight Misinterpretation. Chapter 1: The Wrong Blonde

Bill was sweating. He sweats a lot. I've noticed that whenever he gets... Exited, I guess you could say, he gets all feverish, almost sickly.. But that tends to go away once... Well, I'm sure you know how we solve that, now don't you? I think it must be the werewolf in him. Oh, I just find it so sexy...

Bill grunted heavily against his lover. His large, strong arms held up his muscular body above the much smaller, gentler, more fragile body beneath him. He loved the feel of his lovers body, beautiful silvery blond hair, eyes that shone with passion... He pulled one long, slender leg up to wrap around his hips so he could run his scarred tan hand up the soft, milky thigh. He gently caressed his lovers face and ran his fingers down the smooth white span of unmarred flesh down to a taunt stomach & dipped his finger into the small belly button which he knew to be his lovers most sensitive spot, other than the obvious ones of course. He continued his sweet love-making, basking in the peace and serenity caused by the soft moaning and quiet mewls from the sweat-covered beauty that lay with him. He felt it coming. The wave of ecstasy took them both.



"... What?..." *CRASH!*

Bill had looked up to see a tray of tea fall. At first he thought it to be the housekeeper, she had walked in on Bill before, and every time she would drop something. To his dismay however, it was not the housekeeper who was standing in the doorway to Bill's small home office. Standing in the doorway, tears running down her face, was Bill's own wife.

For you see, it was not his wife Fleur that was still lying on the couch, it was a very different fair blonde beauty. Lying on the couch, flushed with sated satisfaction and innocent horror of being caught, was none other than Draco Lucius Malfoy.

"Fleur, I'm sorry, it's not-"

"It's not what it looks like? Ya. Right. Of course it isn't."

"Mrs. Weasley, I-I-It's not Bills' fault!" Draco stammered, hiding behind the robe he hastily picked up after noticing her.

"Of course it isn't his fault you stupid little prat! You seduced him, you tried to take him from me didn't you, you little under-age whore!" she spat the words before spinning viciously back to Bill. "How long?"


" 'Ow long!" Her French accent got much stronger when she was angry, making her more frightening.

Bill gulped. He was actually scared, not for himself but the barely of age boy behind him. 18 years old as of only 2 months ago, it wasn't terribly acceptable to be together, but if anyone found out how old Draco had been the first time... Bill would be sent to Azkaban, or even a muggle jail... "At the end of the school year. Just after the award celebration..." It was mostly true...

"So ven you went to see Ron, you ended up fucking his enemy? A Death Eater's son? OUR enemy? Zey killed your brother, but you'll still fuck one of zem?"

"Draco never killed anyone! He didn't want to do any of that, he only wanted to save his family!"

"I do not care Bill Veasley. You... You disgust me!" and with that she threw something at the floor and stormed out of the house, slamming the door shut so hard it echoed all through Shell Cottage.

Bill went over and picked the small object up.

"What is it?" Draco asked quietly.

"It's her wedding ring..." He walked back to the couch and kneeled next to it. "It's all my fault Drakey... I should have told her... I'm such an idiot..." He laid his head on Draco and wrapped his arms around his small waist. Draco felt something wet on his stomach. It took a few moments to realize it wasn't the now cool remnants of their early activities, but hot fresh tears spilling from his werewolf's eyes. He held Bill close, petting his wolfs long red hair that was plastered to his shoulders by cold sweat.

I love you...

What have I done?

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