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Chapter 2: Inappropriate Accidents Explained...

"What happened?"

Bill, not knowing where else to turn, had gone for a walk in the nearby village and had run into his youngest brother's wife. Hermione had greeted him pleasantly, asking how things were doing with him & Fleur. After having sent Draco home via Floo, he had become quite silent & rather numb, however Hermione's kind inquiries tipped him quite over the edge of depression, & he fell to his knees, crying & clutching at his stomach, sick from the thought, not of having lost Fleur, but of losing Draco forever. Hermione knelt down beside him, covering the tall, weeping man's shoulders with her long shawl & whispered for him to come into the nearest pub. After a few moments inside, Hermione pulled out a handkerchief to wipe Bill's tears. She guided him to an empty booth and hushed the large man, rocking him and gently patting the wet, snow-covered hair of the mans head resting gently on her shoulder. When his sobs eventually slowed to the point he was quietly shuddering, Hermione used a corner of the shawl that was still wrapped around the eldest Weasley's shoulders to dry the red head off a bit more before speaking.

"Bill... Bill, what happened? You can tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone, not even Ron. "

Bill let out a sob and buried his head in her shoulder. "I-I can't..."

"I know it's hard, and we don't know each other that well, but it's going to be alright, please let me help... I'm here for you, I swear I will never tell a soul. You're my brother-in-law, we're family now... Did something happen with Fleur?" The look in her eyes was of genuine motherly concern.

He sniffed a few times before answering. "Ron is a lucky man, Hermione. You're a good person, you should know that.." He sighed before continuing. "Fleur has left me.."

Hermione gasped. "Why? But you two always seemed so happy! Why would she leave you?"

"It was my fault... It's always been my fault. I really am a horrible person..."

"It's not your fault, it couldn't be. Was she unhappy or-"

"It was my fault! I... I cheated on her.. And she walked in."

"Oh my... Did it just happen?"

"The cheating or her finding out?"

"Her finding out."

"Today. She walked in and she said I was sick. She... She gave back the ring.."

"Oh Bill, that is just horrible... I always thought she was so reasonable, and understanding... I can't believe she'd just get up and leave the first time you made a mistake."

"It wasn't that I cheated, even. It was WHO I was with. And to be honest, it wasn't the first time, but she doesn't know that. She thought it was just recent, and she still left. Not that I blame her. I'd have left myself long before, if I were her."

"Come on, who could possibly have been so bad? I mean, yes it would be horrible to find Ronald in bed with another woman, but after I stopped hexing him and we talked it out, I would probably be alright.. If you love someone, you eventually forgive them, right?"

"Another woman maybe... But what if it wasn't another woman?..."

"I don't understand. Who else could it- oh. Oh... Oh my. Well I understand how that could be rather traumatic for her, yes..."

He gave a low chuckle. "Yes, quite traumatic indeed. And that's not even the worst part," he said with an unusually light tone.

"What do you mean?"

"I honestly don't think she cared too much that it was a man. She was the maddest about WHO it was. The enemy she called him... Ha! He's no enemy, he's barely of age! Much too young to be considered an enemy in my opinion..."

"Enemy? Who? Who was it that was so horrible? Tell me Bill!"

"Alright, alright... It was Draco... I've been sleeping with Draco Malfoy."

She gasped at this. "But how?"

"Hahahahaha, I thought that someone as smart as you could figure it out. Well, first you have to both be nude. And then, the receiver, that's the one on the bottom by the way, has to-"

"Not that you loony! I meant, how did you start sleeping with him! You graduated before he even started at Hogwarts, I didn't think you two had ever even met," she said lightly hitting him in the shoulder.

He chuckled.

"So, when was it?"

His face went immediately serious. "It doesn't matter... It was stupid. I probably ruined everything, for both of us."

"Please tell me?..." Bill sighed again at how concerned for him she looked.

"It was before the war. You were in 4th year together. At the TriWizard cup.""Fourth year? Bill, if anybody found out, you could've been arrested!" she said in a hushed, panicked tone. "But if it was four years ago, how did she find out now?"

"I told you, she walked in on us. I made a huge mistake..."

"It's alright Bill, maybe Fleur will forgive you."

"Not Fleur, Draco! I never should have married Fleur... Draco stopped speaking to me after that, until now. He was angry that I agreed to marry her, he still is, and he should be. It was stupid..."

Hermione thought about what he had told her, but didn't quite understand... "How did you two become... What-ever you are, lovers, or... Together. What happened? It seems unlikely that you would even meet..."

"Well dear sister-in-law, I believe it may be time for a story..."

Well, here it comes. The real story part. This story might not be as long as I thought I'd make it, but whatever. But this is where it gets interesting.