YAY! An another Klena short-fic ! This time I got inspired by the last scene between Stefan and Klaus in 'Hybrid'. I mean, how can you just not feel sorry for him?


He didn't feel guilty or remorseful towards their deaths. He didn't.

But for the second time in his existence, he realised just how alone he was. Sure, there was Stefan and his annoyingly persistent loyalty, and that was pretty much the only reason why he wanted to save him.

You know, if he actually survived with Ray still out there.

Most of the werewolves turned pale and dropped dead after a while, and the others, he killed.

He didn't now why, he didn't have a clue. He did everything that his witches told him to do, yet it all failed.

His blood worked well as the cure, so why did their bodies reject the change? Did he make a mistake? Where they sick?


Elena and Alaric had gotten lost in the heart of the woods, and it didn't help the fact that there were two, or even more, hybrids running around loose.

Damon had been brave, and turned the attention away from them so they could escape, but the wolf's howl was louder than before, and she knew that he was getting closer to them.

She let out a strangled scream as the wolf pounced on Alaric and knocked him down to the ground, viciously biting at his flesh. Elena reached out a hand, but her body was suddenly pinned against a tree.

She knew it was him before she saw him, and her heart raced impossibly, fluttering against her chest. His eyes were slowly returning normal from the bright yellow and he held a finger against his lips.

She gasped as she saw the wolf move away from Alaric's life-less body.

Klaus' breath smelled strongly of alcohol and she could taste it on her tongue.

The wolf disappeared and Klaus moved away. "So this is why they rejected the change," he muttered as he took a couple of steps back, staggering on the uneven ground.


"Their bodies rejected the change because you're alive," He explained, but his face didn't betray any of his current emotions. She took a couple of steps back and ran to Alaric.

Her hand reached out and felt a pulse beneath the mattered skin. She turned towards the hybrid and gasped when he was suddenly in-front of her. "You know, I could save him, but you'll owe me,"

Elena shook her head and held his body closer as tears gathered in his face.


He was going to walk away, to turn around, forget everything that happened and blame it on the alcohol. His feet slowly led him away from his crying doppelganger and her friend, but a cold voice made him stop.

It was all too familiar, and a little heart-aching. "Why are you like this? Why do you hurt people this way? What have I ever done to you? It's not the 13th or 15th century anymore, and you're not a spoiled, rich prince whose parents give him everything! It's over and you have to get on with your life, because even I have,"

He turns around, and his mouth forms words filled with hatred before he even realises it. "You, don't know anything!" He yells and runs towards her. He grabs her by her arm and feels a bit too guilty at the wince he receives. He throws her back on the ground and then grabs hold of Alaric, forcing open his mouth. A bit on the wrist is all it takes, and his blood flows freely into his mouth.


Elena gasps as his face looks livelier, but her happiness is short-lived when Klaus snaps his neck.

She runs forward and drops to her knees, tears appearing again. "He didn't want that life!" She yells at him and he staggers back again, not feeling the least bit remorseful.


He's been standing by both of them for a few minutes, barely aware of his doppelganger's frantic mumbles as she stared at his body. His vision blurs lightly and he rubs his eyes, the longing to phase was taking over his body and he shivered, breathing loudly.

Elena's tear-stained eyes towards him and she sniffled, shaking him out of his trance. It was still probably the alcohol, but he couldn't deny the fact that she was more like Charlotte than Katerina.


The body next to Elena moves and she stands up, backing up until her body is half-way behind the tree, only her face visible in the moon-light.

She looks at Klaus nervously, wondering why he hadn't killed either of them yet, but he just stares blankly at the moon.

She turns her attention back to Alaric and his face is paler than usual. His face frowns and then he looks at Klaus, jumping to his feet quickly.


Klaus' attention turns to Alaric, grinning slightly. The other man's eyes grew yellow and a howl of pain pierced the air as his sharp canines grew. His hungry eyes turned to the tree, where Elena was hiding, and he lunged at it, completely out of control.

Klaus swore under his breath and his legs moved on their own accord, pulling Alaric and knocking him down to the ground. He stared straight into his eyes and began compelling him. "You will not, under any circumstances, drink from Elena Gilbert,"


Two shadows erupted from the bushes and Elena sighed heavily, gasping again when she saw Stefan, walking slowly towards Klaus and her.

Alaric trashed around and pushed Klaus off, throwing him into Damon as he lunged once again for Elena.

Elena was knocked down to the ground, and screamed as sharp teeth bit her on the neck, withdrawing blood rapidly. Stefan stood up as his eyes darkened and veins appeared.


Klaus moved from the Salvatore brother quickly, pushing towards Stefan who made his way towards Elena. "Get him out of here,"

Damon shook his head and made a ran towards Elena, but a hand around his throat stopped him. "I don't take orders from you,"

"Do you want the girl to survive? You should be thanking me that I feel generous right now, " The hand left his throat and Damon grabbed a fighting Stefan away.

Klaus grabbed the hybrid off of his doppelganger and he almost sighed in content when he saw her wide eyes open in fear, her heart pounding too fast for her to be classified as 'dead'.

A throat snapped and Elena screamed again, straining her voice as the body fell to the ground. "He's not dead, just paralysed, I advise you to leave, now,"

The girl shook her head and grabbed her throat suddenly, staring at him in fear. He rolled his eyes, biting his wrist and enjoying the fact that she sunk back in fear when she saw his yellow eyes again.

She shook her head when he offered her the blood and he sighed. "You should be thanking me for the offer," He muttered and sat down behind her, pulling him to her so he could force his blood on her. "Come on, drink up or you'll bleed to death,"

"You'll end up killing me anyway,"

He ignored her and she began to suck on his wrist.


In the end, they lock up Alaric in the basement in the Boarding House. He completed his transition and was now a complete hybrid, and he wasn't getting sicker as the days passed, instead, he was returning to his normal self and Klaus was more confused than ever.

His doppelganger had fully healed and was a little surprised when she didn't get any headaches or pains after it. When she had questioned him, his answer was pure and simple.

"My blood is pure,"

"And Stefan's or Damon's isn't? Is it dirty ?"

He sighs and sits down on a sofa, but she just stands in the doorway, arms crossed and face neutral. He doesn't blame her.

"Not necessarily, but part of their blood is still Katerina's, and hers is Roses, and Roses is-"

"Yeah I get it, but why?"

"It's been used up over the centuries, so obviously, it's not pure. There's always going to be a part of Katerina and Rose in them,"

She nods and then goes to turn around, but stops. "My blood broke your curse and made you a hybrid," She begins and he smirks when he knows where this is going. "Does that mean that I'm a part of you?"

He doesn't address the question directly. "Well, in the end, we exchanged blood, so in a way, we're a part of each other," He says and smiles his charming smile, but his pretty doppelganger isn't fooled.

"That's-" She doesn't continue and makes a disgusted sound.

He laughs and swears he can see a smile on her face as she walks away.


When he's sipping a drink at The Grill and Damon approaches him, he tries not to acknowledge him.

But it's hard when he asks the questions. "What's your angle? What do you want with Elena?"

Of course, he doesn't answer straight away and chooses to weigh out his options. "I suppose my witches were fooling around with me, I was performing the wrong steps,"

It doesn't answer his questions, unless you look into it. But the young Salvatore was anything but rational and his temper was short.

"What do you want with Elena? You've got a hybrid, so obviously you've figured out how to make them. What else do you want?"

He turns around and acknowledges him with a smirk. "It goes way deeper than that," he turns around and leaves the bar, walking out into the night and letting his hunting instincts take over when he sees a young girl with long brown hair walking along the side-walk.


Katherine is always there, in the back of her mind, hovering like a ghost that wears her face and makes all the wrong choices just to survive.

It's almost like deja-vu when she returns, this time not alone. There's a mini-army of zombie-like vampires following her every step as she begins to wreck havoc in Virginia and surrounding states.

Reluctantly, Damon works with Klaus, Elena and Caroline to bring her down, or at least to reason with her and her actions. It's a given when Damon's old feelings resurface and Elena's heart breaks once again, the same way but for a different brother.

Katherine's devious ways end the vampire army's short-lived eternity, and her presence is suffocating the very little space Elena receives, so she moves back into her house to live with Jeremy again. Damon barely notices with Katherine around, and she ignores the way her heart aches.

Stefan on the other hand notices, but he's too occupied with Caroline's problems to help and she thanks him for his efforts.

Klaus though, is barely there, but she feels his presence more than anyone else's. He's also too occupied with Alaric and his plans to notice her suffering, but she can feel his eyes on her whenever she appears, and blames her giddiness on the blood exchange.


When Katherine invites her rudely to a get-together in the Boarding House, she takes Jeremy with her because she doesn't want to be the only human there. In the end, Damon, Katherine, Stefan and Caroline are the only vampires there, and Alaric is hovering in the background, along with Klaus, discussing things. She notices that they're not hostile towards each other and feels almost relieved.

Bonnie tags along with one of her cousins, watching Klaus with renewed hate, which he returns mockingly, and eyes the new witch with interest. She curses at Jeremy when he leaves her side, and he laughs loudly, breaking the tension in the room.

Tyler comes along with Slutty Sophie -who was turned by Katherine- and Caroline ignores him, clinging to Stefan who doesn't seem to mind. Elena finds herself not caring either, and surprises herself when she chats with them.


It doesn't surprise anyone when Katherine saunters over to Damon and pulls him upstairs, but there is an awkward air when everyone watches Stefan, Elena and Caroline as all three look after them, unsurprised yet clearly heart-broken on Elena's part.

They hear giggles and Jeremy feels a little sorry for the vampires and hybrids, knowing they will be able to hear everything.

"Well, who wants some bourbon?" Elena asks loudly and walks towards Damon's cabinet, pulling out two bottles. Klaus is the first one that breaks the silence as he walks forward, glass in hand as she walks towards him.

"I would be delighted," He answers, and watches her as she pours him some. People follow his actions except for Bonnie, who watches Klaus carefully, dis-believing his calm nature.


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