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He watches her through-out the night and when Bonnie takes Jeremy to her house, he wants to walk forward and talk to Alice, but Elena looks a little too lonely. He knows what it feels like when the world doesn't even care anymore, so he walks to her instead and sits beside her and in-front of the fire.

"What's up?" he surprises himself when he sound casual, and composes himself.

"The sky," She mutters and looks down, setting down her glass. He almost laughs at her answer and then grins. His hand grabs her chin playfully and Elena sighs. "You know what's wrong,"

The scene is a little too familiar to him and he pulls away slightly, his cold heart warming up as his breath hitches. She looks at him questioningly as he stands up and blinks, staring at the moon again.

"I need to phase," he mutters and takes off his jacket, walking into the warm air outside. She follows him and he curses softly, not dismissing her but not feeling too pleased either. Alaric goes to follow him but Klaus shakes his head and he stays back, walking to talk with Alice who seems a little lonely.


Elena watches silently as he begins stripping to his boxers. She looks away and then hears a crack as bones snap out and into place. Her eyes open when she feels warm fur brush her thigh and let's her hand softly brush his muzzle.

A bubbling giggle bursts from her chest as she brushes his ears. "Oh my god, you're a ranger!" She yells and he pulls his ears back, clearly not pleased. "I was joking," She says and brushes his strawberry blonde fur again.

He surprises her when he steps forward again and his head falls to her lap, spreading warm and sticky breath on her thighs. She doesn't seem to mind as he nuzzles his nose into her warm skin.

She realises that the moment seems a little too intimate, and when she looks up, she sees and hears loud groans coming from the opposite block. She stands up and averts her gaze as Klaus' wolf head falls to the ground.

He stands up too and looks behind him, phasing when she begins to walk inside the house. "Hey, grab me my clothes," he mutters and she turns around, eyes closed as she hands them to him. He grabs them and quickly dresses.


His hand reaches out on it's own accord, and he sighs when he sees tears. "You know-"

"Don't," She mutters and he drops his hand. "Don't tell me that he doesn't deserve me, cause I'm sick of everyone telling me that,"

With that, she walks away, leaving him to stand in the night.


It's been over a week since he heard from his doppelganger and he confronts Damon. Not because he suddenly feels sorry for her, but because he sort of misses her presence.

"I realise that you and Katerina rekindled your love, but there isn't a reason why you need to be so spontaneous about it all,"

Damon turns to him and he wears a pleased smirk. "Why, are you jealous?"

He snorts and tries not to laugh. "I've been with her 400 years before you came along, so no, I don't have any emotional hold on her, but I am slightly concerned about Elena's feelings,"

The comment hits a little too close to home and he can see it. "That's really none of your business,"

"Three weeks ago, you were threatening me, and now you're more or less killing her yourself,"

Damon ignores him and turns around. "All along, me and Stefan thought that we were in love with Elena, when in reality, we just fell in love with the fact that she had some kind of bond with Katherine,"

Klaus doesn't know what happens, or why he tells him this, but he feels it's essential. "Charlotte bore Elena's face once, but I never thought of Elena like that, even if she's more like her than Katerina ever was,"

He turns around and walks away, because he can't stand the way he's looking at him with those knowing eyes.


When Elena enters the boarding house again two weeks after, she's not surprised to see Damon and Katherine together, but ignores them and walks to Caroline's room -who decided to stay in the Boarding House, due to her situation with Bill- and ignored the purposely loud moans from Katherine.

When she walks in, the sight doesn't surprise her and she goes to sit down on the chair by the window. Caroline and Stefan are looking through Damon's personal diaries, Alaric is polishing his chess set, and Klaus is playing Stefan's guitar softly, creating a sweet and soft melody which relaxes Elena.

None of them look up, but Alaric mutters a 'hey' and Caroline's face brightens while Klaus spares her a delighted look.

"We all thought you committed suicide," He noted but there is a mocking tone to his velvety voice. Stefan raises an eyebrows but doesn't say anything and Caroline nods.

"What have you been doing? School is back in a week and we haven't thought of anything for the Prank-Night," She says quickly and pouts.

Elena's voice doesn't quiver and she speaks calmly. "Just sitting in the living room all day, eating ice-cream and watching bloody movies," Alaric's eyes widen and he looks at her blankly, and then at her neck. He goes to open his mouth but she stops him. "It's fine, Ric, you weren't yourself,"

Everyone goes back to what they were doing until there's a loud door slamming and renewed moans. Alaric and Caroline watch as Elena rolls her eyes and stares out the window, into the sunset.


Klaus nudges Elena with his foot and she looks at him blankly.

The fire that usually shined in her eyes was gone and she stared at him with empty auburn eyes, waiting for him to say something. He doesn't and looks away, not wanting to see the pain anymore.


It's almost like a punch in the gut, and it feels like her heart tears into pieces when she sees it. She's wearing a ring, and almost instantly, she finds him in his office, talking on the phone.

She grabs the phone and throws it against the wall, breaking it into pieces.

"Hey!" He protests and stands up. She walks around the desk and slaps him, hard. His head bobs back and his eyes widen. "Good to see you too, Elena,"

"How could you do that!" She yelled at him and stepped back, as tears finally formed in her eyes. He gulps and reaches out, but she steps back and breathes heavily. Elena blinked the tears away and stood in the doorway. "Don't you ever talk to me again, you fucking traitor,"

She sees his pained expression and leaves before he can say anything. She sees Katherine's delighted expression across the hallway, but ignores her and walks to the kitchen, taking a deep breath as she leans against the counter.

Alaric sees her and walks forward, but when she shakes her head, he nods and walks away, knowing that she needed space.

She vaguely hears Caroline and Stefan along with Klaus walking into the house, but ignores them and takes a sip of the orange juice, her face quivering and hand shaking.

She feels his presence somewhere behind her, but doesn't say anything as he walks forward. "I can't believe he did that," she whispers, her voice breaks and he turns her around.

"At the end of the day, they still love each other," He says, and it's almost cruel, but Elena laughs bitterly.

"Katherine doesn't love him, she loves the fact that she can play him like a puppet with strings,"

He nods and she throws the glass against the counter, shattering it into pieces.


A the end of the day, he only remembered that she moved forward, and the next second, there was a hard and bruising pressure against his lips. He kissed her back with a burning passion and made her forget Damon and Katherine and everything else.

If the nagging feeling in his chest had gone away, he probably would have taken her then and there, but the more reasonable part of him pulled away, knowing that she was hurt. Most of all, he didn't like being a second choice.

"Hey, woah," He muttered and she pulled away, suddenly realising what she had gone. She ran out and he punched the wall, knowing that he probably ruined their already fragile friendship.


Stefan, Caroline and Elena participated along with the rest of seniors and she had truly had a good time, egging Damon and Katherine's room and then soaking all her clothes in vinegar.

Caroline and her along with Matt ran out of the house laughing and pushing each-other around and Elena truly felt as if it were the old-times again.

The happiness is short-lived when she feels Damon's heart-breaking scream from the lounge room. She enters with her friends and sees him clutching a letter, glass and alcohol laying everywhere.


Katherine Pierce leaves on the 30th of August, at midnight.


The next night, her legs lead her to Klaus' room on their own accord and she opens his door, locking it after. She needs reassurance and she needs him, but she didn't want to use him, so she promised herself that she won't.

He looks up at her from his place by the large window, where he's playing his guitar and sends her a hesitant smile.


He wants to punch himself for looking so weak after that night in the kitchen, but then she sends him one too and his worries are gone. He sets the guitar down by the window and walks forward, watching as she crosses her arms and gulps. He stands so close to her that he can feel her chest brush against his but she doesn't back away.

"Katherine left Damon," She says after a while and he nods. She looks at him and he sees the hesitancy but doesn't ask why.

"Yes, but that's not why you're here, is it?" He says and his hands drop, one already moving towards her long hair. She shakes her head and nods, smiling slightly.

It was almost like fate was doing everything for their roads to cross, even if each had always began out of anger or hurt, or plans of world-domination, but all those thoughts fled out the window when she does it again.

She kisses him like she had last time, and it was a bit like deja-vu to him. He frowned and removed Charlotte from his mind as she pushed him against the wall, hesitating before fully taking his shirt off.

Hers was ripped the next second, and the rest of their clothes followed. Their bodies became a frenzy of kisses and love-bites as he led her to the bed. He pulled away reluctantly and gasped. "If you want to back out, do it now," He warns her but she pulls him impossibly closer, resuming their passionate kissing.


The next day, she was surprised when she didn't feel any regret and sat up slightly, waiting for him to wake up. There were a thousand questions she needed to ask before they could continue whatever they had now.

It doesn't take long, and she watches admiringly as he stretches, revealing his naked form into the sunlight. He pulls on boxers and she a robe that she had used the night before. "When you said that their bodies were rejecting the change, you said that it was happening because I was alive, why didn't you kill me?"

He hesitated and then shrugged. She accepted that and sighed. "But then, it worked on Ric," She mumbles

Klaus nodded. "The witches made wrong assumptions. I would have never been able to create hybrids if they hadn't drank your blood to complete their transition,"

Everything started to make sense.

"When the witches created the curse, they knew you had to use the blood from which you drank to create hybrids,"

Klaus nodded. "They knew the curse was going to be broken one day, so they set precaution,"

Elena then nodded but there was a nagging at her heart. "So what will you do now? Will you use my blood to create more?"

"The only reason I was trying to create them was to have someone-" He stopped and crossed his arms. "I knew no-one would ever understand if I was truly the only hybrid alive, "

"And you wanted support,"

"And not be lonely," he added after a while and Elena bit her lip, finally seeing the real Klaus. His expression was tired and his shoulder were shaking slightly.

"I know that there are real reasons why you wanted to break the curse, but I won't push you," She said softly, kissing him on the cheek. He nodded and she walked out of his room, leaving him to his thoughts.

When she was finally downstairs and in the kitchen, she was stopped by Damon. He frowned but he still wore a broken expression.

"Since when have you and Klaus began fucking like bunnies?" He asked and Elena gasped as her eyes widened. He let go of her.

"Since when have you began betraying your family and friends for the one who only caused you pain?" She asked lowly and Damon winced visibly.

She bit at her lip and then sighed, shutting her eyes.

He was the first one to laugh, emitting one from her. "I just realised," he muttered as his arms wrapped around her. "This situation is so fucked up,"

Elena nodded and hugged him back, sighing in content. "I can't believe I never thought of it in this way," She sighed and let go of him, taking a step back. "The only reason why I hated you together wasn't because it hurt me, or because I was jealous, it was because I cared for you in a different way,"

"You didn't want to see me get hurt," He said and Elena nodded in agreement. "But seriously, since when have you been with Klaus?"

Elena slapped him on the arm harshly and shushed him. "We're not together,"

"So you haven't just had sex with him four times yesterday-" She slapped him again, eyes widening. He shrugged and snorted. "Everyone could hear it,"

"Whatever," She sighed.

"So you don't have any kind of positive feelings towards him?"

She should have denied it straight away. She saw him behind Damon and wanted to slap herself.

Damon sent her a wink and left, leaving her alone with Klaus.


Klaus walked forward and smiled teasingly. "Hey, you wouldn't have had sex with me if you hated me, unless it was hate-sex, which it wasn't," He said and pulled her to him.

Albeit the embarrassment, she smiled. "I know," she murmured into his chest, for the final time sighing in content.

The End


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