Chapter 2

"Whoa! Did that baby just vanquish those demons?" asked Prue shocked and Phoebe was also staring at them in shock

Piper on the other hand was staring at the baby who was happily cooing at her instead

"Um maybe we should go back to the manor and you know figure out about the baby?" asked Phoebe breaking the ice

"Yeah maybe we should, Phoebe you want to take the baby since you are the baby expert out of the three of us?" asked Piper, as she walked up to her sisters.

Phoebe smiled happily and held her arms out to take the baby, but as soon as she held the baby in her arms, the baby frowned and instantly vanished in orbs like Leo did

"Oh my gosh! I lost the baby, where did he go!" thought Phoebe panicking, but the baby reappeared in Piper's arms in orbs.

Prue and Phoebe looked confused, but the same thing kept happening, every time Phoebe took the baby, he would orb back to Piper. When Prue tried it, he started crying before orbing back to Piper

"I think the kid has made up his mind. Piper you'll be carrying him I guess" said Phoebe confused

Usually she was the baby expert and they loved her but this one obviously was attacked to her middle sister. Why? She did not know

"We still don't know the reason why the baby can orb? I mean whitelighter orb when they die, I highly doubt they would make a baby a whitelighter. What should we do?" asked Prue looking at the baby

"Go home and call Leo duh!" said Phoebe and instantly Piper froze. The baby, surprisingly in tune with Piper, seemed to looked at her with his emerald eyes and Phoebe wanted to hit herself

She shouldn't have mentioned Leo like that. Ever since the sisters had found out that Piper's boyfriend and her love of her life turned out to be their guardian angel, it had been hell for her sister. Oh Piper didn't care that Leo was their angel, the part where he said it was forbidden for him to fall for his charge was the part which broke her sister's heart and since then it has been awkward whenever Leo came; which was often since he usually came to heal them but when he did, it was extremely awkward.

Prue and Phoebe had named Piper and Leo Romeo and Juliet; elder unfortunately got the role of the barrier who were stopping their sister and her love away from each other

"I mean" Phoebe tried to remedy the situation but Piper shook her head

"No! I guess we will need him seeing the power of the baby" said Piper in a monotonous voice as she looked away from her sister and into the baby, whose curious adorable green eyes were staring at her

"I guess we better get going, lets go to my car" said Prue, sensing the tension but as soon as she said that

The baby giggled happily spoke up

"Mommy home" he said and to the sister's shock, Piper and the baby vanished in blue orbs

"Piper no! Oh god where did they go!" shouted Prue panicking at the disappearance of her little sister

"Okay, okay lets all be calm, lets not panic" said Phoebe but Prue didn't listen to her and started running to where she parked her car

"Okay I guess we're panicking!" said Phoebe and chased after her worried older sister


"Prue seriously, calm down and slow down! If we die in a car crash it will help no one!" shouted Phoebe at her sister

"Our sister just vanished in orbs Phoebe, she could be anywhere! We need go to the Book of Shadows fast!" said Prue

Just as they reached the house, Prue got out and stormed in the house, while Phoebe tried to keep up with her

As soon as they opened the door, to their shock Piper was already there, sitting in a couch, with the baby in her arms

"Oh my god Piper! You're safe" said Prue shocked but relieve and went to hug her sister. The baby crunched his nose up, not recognising the stranger but did not cry.

"Where were you? Because of you I think we will be receiving serious traffic and speeding tickets" said Phoebe, but was glad none the less her sister was safe

"I was in the house, um, he orbed he in the Manor" said Piper pointing at the baby who looked cosy in Piper's arms

"Huh" said Prue confused

"Naughty little boy, so small and already creating mischievous with your magic. You're the cutest little witch boy aren't you! Yes you are! Yes you are!" said Phoebe, gushing and speaking in baby talk

Which in return, caused the baby to frown and squinted his eyes; to everyone's surprise, suddenly blue orbs surrounded Phoebe's head and after the orbs dissipated, a brown bag was on top of Phoebe's head

Instantly Piper and Prue started laughing at Phoebe's expense. Phoebe took the bag off and huffed

"Yeah! I have a feeling this baby does not like your baby talk Phoebe" said Piper "He has too much dignity for it don't cha!" said Piper, which in return caused the baby to gargle

"Wow Piper is the expert with the baby and not you Pheebs, how'd that happen" said Prue still smiling

"Okay now that we had this lovely session of laughing at me, will we call Leo now to find out about the baby?" asked Phoebe

Piper stiffed but suddenly the baby pulled tops. She looked at him and he spoke

"Mummy cookie" said the baby

"Wait did he just call you mummy?" asked Prue

Piper looked at her sister, not looking shocked at all

"Yeah his been calling me mummy all this time, I figured that I must look similar to his mother that's why he is called me that" said Piper but then looked at baby and remembered his request.

"Hah! That's why the baby likes Piper better, so I haven't lost my touch yet!" said Phoebe smugly but Piper was already heading for the kitchen

"Piper, where are you going?" asked Prue confused

"Didn't you hear him? He wants my cookies so I'll bake him, demon or not, powers or not, I am not letting a child be hungry" said Piper, already getting things ready to bake

Prue raised her eyebrows at that. This baby was bringing her sister's motherly instincts she never even knew that she had. Oh she has been around many other baby's but never had her sister reacted like that with them

Prue shook her head

"Should we call for Leo?" asked Phoebe

Prue thought about it and then nodded

"Leo!" shouted Prue and suddenly, similar blue orbs appeared and it formed into Leo

He had his hands on his hip

"What's up? Is anything wrong?" asked Leo when he saw only Prue and Phoebe, he felt a dread

"Where's Piper? Is she okay? Oh god I should have been watching over you guys" said Leo feeling terrified that something happened to her

"Did anyone call my name?" asked Piper as she came in, hearing her voice Leo calmed down, until he noticed who she had in her arms