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The elevator door pinged open and Tony sauntered inside the bullpen clearly looking tired but still smart as usual in his rip-off suit. He glanced at his watch, 1 minute late and boss isn't here thank… but before he could finish his thought he was met with a sharp swat across the back of his head.

"You're late Dinozzo." Gibbs' voice was clear behind Tony.

"Sorry boss." He replied as he shuffled and sat down at his desk. He glanced over to see a big smirk on Timothy McGee's face.

"Wipe the smile of your face Probie it's unbecoming of those muffin cheeks of yours."

"Aww someone woke up on the right side of a bed this morning." Ziva David commented all the while keeping a cool façade, pulling of the snarky comment very well except her small faux pas.

"It's the wrong side of the bed not the right side Ziv-er." Tony replied stretching as he let the last drops of weariness trickle from his bones.

Meanwhile Gibbs had answered his phone and was in mid conversation, being told that two Marines have been found dead on the edge of the freeway in Georgia.

"Grab you're gear." He watched them gear up as he strode to the elevator sliding his gun into his holster, in his peripheral vision watching Dinozzo trip up McGee on his way to the elevator.

"Ouch, Tony. You nearly made me drop all my stuff."

"Nearly you say. I will have to try harder next time."

"Now boys don't make me unleash an ass whooting on you two." Ziva chimed in.

"It's whooping Ziva. Ass whooping. Being an ex-Mossad agent I thought you would have at least got that one right." Tony sounded exasperated. Although Leroy Jethro Gibbs had gotten used to the high spirited banter from his team it did not mean Dinozzo didn't have a head slap coming.

"Oh come one boss, two slaps and we haven't even left the building."

"The best things come in threes Dinozzo so I would zip it if I were you."

"Zipping it", Tony waited for the elevator to finish its descent occupying himself by occasionally poking Ziva in the back and contemplating how Gibbs saw him trip up McClumsly when his back was turned.

"Also, next time you think I'm not watching remember, I'm always watching" and with that Gibbs stepped out of the elevator.

Tony ran to catch up to Gibbs "You were joking about what you said right boss?" Gibbs just smirked as he walked down the NCIS hallways. I hope being in this job won't turn mean into a scary, evil, robot man like Gibbs. He gives me the heeby jeebies.

They made their way outside; Tony glanced back seeing Abby waving from the bottom window of the building in her sub-terrain lab. He waved back and blew her a kiss causing her to do a cartwheel around her desk. Tony chuckled to himself but soon realised that because of his lingering McGee had called shotgun in the black SUV. He stormed over and gave him the best Gibbs stare he could muster.

"No way Probie, get your butt in the backseat."

Seeing the look on Tony's face McGee scrambled into the backseat without argument and the all settled down for the long drive to come.


As Gibbs drove, the sound of murmuring from the back seats comforting yet unsettling. Ziva and McGee had been chatting on and off for the whole ride yet Tony had been quiet the whole time, an unusual thing for him to be is quiet. Gibbs glanced out of the corner of his eye seeing Tony looking out the window, a faraway look in his eye. He glanced into his rear-view mirror seeing McGee trying to explain to Ziva the rules of eye spy. Agent David looked exceptionally bored by Agent McGee's rant but they did seem unaware of the silence in front so that settled Gibbs.

"You alright there Dinozzo, you have been very quiet", Gibbs said softly, as not to alert the attention of the backseat passengers forever watching the reaction of his senior field agent and friend of 10 years.

"Yeah boss just thinking."

"Care to share"


"I'm all ears"

"It's kind of a long story"

"We have a long ride"

"Well, my dad has been ringing me recently at about midnight every night, clearly drunk talking about how he never loved me but he tried to make an effort because of my mom, and then a got a letter from Jeanne Benoit, telling me she misses me, so I have been trying to help my dad get through whatever he is going through while trying to handle Jeanne and I end up falling behind on paperwork so I have to come in at night to finish so I get no sleep, and Jenny keeps asking all these favours from me and everything is just building up and…and." Tony stopped, feeling better that he has let everything out but not wanting to share anymore.

Gibbs looked stunned, "We will have to talk after this case."

"No no no it's okay boss I just needed to rant I'm fine, I'm handling it."

Gibbs stayed silent but wasn't going to drop it that easily. He didn't want to speak to his agent anymore now because Ziva and McGee had stopped talking in the back seat and he just noticed now how weary Dinozzo looked. He had dark circles under his eyes, his posture was hunched. Dinozzo never shared his personal life, and hid behind his charm and wise cracks but Gibbs could see now that it was getting harder for him to hide. He had to do something about it and just as he finished his evaluation Dinozzo dropped into a well needed sleep, a look of worry still etched into his face.

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