Author's Notes (2002.04.22)

Ah...TSDII. The fic that was meant to simply be a "bridge fanfic" between the already-finished TSDI and TSDIII, but turned out to be, I think, one of the better ones of the Trilogy. True to form, this one was based off of Toshinden 2, with a slightly altered storyline and even slightly altered characters (MASTER IS A BOY! IGNORE ME!).

Slightly altered storyline. Yes. Within this fic lies one of the biggest problems I've ever had -- the spreading of inaccurate information. See, with this fic I took the most artistic licence in dreaming up the pasts and motivations of both Shinjo boys, and unfortunately, far too many readers took it to be the truth. Since I'm the Toshinden accuracy Nazi, I just want to state right now that the whole story with the Shinjo boys' pasts - you'll find out what I mean - is not true. It did not happen. I made that all up primarily to make the plot more interesting. Clear? Good. ^_^

Oh, and I will say this once and only once: CUPIDO IS NOT MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER. SHE ACTUALLY EXISTS.

Thank you, and enjoy. ^_^

~ Athena Asamiya (nee Empress Katzy of Toshinden)


- The Toshinden Fanfiction Trilogy -

Toh Shin Den: To Challenge Fate
Toh Shin Den II: Thicker Than Water
Toh Shin Den III: Walking Into Ruin

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Toh Shin Den IV: Legends Never Die - The Pleiades Chapter

Original Home: Athena Asamiya & Kasumi Todoh's Battle Arena Toshinden Fanfictions
Year of Original Publication: 1999

Part 2:

- TOH SHIN DEN II: Thicker Than Water -

A Battle Arena Toshinden 2 fanfiction written by Kasumi Todoh and Athena Asamiya

"Blood is thicker than water." -- Unknown

Prologue: Prelude II

A year has passed, though time has done nothing to wear away the vivid memories of last year's Toshindaibukai weaponry tournament, where a group of allied warriors had to face their fears and stand up to their destinies in order to defeat the evil Organization, the Himitsu Kessha, who hosted the tournaments. Believing that they had no more reason to fear the Himitsu's world-dominating threat, the fighters returned to their normal lives, thinking that the danger was over -- for now.
That all happened one year ago.
Now, a new leader, known only as 'the Master', has risen to power among the ranks of the underworld organization in replacement of Uranus, reviving its malevolence once more. The Himitsu Kessha, now partenered in an unholy alliance with another (former rival) Organization and their sinister sharpshooting commander Vermilion, plots to destroy the Toshin fighters and the traitorous Gaia at once, after his recent escape from the Himitsu Kessha's evil. A second Toshindaibukai is announced -- in order to lure Gaia into Master's clutches, and to invite all the previous warriors back for a second round, only to kill last year's rebels by using two hauntingly powerful warriors that Master code-named "the angels of her apocalypse", who will not be easily defeated -- or be defeated at all, along with dark clones created in Eiji and Ellis's image for the sole purpose of murdering their "originals". After the five's death, the two malicious crime organizations will have no one to stand in their way of corrupting the entire world. Victory for the side of good isn't going to be easy won...
Faced with hardships, truth, illusions and justice, Eiji Shinjo, Kayin Amoh, Sofia, Ellis, and Tracy, with the others as well, must all return to the battle arena for a fight to the death...or whatever comes first. And once more, the friends must battle with the forces of darkness for the safety of each other, their families and their world, with the stakes racked higher than ever in this deadly game.
Let the second bout begin...