Jacen Solo and the Dungeon of the Jedi.

Chapter One.

Flashbacks in the Dungeon.

She is watching from a distance, unseen and unheeded by those she observes. Her daughter and her Jedi bodyguard are taking a walk through the meadow that has been her mother's most favoured place of refuge since she was a girl. Chiming laughter reaches her ears, though words are lost, and deeper, masculine laughter soon follows. They walk side by side, but for when Jabber Lemonie veers off to pluck a flower quickly from the millions that grow vivid and tall in this undisturbed sanctuary.

It is a common flower of Naboo, but Leia accepts it graciously, as if it was an undiscovered species. Perhaps she sees it with new eyes, because of who had gifted it to her. They resume walking, and Leia idly winds the blossom into her hair. She cannot see Jabber's face, nor hear what he says to her, but her daughter seems to light up from the inside, outshining the afternoon sun. Their hands almost touch, as they move along, and she considers that if not for her presence, which Leia may be unaware of but the Jedi who accompanies may merely be politely disregarding, he might close that gap, and cross that line which divides them.

'Leia' Jabber whispered 'May I ask you something?'

'Yes' Leia replied, and she stopped walking.

'Are Jacen and Jaina mine?' Jabber asked, for some reason getting down onto his right knee and looking over to the little girl who was picking flowers.

Leia always asked her mother for her opinion, her mother was not living and never got to spend time with Leia but she imagined her in her head. For some reason the connection was not there, Leia did not know to tell him the truth or not.

'No' She replied, blinking at how fast the Jedi arose to his feet.

Jabber quickly tried to change the conversation 'Remind, Madam, Why we are here'

I wanted to visit my mother's real grave that's only for family and close friends' Leia answered, as she began to pace towards a golden cross.

Leia got onto her knee's and picked up a Jar of paper Hearts that was placed there.

'If I put a paper heart in, she known's I've been,' Leia explained, popping one in the Jar and then handing it to Jabber, who she also passed a paper heart to 'Put it in'

Jabber put a heart into the jar and handed it back to Leia who placed it back were it was. She waited and it eventually vanished.

'Where's it gone?' Jabber asked, coolly.

'She's taken it' Leia smiled, looking up at the sky.

'Queen Skywalker,' Jabber sighed 'I'm afraid we must aboard the Purple Pearl now'

'Queen Solo,' She corrected ' and the what?' '

'It's the best ship that has ever been invented, It was suits and all, one hundred rooms, a pool, two dining rooms' Jabber explained.

'-But is it prepared for battle?' Leia questioned.

'Battle?' Jaina interrupted, the seven year old dropped her flower.

'Yes, You're brother sensed it'

'Jacen is only in his first year at the Jedi temple I doubt he can-' Jaina began.

'-But Master Shaak Ti says different, besides, you are his twin and you too attend Jedi Temple' Leia added.

'Shaak Ti's old, useless' Jabber spat 'She'll never be as good as Yoda'

'She is just as good' Leia snapped.

Jaina awoke. The galaxy the now thirteen year old girl lived in had changed so much. There was even more povity, even more war, even more deaths. She had tears running down her eyes that splashed against the chains that held her hands together, she flopped her back down onto the rags she called a bed.

'Master Shaak Ti?' The eleven year old Jacen asked as there Wookie Jedi friend, Lowbacca, knocked on the office door. There was a pause of silence until Jaina got impatient and opened the door to find the doors to her balcony smashed open and though them she sore her Master dueling with a hooded man.

Jaina ran out onto the balcony screaming, Jacen grabbed her arm and tugged her back inside as the Sith charged towards them and then back at Shaak Ti.

'You'll never win Starkiller, tell Vader his days are numbered!' Master Ti hissed as the two got in a lock.

'Chicken!,' Jaina cried as she hit Jacen's chest 'We have to fight, we have to help MasterTi!'

Shaak Ti glanced at Jaina and sighed, then slapping Starkiller's face aimlessly to cause a diverson as the three younglings jumped onto the balcony and surronded the Sith.

'Pathetic' Starkiller's voice was crisp but long. Harmless but full of rage. Inhumaine 'Jedi Scum'

'You are a Jedi!' Shaak Ti exclaimed 'Please come to you're senses!'

Starkiller looked up and nodded, dropping his saber. He then jumped onto the point of the bulding and jumped onto the Droid shop roof next to it, darting away from the temple.

'Thankyou children' Shaak Ti said.

Lowbacca nodded and let out a sheepish bark, this one meant 'It's no bother'

'Are you hurt?' Jacen asked.

'Not a scratch on me' Shaak Ti replied.

'Actually there's sevreal' Jaina laughed 'What did he want?'

Shaak Ti leant over and picked up his saber 'He's misunderstood'

'He's a sith!' Jaina said.

'He's not' Shaak Ti began.

'He had a red saber, there only granted to Sith's' Jaina argued.

'Okay, he's Darth Vader's apprentice' Shaak Ti sighed, defeated.

'Darth Vader is dead' Jacen told her 'He's been dead for ages!'

Ashoka Skywalker, the daughter of Ashoka Skywalker who was the daughter of Darth Vader and Ashoka Tano, came though the cracked door. Kast year Jacen discoverd his relative.

'Grandfather is dead, it's just a rumor Aurra Sing spread around,' She whispered 'But before his death he created Starkiller'

'How do you know this younling?' Shaak Ti asked, unaware that Starkiller was behind the female.

'Because he told me to tell you..He's behind me!' She squealed, jumping out of his grasp.

'I thought you knew better!' Shaak Ti exclaimed.

'Shut up!' Starkiller growled.

Lowbacca charged towards Starkiller to only hit his head against a wall and fall unconscious as Starkiller jumped and flung himself on top of Shaak Ti where he took back his saber and swiftly went to rip it against her neck but Jacen kicked it out his hands and with his own saber, slashed the Sith's back.

The sith roared in rage and took back his saber. Shaak Ti stood and ran over to help get Lowbacca to saftey and alert the rest of the order.

A crookered smile overtook Starkiller's face as he raised his hands and used force lighteing against Jacen, each silver spark leaping from the finger tips of the man. Jaina took her lightsaber and sliced it against the Sith's hip, who let out anouther roar and hit her face hard so she was un-conscious.

She awoke again, what happened after the fight was Starkiller's arrest, no one else got harmed by Starkiller other than the droids he attacked when he broke out of jail, kidnapped Jaina and taken her to Quell where he hid her in a Dungeon along side her father, who was a useless space pirate.

'Dad, will we ever get out?' She asked, her voice croaky as she took in her appearance in a shard of glass: Her blond hair was black of dust and matted, her face was like it was the last time she sore it: covered in soot.

'I don't know darlin'' He replied sorely, throwing his arm around her shoulder.

'If only I could use the force down here!' She winced.