Soul Guardians

So, this is a follow up to the movie Pokémon Heroes: Latias and Latios. However, it will feature a change in the story line at the museum, where Latios is in the DMA. It's also my first Altoshipping and my first post all together. Plus, it may take a while to get started. This is an intro, a set up for others. R&R!




Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock and Togepi have decided to take a holiday in the water town of Alto Mare, while Ash was competing for the Johto league. While there, two Team Rocket members, Annie and Oakley (A&O) appeared on the hunt for the Eon twins, Latias and Latios. After visiting them, Ash leaves and then A&O capture Latios. They take him to the museum, to power the DMA. Latias comes to Ash, and the two of them try to rescue Latias' brother.

Ash, Pikachu and Latias entered the museum, where Oakley was controlling the DMA, which was now out of control.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Ash cried. Immediately, Annie and Espeon collapsed under the powerful shock. Ash ran over to the wall, where Ariados had strung up Lorenzo and Bianca in web. Although Ash tried to break the web, his struggles weren't enough. Then he had an idea.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt again!"

The Thunderbolt was able to break the web, releasing Lorenzo and Bianca. Suddenly, a cry came from behind them.

"Latios!" Ash yelled. He saw Latias trying to free her brother, but unable to do it. Even Pikachu's Thunderbolt bounced of the DMA. Gritting his teeth, Ash hurled himself at the machine, but nothing worked. Then Latias used her psychic power, and jammed the machine, enabling Ash and Bianca to remove a severely weakened Latios. Latias collapsed next to him, but they were fine. Then, Annie jumped up to Oakley and woke up the unconscious Rocket member. Then, she looked away and ran to the soul dew.

"Hey, Oakley, what's up with the soul dew?" Annie called back to her friend.

Lorenzo looked up, and yelled "Don't touch that!"

Being a Rocket member, Annie ignored him.

"Pikachu! Get her!" Another Thunderbolt hit Annie, and she went flying into Oakley, knocking the two of them into the machine, which then sealed.

The Eon twins managed to levitate, and Latios picked up the soul dew. Looking back, he nodded his head and everyone followed him. Soon, they were back at the garden of the Eons, where Latios reverently placed the soul dew in the pool of water. Then he collapsed. Ash made a start, but Lorenzo shook his head.

Follow me. He'll be fine in the morning. He's been in worse shape than this before." Latias, in the meantime, had settled down next to her brother and had fallen asleep.

"Come on, Ash. I'll show you the guest room for tonight. I saw a Corsola, and as the only one in this city belongs to your friend Misty, I'll give it a note." Lorenzo told him.

"Thanks. Man, am I tired... What?" Ash said, startled, as Bianca fell on him. He lifted her, only to see she was asleep. Lorenzo chuckled.

"Come on. I'll take her up. You go ahead. It's the third door on the left."

Latias, meanwhile, was not asleep, but awake. She was too excited to sleep.

'I wonder if brother will be okay. I hope he will be. And what about Ash? He's cute, and I like him, but he's a human. Maybe I'll speak to brother tomorrow...'