Author's Notes (2002.04.22)

...And now we come to the final fanfic in the Toshinden Fanfiction Trilogy, and the final step on the fanficly journey of our favorite fighters. ^_^ (Well, the final step for a few of them, anyway...but I can't say anymore about that, heh ^_~)

This one turned out to be, I think, the most dramatic of all the Toshinden fics I've TSDII, I wrote the last four chapters or so completely on my own (my sister's original climax/ending was VERY different), and I'm very happy with the way they turned out. To this day, with the exception of the infamous Psychopomp, I still don't think I've written anything quite so dramatically emotional. Really. I still remember having readers e-mail me to tell me how much they cried when they finished it. So there you go, Kleenex warning. XD It IS a rather extreme ending, but that's just what I wanted out of it...

So once you're finished here, you can either stop or go on to read the continuation fanfic, Toh Shin Den IV: Legends Never Die, which takes place ten years after the end of this fic. Trust me, if you read that one and then read this one again, I think you'll pick up much more of the irony in some of the dialogue and events...

Anyway. Please enjoy. ^_^

~ Athena Asamiya (nee Empress Katzy of Toshinden)


- The Toshinden Fanfiction Trilogy -

Toh Shin Den: To Challenge Fate
Toh Shin Den II: Thicker Than Water
Toh Shin Den III: Walking Into Ruin

- Successors to a Legacy -

Toh Shin Den IV: Legends Never Die - The Pleiades Chapter

Original Home: Athena Asamiya & Kasumi Todoh's Battle Arena Toshinden Fanfictions
Year of Original Publication: 2000

Part 3:

- TOH SHIN DEN III: Walking Into Ruin -

A Battle Arena Toshinden 3 fanfiction written by Kasumi Todoh and Athena Asamiya

"What is clear is that something is going to happen.
And at the same time, something is going to end.
Everything will change...
Waking up and walking the way into ruin."
-- Tomoe Hotaru, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Prologue: Prelude III

The end of last year's tournament saw the end of the Himitsu Kessha at the hands of the main group of rebel warriors from the past tourney: Eiji Shinjo, Kayin Amoh, Sofia, Ellis, and Tracy. They were the only ones with enough will and courage to stand up to the evils of the Himitsu and their dark henchmen, and through their fighting skills and aided by two other hauntingly powerful fighters, a goddess named Cupido and Eiji's elder brother Sho, they were the foremost enemies of the Himitsu. Now that the Himitsu Kessha has been destroyed by them, the threat to our world is over.
Or is it...?
One year later, a new enemy has started to arise from the ashes.
They are only known as the Soshiki, a title similar to that of (and not to be confused with) the tournament organizers used so far. They worship an omnipotent being known as the 'Toshin', the Fighting God, Agon Teos. He is the true "Overlord of the Organization". To pay homage, the Soshiki makes blood sacrifices of selected warriors. And to create their own warriors, the Soshiki gives sacred blood of the Toshin to powerful yet evil fighters to make them close to invincible, training them in fighting styles to mirror those who have previously fought in the Toshindaibukai, as "countertypes". In order to release the Toshin to Earth, the Soshiki must find a fighter with a pure heart, capable of wielding the mighty power of Agon Teos, in order to bring absolute destruction to the Earth and its people. They are desperate to complete these unholy acts: to find the young boy named David whom them have chosen as the host body for the Toshin, to gather more blood sacrifices, and ultimately, to plunge the world into eternal darkness. This time, they vow to destroy the former fighters of the Toshindaibukai.
Only the Toshin warriors are not so easy to get rid of.
Knowing that their friends, families and world are all in danger, the heroes will have to go into the darkness once again, facing immortality-seeking warriors, sorrow, tragedy, violence and absolute betrayals on a mission to protect their new ally David and to restore order (and sanity) to an otherwise chaotic world, their journey taking them farther into the depths of ruin than ever thought possible.

In a story that is already an immortal legend, the final reckoning is about to begin.