First of all, no, this is not a new chapter, sorry if I got your hopes up, but I have some good news. After an extremely long hiatus, and an awful case of the writer's block, I finally got my Supernatural drive back on, due to watching the 8th season of the show. There is just so much Destiel in there, that it's going to make my little writer's mind explode.

Second of all, due to that new drive, I have decided, that be the mutilated Leviathan Cas God my witness, I am going to finish this story even if it kills me. There is only few more chapters to go, and I can't leave this story like this, or it'll hunt me for the rest of my life. So yes, I am going to finish this. Soon, I hope, but I promise nothing. I have already almost written the whole 11th chap, so if I have the power in me, I should be able to post soon-ish.

But the point of this note is, that don't give up on this story. It will be finished, that I can promise you, and also thank you, because as much as I have to thank the 8th season of Supernatural in encouraging me to write again, I have to thank you, my sweet readers. You keep sending me comments, almost weekly, telling me to get my head out of my ass and finish what I've started. And that's exactly what I plan to do, so thank you so much, all you people, who still like this fic, and keep hoping more of it. You're the people I'm doing this for.

So, thank you, and just... hang in there, for a little while longer.

Cheers, CNLC0rpses.

Ps. Since it's been quite a while from the last time I properly wrote anything, my English is getting a bit rusty, and most likely it will show in the chapters to come, so sorry in advance for that.