The Informant

A Noir Spiderman Tale

By 7Spencer

It's been about five weeks since you last saw the other three versions of yourself in all of their assorted variations and dimensions. The citizens of New York, recovering from the power-hungry Mysterio's onslaught, do not know as much as they think they know about their rescuer. They were told it was the armed forces, but Spiderman in his Noir dimension knows. He is the only one who does...but it does not bear the fruits it would normally would concerning his popularity among the citizens of New York.

Hammerhead, taken out during the Spidermen's search for the ancient Tablet, has arisen once more and has created a small task force from the few men who stuck with him. The other men have gone to work for another crime boss in another gang, or have just given up the life of a criminal themselves and have gone to start a new, peaceful life. During the appearance of the evil Mysterio in New York, Hammerhead sent an agile, stick-to-the-shadows person to find out what was really going on. Escaping from the former magician's wrath by a hairwidth one too many times, he saw enough to tell Hammerhead what he saw that had happened: the armed forces did indeed have something to do with it, but from what he saw, Spiderman was HELPING Mysterio trash that area of the city. "He must've escaped," he said about it later. "I saw him destroying the buildings with him, I swear!"

Spiderman does not know it, but Hammerhead can turn him from a hero to an ultimate supercriminal with just foru words: "Spiderman was helping Mysterio." The wall-crawler does not know that Hammerhead has this power, though. He doesn't even know that Hammerhead's still in action: which is precisely why Hammerhead has the tactical advantage this time around.

Who's to say Hammerhead may very well win this fight?

Will Spiderman turn into the villain that he is just words away from?

What will happen to the informant?

Find out in the first chapter, coming out soon!