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Chapter 3

Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron were very surprised to find seven new students sitting at the Gryffindor table, with five of them sporting a bright Weasley red hair, one with unruly black hair like Harry, and one with bright blue hair. They decided to walk over and introduce themselves, when the students came in a line to be sorted.

They waited and watched eagerly as a Lily Patson, Ernie Smith, Sarah Richton, Hannah Kelsey, and Brandon Finnegan became new Gryffindors. What they didn't know, however, was that Lily was a relative, and closer than they'd think.

Dumbledore stood at the head of the staff table. Everyone immediately quieted down, as he spoke "I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all, welcome back to Hogwarts. I hope you all had fun and exciting summers, and are ready for another great year at Hogwarts. We have a new Defense teacher amongst us today, Professor Levine." A round of unsure applause went around the hall. "Also, you may notice seven new students of various ages from the Gryffindor table." Everyone in the hall turned around simultaneously stared at them, absorbing as much info as they could. "These are transfer students from a small wizarding school in America. I hope you make them all feel at home, and hopefully our Gryffindor prefects, Ron and Hermione, will help them around." Dumbledore looked towards the Trio, who all nodded that they would do as expected of them. "A further reminder that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds, and to look at Filch's list of 856 items in your spare time." He smiled, as he knew very few would actually read the list. "No more said, Nitwick! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Many of the first years were rather confused at these words, but the rest of the Great Hall were digging into the newly appeared and very appealing food. When they looked around, shock and amazement were seen on their faces.

"Hey Harry!" Dean Thomas yelled from halfway across the Gryffindor Table, "That kid over there with the black hair looks just like you! I didn't know you had family in America!" Harry and several others who had heard this remark leant over and let out a small gasp at the familiarity in the twin-like appearances.

"Whoa. I don't have any other family. Not that I know of anyway, but I feel like I know most of them from somewhere, just can't put my finger on it." Harry thought quietly to himself, when Ginny interrupted him.

"Look guys! More redheads! And tons of them!" Ginny, Ron, Fred, and George all turned and simultaneously high-fived each other. Fred and George shared a mischievous look and dashed over to them like lightning. Lily, who was still gazing about the sky in the magnificent Great Hall, abruptly looked up to see two red-headed twins, the same shade as hers, with wide grins on their faces.

"Hello transfer students, my name's Fred-," Fred introduced.

"-and my name's George," George interrupted.

"And we're the best Hogwarts pranksters of our age!" They both proudly announced. James smiled at the thought of a prank war.

"I'm James! I'm a huge prankster at my school in America. This is my brother Albus and my sister Lily." They meekly said hello. James thought to himself, "I recognize Uncle George, but this must be the Fred that Uncle George named his son after."

"Hey guys! What's your surname anyway?" They curiously inquired. Could they be somehow related to the Weasley's or Potter's?

Before Albus could stop her, Lily blurted out, "Pot-"

Albus quickly covered her and injected "Patson. James, Albus and Lily Patson." All of the time travelers let out a sigh, while Lily was still confused as to what was going on. However, being incredibly wise for her age, she remained silent. Fred and George shared a brief glance, and put their thoughts at the back of their minds.

"So who are you guys?" They pointed at the "Pruitt's".

Rose spoke up, "I'm Rose Pruitt, and these are my twin brothers Fred and Hugo."

"AWESOME! MORE TWINS!" They all fell into fits of laughter, especially those who understood the irony of the situation. Fred thought, "if only they knew..."

Fred and George wandered back to their table, and quickly shared the news. Everyone seemed very excited and thought these new students were friendly and enjoy a good joke, and soon they became dinner's main topic of conversation.

Meanwhile, at the staff table, Minerva McGonagall was talking to Teddy Levine, desperately hoping he had more skill than the previous defense teachers. "So Teddy, you seem awfully young to be teaching. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

Teddy replied comfortably to his headmistress-to-be, "Actually, I'm only 22." To say Minerva was in shock did not cover in the least the emotions and questions running through her head. Teddy, observing this confusion and surprise, continued, "My parents are dead, so I grew up with my Godfather and Grandmother. My Godfather was extremely advanced in Defense, even fought off Voldemort, and taught me enough of a third year's knowledge before I even started school. Growing up with him, I learnt a lot more than most wizards and witches do their entire life."

Minerva replied with respect, especially as he said Voldemort's name, "Well Teddy, I'm sure you'll do a great job as Defense Professor this year. We need teachers who understand the dangers of the war right now. Do you believe in his return?"

Teddy replied with certainty, and remembered that this was the year everyone called Harry a liar, "With full confidence in Albus's and Harry's words, I do believe he has returned." Most of the staff, hearing this, were pleased with the new professor, and welcomed him eagerly to Hogwarts. Teddy smiled, realizing this was the right thing to say, moving him to the good side of many teachers."

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