"Hold on!" the Doctor screamed, watching Rose helplessly clinging to the lever. Mentally, he cursed Torchwood, the Daleks, Cybermen; really anyone who could remotely hold responsibility for their current predicament.

Mostly, as per usual, he blamed himself.

He couldn't lose Rose. Not after all they had been through; all that he could have said but hadn't. They had faced the Devil himself (Well…sort of). He would not lose her to a faulty lever and a stupid organization bent on British supremacy.

Her grip on the lever was slipping, even as she held on for dear life. The Doctor removed one hand from his magna clamp and extended it as far as he could.

"Grab my hand!" he shouted over the rush of wind.

"No!" she called back. "You'll get pulled in!"

He considered rolling his eyes at her, but decided in the next moment that this was really not the best time for it. "Just do it!"

He could already feel his grip slipping. All she had to do was let one hand go, grab Ihis/I hand, and he could pull them back to the (relative) safety of the clamp. Easy peasy.

Rose stared into his eyes for a moment. He knew how much she trusted him, but he was still unsure how much she trusted herself. Still, they were running out of time. She wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, the suction from the Void was too strong. He needed to pull her to his own side, and soon.

They were a split-second too late.

The moment Rose released one hand from the lever, the winds from the Void overtook her and she completely lost her hold.

The Doctor stared in horror, one hand still outstretched towards her, as she fell into Hell. There was nothing he could do to stop her. He grasped desperately at the air, screaming her name, hoping to catch some part of her in his hand so he could pull her back towards him.

The Doctor's grip on his magna clamp had begun to slip. Before he could properly register what was happening, his own fingers lost contact. He could hear Rose calling for him, could feel the hungry Void pulling him in. His last thought as he resolved himself to their fate was that, wherever they ended up, at least they would be together.

That is, until he slammed into a solid human body, an arm clenched around him, and he felt the tell-tale tingle of dimension hopping…