Well I did my best. Enjoy

I hated him. I kept on chanting the words "You pervert! You stupid! I hate you so much!" knowing all along that I didn't mean them.

He always loved me, and kept on teasing, flirting with me, and I remained clueless until the day he kissed me and told me he loved me and we started going out.

Right now, I was heading home, and as usual, he was following me.

"Leave me alone and go home, you stalker!" I said angrily.

"Don't wanna" he said casually.

"What's with you?"

"I just wanna spend time with my girlfriend…" he came up behind me and embraced me, whispering in my ear "Do you think your house it'll be empty?" I was red, and pushed him away.

"You pervert!"

"Let's go to the park." He said.

I sighed "No, Hanabishi. I'm going home."

"Are you sleepy?"

I heaved another sigh "Yes, I'm sleepy."

"Then I'll stay by Aio's bed and watch her sleep." He said simply.

"No! Miyabi's is home!"

He smirked "So if she wasn't there, you would-"

"Aargh, shut up, you perv!"

"I'm your best friend, Aio. At least in front of your sister. A best friend can watch his best friend sleep, right?" he grinned "I don't care if she misunderstands things."

And he entered my house.

"H-hey, wait a second!" I cried but he was deaf to my words.

Miyabi opened the door with her usual blank look and said "Mom's not here." Then she looked at Hanabishi- then at me and said "Warn me beforehand if you're planning on making love." And went off, just like that!

"N-NO! Miyabi!" I cried, but Hanabishi carried me up my bedroom saying "Thank you, Miyabi."

He put me on my bed, lowered his head and gently put his lips on the nape of my neck and bit, then softly licked the part to soothe me as I let out a small gasp. I knew he was smirking is head off.

I pushed him off "H-Hanabishi, I c-can't-"

He looked down "What? I'm your boyfriend. I can give my girlfriend a hickey."

"What if Miyabi came up suddenly?"

"So what?"

"It's embarrassing!"

He scoffed "Fine, I won't do that again. Goodnight, then." And he turned to get out the house.

I had upset him.

He was such a child, but he looked so cut then.

"Hey, come one. Turn around." I caught his wrist.

He stopped and scowled "I won't."

"Hanabishi, when I said it was embarrassing, I meant it in a good way."

"..You liked it!"He cried, whizzing around and smirking at me.

I blushed and looked away "Okay, so I didn't hate it."

"Want me to do it again?"

I pushed him away "PERVERT!"

He laughed, then took my back and pulling me towards him, kissed me on the lips.

We stayed in each others arms like that for a long time, then he backed away, and put his palm on my cheek, smirking "Goodnight, Aio."

I had his shirt in my fists and was blushing furiously as he smiled down at me, still holding me in his embrace.

"Good night, Hanabishi-sama…" I managed to say.

He laughed as he got out of my bedroom door "I'll follow you home every day from now, Aio. The results are splendid."