Soul Separation

This story is rated M for it language and violent content. I do not claim to own any of the rights or the characters from the Bleach series as this story is completely my own idea. Please be sure to leave me your comments and reviews to tell me what you think. Thanks and enjoy the story!

Key notes: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one self ', (author's notes), italic – spirit speech, BOLD CAPS LOCK – ATTACKS

Chapter One – separation

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. I am a substitute Soul Reaper and a Vizard which means that I am a Soul Reaper who can become a Hollow. I have learned so much especially over the last couple of years. I finally defeated Aizen and his Arrancar army saving the world, I have learned how to Hollofy which increases my powers especially when I am in my bankai form, and I had learned the final Getsuga Tensho from my old man who just happened to be a Soul Reaper captain from the thirteen court guards before he met and married my mom. My inner Hollow has been working with me rather than against me as I look forward to my life returning back to somewhat normal. But lately something has felt off...different. Lately I have been feeling like I was being pulled into three different directions. I couldn't understand why but I had a really bad feeling that something was about to happen."

It was a normal average day as Ichigo Kurosaki walked home from Karakura High School. He was partly glad for his life returning back to somewhat normal. His book bag ruffled around as the zipper unzipped. Out popped the head of a stuffed lion from the zipper.

"God dam it Ichigo, would it kill you to clean out your book bag? It smells like sweaty gym socks!" whined Kon, a mod soul that Ichigo owned. Ichigo squished Kon's head back into the book bag.

"Stop your whining and shut up before someone sees and hears you!" snapped Ichigo.

"Hey Ichigo...wait up!" yelled out a female's voice. Ichigo turned his head to see a girl with long orange hair and bright blue eyes running up to him. It was his friend Orihime Inoue. Orihime knew full well that Ichigo was a Soul Reaper as she has helped him out sometimes. Ichigo could feel his book bag tug violently as no doubt Kon wanted out. The mod soul was rather fascinated by Orihime's ample breasts. Ichigo slammed his book bag down onto the ground stepping on it violently.

"Knock it off!" he snarled as Orihime gave him a questioning look. "Sorry Orihime...not you. I was yelling at Kon." replied Ichigo as he picked the book bag back up. "So what did you want?" asked Ichigo.

"I wanted to talk about what happened with Aizen and everything. I wanted you to know the reason why I did what I did." she replied.

"There's no need to explain Orihime." replied Ichigo as he patted the girl on her right shoulder.

"...but..." Orihime began when she got cut off. A Hollow's piercing scream flooded the area which meant that there was a Hollow close by. Without hesitation Ichigo pulled out Kon from his book bag slapping the mod soul with his soul badge which caused the toy to cough up the blue-green marble that was the actual form of the mod soul. Ichigo took the marble tossing it into his mouth like it was a piece of candy. Ichigo swallowed the marble as his soul separated from his body as Kon ended up replacing him inside of his body.

"Kon stay out of trouble!" Ichigo yelled at the mod soul before running off towards the sight where the Hollow was.

Ichigo arrived within seconds to see a large white Hollow with a weird face mask chasing down a small spirit in the form of a young girl. Ichigo reached to his back where his zanpakto known as Zangetsu which laid wrapped in white ribbon. The ribbon unraveled revealing a large sword that was as long as it was wide. Ichigo stepped in front of the spirit as he stared at the Hollow with his sword resting cross his shoulders.

"I am so not in the mood to deal with this. Is it too much to ask for one normal day?" Ichigo asked before he swung his sword cutting the Hollow completely in half. The Hollow dissolved away until nothing was left of it. Ichigo then turned to the spirit whom looked no older than his younger sister Yuzu. "Don't worry it's gone now. Fear not I am going to send you to the Soul Society, as it is a really nice place. You won't have to worry so much about those things attacking you again." stated Ichigo ass the bottom of the hilt to his sword began to glow. He never got the chance to perform the konso as he could sense a familiar spiritual pressure.

"Ichigo!" shouted out another female voice. Ichigo looked up to see Rukia Kuchiki the Soul Reaper whom was responsible for having Ichigo become a substitute Soul Reaper in the first place approaching him.

"Rukia...what's up?" asked Ichigo.

"An emergency summons has been called by head Captain Yamamoto. All Soul Reapers are to report to the Soul Society right away!" stated Rukia. Even though Ichigo was only a substitute Soul Reaper, he was still a Soul Reaper nevertheless as he had to obey the head captains orders. Before Ichigo could move he could see Orihime running towards him as she was being chased by Kon whom was in his body.

"Wait up Orihime...I only want to be held by your ampule bosom!"yelled out Kon. Ichigo wanted to tear the mod soul apart bit by bit. The young spirit that he had just saved quietly yanked on his uniform leg.

"...Mister..." stated the spirit. Ichigo felt like he was being pulled in three different directions.

"Ichigo...lets go!" yelled out Rukia.

" me!" cried out Orihime.

"...Mister..." stated the spirit.

"Enough...I am only one person!" Ichigo yelled out in frustration. Suddenly a bright white light surrounded Ichigio as he let out terrible scream of pain. His body felt like it was being ripped apart at the very core. His screams seemed to intestify as nobody could see what was happening within the light to Ichigo. Everyone looked on in concern feeling helpless as they couldn't seem to penetrate the light to help Ichigo. Finally the light seemed to dissipate after a while as they all stared in shock. There wasn't just one Ichigo but, rather three of him. One completely white while the other had long black hair. It was Ichigo's regular self, his Hollow half, and finally his form which he released when he performed the final Getsuga Tensho (which I will be referring to as his Mugetsu form). The three Ichigo's looked at each other before they had all blacked out collapsing to the ground out cold. Rukia, Orihime, and Kon ran to his side unsure of what to do. But one question ran in their heads. How come there are now three different Ichigo's instead of one?

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