Soul Separation

Warnings: This story is rated M for it language and violent content. I do not claim to own any of the rights orthe characters from the Bleach series as this story is completely my own idea. Please be sure to leave me your comments and reviews to tell me what you think. Thanks and enjoy the story!

Key Notes: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one self ', (author's notes), *mental/telepathic communication*, Bold CAPLOCKS- attacks

Twenty - back to normalcy

After Ichigo, Shirom and Kuro had landed within the Soul Society in complete exhaustion, their bodies returned back to normal. Ichigo's friends ran to his aid to see if the three of them were all right. As soon as they had defeated Oblisk, Captain Yamamoto, Captain Hitsugaya, and Captain Zaraki's spirit and power had returned back to them as they awoke with a vague memory of what had happened. It was Captain Unohana who had filled in some of the gaps followed by Captain Kuchiki. Head Captain Yamamoto was a bit shocked by the news that the substitute Soul Reaper had rescued them but as a result because of Endymion's magic, it had separated him into three different forms of himself.

"How is the substitute Soul Reaper doing?" asked Yamamoto.

"He is visibly weakened because of the battle. All three of them are unconscious at the moment." replied Unohana.

"Very well. I wish to be notified at once when they come to." commanded Yamamoto.

"Yes sir!"

A couple of days later the three Ichigo's finally regained consciousness. Their bodies and head hurt like hell. The three of them were finally glad that it was finally over.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." stated a commanding voice. The three Ichigo turned their heads to see Captain Yamamoto.

"...Old Man...?" Ichigo asked in question.

"It seems that once again we are in your debt for saving not only the Soul Society but several of us as well." stated Yamamoto.

"Think nothing of it. We were only doing what anybody would do in that situation." replied Ichigo.

*Come on Ichigo admit it. We were tying to protect our ass from being killed or worse.* stated Shiro mentally.

*I just kind of wish that we could return back to normal. Let alone you know full well that Yamamoto won't acknowledge us as full Soul Reapers especially after everything we have done.* stated Kuro mentally.

"I have been thinking. With everything you have done for the Soul Society, I think that it is about time that I had made you full fledged captains even though you are human. And of course I mean all three of you. Seeing how all three of you are stuck this way with no way to become whole again." stated Yamamoto. Ichigo, Shiro, and Kuro looked at Yamamoto in shock. They couldn't believe it...after everything that they have been through and everything that they had sacrificed, Head Captain Yamamoto had finally at long last made them captains and had acknowledged everything that Ichigo has done to keep the Soul Society safe.

Weeks later...Ichigo, Shiro, and Kuro had returned back to the human world as Ichigo's father Isshin had managed to get records from Kisuke Urahara. According to the records both Shior and Kuro were Ichigo's twin brothers as the three of them were triplets separated at birth. Captain Yamamoto had made the three of them captains for the human world as their lieutenants were their three human friends with spiritual power. Chad became Kuro's lieutenant, Uryu became Shiro's, and Orihime became Ichigo's. Head Captain Yamamoto had given the three of them special badges and other equipment that would allow them to transport them to the Soul Society. Kon didn't whine as much anymore since now he had other mod souls to keep him company. The only time Kon, Paku, and/or K-tan complained was when Yuzu would dress them up in girly outfits and stuff. Life returned to some what normal for Ichigo, Shiro, and Kuro as they stopped looking for a way to rejoin themselves into one being. Kuroa and Shiro were getting used to being human and developing their own consciousness. Ichigo didn't seem to mind having them around either as their was a few times that their new found powers and techniques came to be useful. In all views Ichigo knew that his life was far from ordinary and that things for him, Shiro, and Kuro would never be the same again!