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"Normal Speech"


'Mind speak'

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Riddle Manor – Private study

Monday 1st December 1997 - 10 Am

Voldemort sat in a blood-red velvet cushioned, high-backed chair; moonlight streamed through the gap in the heavy, crimson curtains which guarded the tall windows in the oval room.

The flickering flames of the fireplace caused shadows to dance around his youthful features. He looked like a 20 year old version of Tom Riddle and for the life of him he couldn't figure out how or why it had happened. He gazed into the flames and sighed heavily; he'd been sighing a lot since The Letter arrived; delivered by a beautiful snowy-white owl.


He sat at the head of a long mahogany table able to accommodate over 100 of his death eaters, however it was charmed for only his inner-circle this morning, who sat along the sides.

The meeting was nearing its end and Voldemort was quite pleased with the fact that he had only crucioed 3 people and that was down to their incompetence, he didn't punish them for factors out of control like he had previously done in the first war.

He was elated, his sanity was returning. Again it was another mystery to him, first his looks and now his sanity. His most faithful followers were the only ones who saw his true appearance of a tall, burgundy-eyed, raven-haired youth with a charmingly-dark aura; his other Death Eaters merely saw his glamour of a serpentine man.

Of course, now his lucid thoughts returned, he was far more dangerous, because he would not act upon impulse as he had done before, which of course pleased many of his death eaters, (especially the lesser ones as they suffered the Cruciatus curse less frequently than they used to). That's not meaning to say that there weren't any who dared to challenge him, no, some were foolish enough to believe that as he was saner, he had become less powerful. A vicious smirk marred his features as he recalled the bloodied form of Davidson, no he soon beat that out of them.

Bellatrix was just finishing her report on the training of the younger Death Eaters, when a white owl flew through an open window. All eyes followed the flight of the bird before it landed in front of their Lord, sticking its leg out towards him, its beak hung imperiously high in the air.

It gratefully accepted the owl treats the Dark Lord summoned for it and left as quickly as it appeared; Voldemort frowned as he unfurled the parchment. His frown quickly slid to disbelief as he read the spidery-scrawl. He felt the intent stares of his followers, as he leant forward in his seat, elbows propping him up on the table.

"Potter has contacted me," he murmured.

Suspicious voices travel around the group and he raised a hand – silencing them.

"You would like to hear it, I assume?" And without waiting for an answer he read aloud.

Sunday 30th November

Dear Voldemort, Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Snake-Faced Bastard,

Mouldy Voldie (or whatever you are referring to yourself to as now);

Before I begin I have spelled this letter so only you can read it, of course you can tell any one you want to afterwards. I would advise against it though, after all it would look bad if Harry Potter, Saviour to the Wizarding World, The Chose One, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Gryffindor's Golden Boy (Etc...) was exchanging letters the most powerful dark wizard since Grindelwald wouldn't it?

To the point: I want to meet you – alone. Midnight tomorrow No Death Eaters. No Order members. No Aurors. Just you and little ol' me.

I have information you would die to have (literally) and urgent warnings for several of your followers – believe me when I tell you it is a life and death situation.



Something to keep you sweet? The Order Headquarters?Old Dumbles cast the Fidelius charrm on the Order members, making him Secret Keeper didn't he? Well fortunately (well not for him anyway) I can resist mind-magic (as I'm sure Crouch jr. told you) and I am become the owner of the property he is using. It's 12 Grimauld Place, London – Bellatrix should know it, it's a Black residence. Have fun and wreak havoc – no really do, I want a good laugh.

Until Then.

Indignant cries echoed throughout the room when they heard disrespect shown towards their Lord, which quickly grew to disbelief, shock and grudgingly – respect.

"I wonder what the Light has done to get their Golden Boy to betray them?" mused the silky voice of Lucius Malfoy. Several nods and mutters agreed with him.

"Surely it must be a trap," Said his sister-in-law; shifting in her seat. Lucius raised a sculpted blonde eyebrow.

"From the beginning it does, yes," he replied "With the disrespect shown towards our Lord and telling our lord to meet him alone. However," he paused, narrowing his eyes "He told us the location to Order Headquarters and that most certainly isn't the work of someone devoted to the light. It seems he has become disenchanted with Dumbledore – also shown from his derogative term for him," he finished; glancing at his comrades before looking at his master.

"What will you do My Lord?"asked Antonin Dolohov, inter-locking his pale, slender fingers; subsequently flashing his family ring.

"I don't know, to tell the truth," admitted Voldemort "I'll take on your comments. I need to think about this," he replied, sweeping out of the room; billowing his robes behind him perfectly.


He sighed yet again, pensively staring into the fire, now nursing a tumbler of Odgen's Old Firewhiskey; enjoying the burn as the fruity liquid slid down his throat. Harry Potter, the bane of his existence, ever since he was thwarted by the boy when he was only 1 ½ years old! He had floated around in spirit form for nearly 10 years before he could share a human body and once again his plans were foiled by the boy; year after year.

Potter always represented the Light. Ha! He was light personified, spouting his morals and unrealistic ideals about life, but then again – why would the old fool's pet betray him? So many questions. Harry Potter wanted to meet him and tell him 'information he would die to have', and he couldn't help but wanted to know what it is. Tom Riddle didn't become Lord Voldemort without having curiosity the size of a cat and thrice as fatal.

Reaching for his 3rd tumbler of firewhiskey, he rose from his chair, gulped the firey liquid and frowned. He didn't like the decision; but he would have live with it.

"WORMTAIL!" he bellowed into the empty room. Moments later a small, fat, slightly-balding man scurried into the room; collapsing in front of the Dark Lord and kissing his robes.

"What...What can I do for you Master?" Wormtail stuttered, his voice high with fear.

Voldemort gabbed his followers left arm in a vice-like grip, pulling the sleeve of his robe until the Dark Lord's brand was shown. He pressed his yew wand to the Dark Mark; watching it turn from faded-grey to inky-black with bland satisfaction.

Two loud 'cracks' followed as the figures of Rabstan and Rodolphous Lestrange appeared before their master. Unlike Wormtail, they gracefully leant into a bow, dropping their voice a few bars in respect and greeted silkily "Good morning My Lord."

Voldemort inclined his head in acknowledgement. "I want you two to stake out 12 Grimauld Place," He paused and they nodded. "I want the report before midnight, understood?" He pierced them with his wine coloured gaze; which causes full-grown wizards to stumble and fall. They nodded in affirmative and disapparated with another two loud 'Cracks!'.

He rubbed his sore head tiredly – 'Merlin' he thought 'This is going to be a long day'

Hogsmeade Station - 11:58 PM

He stood on the platform; glaring at the grey, stone wall across from him. The chilly night air, bit at his glamoured hands, causing them to appear whiter than the pure snow which had settled everywhere, and it whipped at his long black, winter robes; threatening to blow his hood back.

The Lestrange brothers had preented their findings an hour earlier: Potter hadn't lied – Grimauld Place was indeed the Order Headquarters. Several prominent figures for the light had been seen leaving the ancient town-house, including: Kingsley Shacklebolt – senior auror, Mad-Eye Moody – renown, ex-auror and the Old fool himself: Dumbledore.

"Hello Tom," a voice whispered from behind him; whipping out his wand, he turned to face the speaker.

A young man with ruffled, raven hair to his shoulders stood before him; he was on the small side of average, probably reaching 5'7 in height at the most. He wore a black wife-beater (despite the cold), which showed his lithe, slightly muscled body, ripped, black skinny jeans and knee length black New-Rock boots. Voldemort raked his eyes up and down the younger man's body before settling on the face. He had high cheekbones and clear Avada Kedavra green eyes which only two people had – one wore glasses and the other was dead.

"Potter?" asked Voldemort; pulling his disbelief and pleasure of the boy's appearance off his face, behind a mask of cold indifference. "How?"

The said boy chuckled lightly and drawled "Correct. Now put it away" indicating the wand, still drawn. Voldemort complied; warily putting it back in its holster. "And in answer to your question, I wear glamour at school; have been since September"

The Dark Lord inclined his head for Potter to continue however the younger man stopped him, placing one finger on Voldemort's lips; the latter's eyes narrowing.

"All in due time, Tom, all in due time," he whispered, before smiling brightly. "Now, I'd just thought you'd like to know there has been a couple of your loyal followers disobeying our agreement, however I cannot fault their fealty in protecting you" he stated cheerfully, Voldemort almost missed the boy's next comment "It's hard to find these days" and with a lazy flick of his wand, Bellatrix and Lucius appeared, bewildered.

Bellatrix was the first to recover "You...You just dispelled the disillusionment charm both Lucius and I created! Wordlessly at that too!" she stuttered, disbelief layering her voice.

"You know" Harry started, vibrant green eyes, playfully dancing "I always wondered what Voldie kept you for. And now I can see it's for your brains. Yes my dear Bellatrix, I did cast a wordless spell on a charm both of you created: big deal."

"Your blasé attitude astounds me Potter. She sneered at him, the wind catching her curly locks.

He narrowed his killing-curse eyes on her, replying in a dark voice. "Now, now Bella. Don't make me lose the respect I have for you."

She couldn't hide her surprise this time "Respect? I killed Sirius! How can you respect me?" she cried in disbelief.

"Well for one, your acting skills are superb. Making the whole light-side believe that you're infatuated with your master. Honestly, I can never get back the time wasted in my life, listening to Mad Eye Moody telling us the way to get to Voldie here, is to get his little sex-toy." he snorted at her face, a mixture of smugness and revulsion. "Also I know you hadn't meant for Sirius to go into the veil because despite what people believe, you loved your cousin dearly." he smiled at Bellatrix's scowling face

"You both suffered from the 'Black Curse' which affects only a few members the Black family. When the sufferer' adrenaline starts pumping in large quantities you lose control of your mind for hours, handing it over to the instinctual drive of survival – the by-product being insane cackling and guilt. It's not curable, no. But it is controllable, but only the Light have – had the recipe for the potion since Sirius left it on his desk. I highly doubt they'd hand it over to you, but I am quite adept at sneaking about places, so here." he thrust a piece of parchment into her shaking hands, she pocketed it suspiciously.

"And," He continued in a sombre tone; his eyes hardened. "I know you love Rodolphous and I know you loved your son."

She suddenly snarled, struggling in Lucius' restraining arms. "How do you know about Orion?"

"Don't worry," he softly sighed "I only know because I over-heard a conversation between Moody and Dumbledore last year." he spat the names as if they were diseased. "They were bragging, it repulsed me. The little Bastards. I will help you avenge him," he vowed, staring straight into her hazel-brown eyes, she nodded faintly.

"That was the first reason to start doubting the Light. Yesterday Lucius, I discovered something atrocious and this concerns you, Bellatrix and your wife." he smiled grimly "Everyone left the house yesterday morning to go 'Christmas shopping.'" he sneered "And there was only me left in the house and I began to hear strange sounds coming from the attic, so I went to investigate and what was there made me sick to my stomach. Shackled to the ceiling was your son – Draco."

He saw the colour visibly drain from Lucius and Bella's faces. "He was beaten badly, covered in grime and blood and unconscious. Potion vials littered the floor, which made me assume they had been repeatedly tortured and healed just to be punish again. I healed him to the best of my abilities- but you have to understand I'm not a mediwizard so I cannot guarantee anything. I haven't seen Draco at school since late September, I assumed you had taken him somewhere; so as soon as I found out I wrote the letter – I didn't even think it would reach Tom to be honest."

Lucius nodded numbly "I need to see him," Lucius' shaken but determined voice stated.

"I understand. After this, I'll set the wards to allow you, Tom and Bella into the house."

"Why hasn't Severus told us?" asked the Dark Lord, suspicion and betrayal, apparent in his voice.

"Yes I was about to get to him, he isn't a traitor to your cause like you suspect. He hasn't been present for the meetings, Dumbles hasn't let him. But then he asked too many questions and stumbled upon Draco, didn't he? And now he is suffering the same fate, has been for a couple of weeks, since he hasn't been at school since the beginning of the month."

Voldemort nodded, "We'll get them both back," he spoke calmly and confidently; assuring the two followers.

"Of course we will!" Harry easily agreed. "So-" he swivelled to focus on Voldemort "I bet you're wondering why I'm betraying the Light?" he asked, beaming at the reluctant nod the Dark wizard gave him. "Well because of the previous reasons, but for others which I'll explain in a minute; for now though: drop your glamour Tom," he instructed; Voldemort blinked at him.

"Don't be shy with me, Tom. You're wondering why you appear more youthful and are regaining your sanity and I'm the only one here who knows the answer, so drop the glamour." the Dark Lord sighed but did as Harry wished; turning back to he the emerald eyes he saw... desire?

"Ah. Much better." Harry smiled appreciatively. "Anyway. You're like this because all but two of your horcruxes have been destroyed," he stated jovially.

"WHAT?" bellowed Voldemort, crimson eyes raging.

"Calm down now, lovely," hushed Harry "You're still immortal. Honestly..." he sighed. "You're immortal and you've regained your looks and sanity, that's better than before isn't it?" Harry didn't wait for an answer "You see, Dumbles thought that if he destroyed all of your horcruxes you would still be insane. But I knew better. I knew that if your horcruxes were destroyed, then the pieces would rejoin the original, and you would get the characteristics of the split pieces. So far: the diary has gone, as has the locket; the ring; cup and diadem. So you only have two left."

Voldemort stared blankly at Harry, having reigned his temper whilst listening to the explanation. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"I only have one horcrux left – Nagini." Harry merely hummed at him; Tom narrowed his eyes "How do you know all of this; no books tell any of this.

"Ah this is the bit that compels me to be on your side," Harry told him, emerald eyes meeting their wine counterparts. "A horcrux is the only thing that knows the nature of other horcruxes." The Dark Lord's eyes widened at the implication and Harry nodded at him; smirking

"That's right. When you tried to kill me that night 16 years ago, the curse rebounded and a piece of your soul attached itself to the only living thing nearby: me. That is the cause of our connection, the reason I am powerful and the reason why I can speak to snakes, because I have a piece of your soul in me. Of course," he spat "Old Dumbles knew this and he has been raising me like a pig to the slaughter. Wanting me to destroy all your horcruxes, let you kill me and then the order would finish you off!" he fumed quietly. "And believe me." he all but hissed the words out "I have no intention of dying, not for him. Not for anyone! And if you kill me then you're just one more step to becoming mortal. So you won't kill me, will you Tom?"

Voldemort shook his head, gazing at the boy...no man, who had just ripped the past 17 years of life apart; Bellatrix and Lucius stood behind him shock written all over their faces.

"We have a connection Tom." He paused and chuckled lightly to himself "Merlin. That sounded like a cheesy line from a romance novel." A snort from Malfoy, informed that indeed it did sound like that. Voldemort was still staring at Harry.

"What about the prophecy? It said we have to kill each other because neither can live whilst the other survives." Tom finally said.

Harry looked at him and replied nonchalantly "It's a fake. Dumbles imperioed Trelawney into saying a fake prophecy; knowing Snape was listening in. Because there was a prophecy about us but it wasn't what he liked."

"What did it say?" breathed Voldemort, he could not contain his excitement. The man before him had defied him since he was child and Tom doubted he would ever best him, but now it seemed as if he didn't have to.

"Well..." Harry stopped; searching his memory for the prophecy. "It said: The one with the power to aid the Dark Lord approaches, born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...The Dark Lord will mark him as an equal and he will have knowledge the Dark Lord knows not...Defying the Grandfather he will join the Dark Lord hand-in-hand...And darkness will fall for the Light."

"Spectacular," whispered the Dark Lord "Will you be joining me then?" Wine-red eyes wide in anticipation.

"No" Harry drawled "I came here for my own enjoyment," rolling his eyes at the taller man "Yes I will join you. Dumbles has betrayed me one too many times."

Voldemort narrowed his eyes "He's hurt you" he whispered darkly. The younger man barked his laughter, it echoed across the empty night air; sending chills down the other three's spines.

"Hurt – me?" he gasped through his laughter "He's the reason my parents are dead! Sending me to live with muggles who despised me and magic! Turning me into their own personal little house elf! Muggles who made me live in a cupboard for ten friggin' years! Didn't tell me how my parents died and beat me every day of my rotten life!" Harry shouted; Voldemort hissed obscenities in parseltongue "Then he paid the people who I thought cared about me to befriend me, and from my own vaults, no less! Using my inheritance to fuel his own wants and desires and not letting me read Siruis' will until 3 months after he frickin' died! Added onto his plans for my death, the mindless slaughter he has done for the 'greater good' and what he is doing to Draco and Snape! He's a disgusting, villainous man. I abhor the waste of skin!" he ended his diatribe, hissing menacingly.

A warm arm snaked around his waist, Harry gave Tom a small smile; leaning into the touch. It was comforting and he didn't know why, and for some reason he couldn't care.

"Okay!" he mustered up some energy to say. "I do believe we're going on a Gryffindor/Slytherin rescue mission. That's a first!" he declared enthusiastically, Voldemort's lips twitched in amusement; Bellatrix and Lucius let a small smile flit across their faces before hardening them for the mission ahead.

"Currently, only Remus Lupin, the Weasley family, Moody and Nymphadora Tonks are in the house. All of them are aware of what is happening however I want none of you to go and avenge your loved ones at this moment in time; we will get them later. Our sole mission tonight is to get Draco and Snape. Understood?"

He asked them, steeling his emerald eyes. "Are you ready everyone?" he said, pulling out a battered charms book from his pocket. "Everyone touch the book now" they all complied; not even grimacing with the prospect of touching the dirty book. "Activate" Harry whispered, pointing his want at the object.

A sharp tugging at their navels brought them in front of a muggle street; the electric lamp-posts lighting the road and house-fronts.

"Okay now. Disillusion yourselves and look for where number 12 should be everyone, but stay where you are." he instructed, striding forwards to where number 11 ended and number 13 started. Suddenly number 11 and 13 moved in opposite directions, leaving the town-house of the most ancient and noble house of Black clear to him. He felt a cool tingling sensation sweep across his skin, as his wards recognised and accepted him.

"I invite Lucius Abraxas Malfoy into 12 Grimauld Place" Harry spoke clearly yet quietly into the chilly night air and felt the wards bend to allow a new presence.

"I invite Bellatrix Druella Lestrange neé Black into 12 Grimauld Place." again he felt his wards bend. "I invite Tom Marvolo Riddle into 12 Grimauld Place." he spoke again; smugness filling his face once he felt a now quite familiar arm holding his waist.

"Be really quiet now," he said as he opened the door; he could all but feel the eye-roll Tom was giving him invisibly. "Watch the umbrella stand," he warned "And Walburga," he hissed, indicating the painting covered by curtains.

They complied and followed him as he led them up 3 sets of creaking stairs, until he finally stopped before a staircase, slowly lowering in front of them from the dark expanse above them. "Follow," he whispered; climbing the steps.

A wordless 'Lumos' let the Boy-Who-Lived see in the dark expanse and he braced himself for the sight before him. The others though hadn't expected the sight, and couldn't hold back their horrified gasps. As his eyes flitted across the scene, he felt bile burning his throat, but swallowed it quickly.

Draco and Severus were stripped to their undergarments, whilst rusty, lethal looking chains bound their hands to the ceiling. Lashes marked their bodies, some healing, some fresh and some festering, the stench of piss, sick and blood assaulted their nasal passages. You could see all ribs on Severus' and Draco's form, their cheeks and eyes sunken; stubble covering their faces.

"Oh Lord," Tom heard Lucius gasp, then the sound of Bella retching, and he himself the darkest wizard alive could hardly repress a shudder. It was different if it was one of your own; Draco was practically his nephew, and Severus a welcomed friend.

A small hand rubbing calming circles on his smaller-back spurred him into motion. "Everyone," he whispered; holding out several potions he found on the side to the rescuers. "Give these to the both of them," he commanded whilst wordlessly unbinding the prisoners, levitating them gently onto the floor (which he cast a cushioning charm on).

Harry held Draco's head back and watched Lucius pour a vial of blood-replenishing potion into the younger blonde's mouth, followed by a wound-cleaning potion and skele-gro. Lucius breathed a sigh of relief as colour slowly returned to his son's cheeks and the festering wounds slowly started healing.

Harry looked to where Snape was laying, watching Bella and Tom administering the same potions; Snape was in a better state than Draco but it was still terrible. He felt the anger in his stomach rearing its head from the treatment of the two men. Yes, he didn't like them but he would never have done this.

A small broken voice roused him from his musing; turning to his left he saw Draco waking. "F-Father?" he asked "What are you doing here? They didn't get you too did they?" his voice quickly dripping with fear at his father's saddened features.

"No, no,"Lucius assured his son "Potter got Bella and Our Lord to rescue you and Severus." he attempted to smile as calmly as he could to the smaller blonde.

"Potter? Why would he help?" he asked "Wait! He got Our Lord!" he croaked, alarmed at the prospect of appearing weak. Weakness was never a thing to show their Lord, it usually resulted in torture.

"Yes that's right," Harry hushed at him, attempted to dissipate the Malfoy heir's distress. "I don't like the Light any more, I've joined the Dark. Y'know I've been thinking, I should've accepted your friendship back on the first day; some families really are better then others."

Harry snorted in amusement when Draco replied with "Yeah, you should've Golden Boy, couldn't really see past your arse though?"

"Yeah well." he grinned sheepishly "I've finally got my head out of my arse and I'm going to ask for your forgiveness and ask for your friendship."

Draco made to reply but Harry placed a finger on his lips. "Not now. Sleep," he said, soothingly; pouring a vial of dreamless sleep down the battered child's oesophagus.

When he finally saw Draco's eyes slide shut; he stood and addressed the others. "Are you all ready?" Seeing them nod, he continued. "Good. Tom please will you levitate Severus, and Lucius you Draco. I want you all to disillusion yourselves once more then stand around me and stay still"

They quickly complied and watched as Harry placed an extremely strong protgeo charm around their group and wordlessly silenced the whole room. They stared at him with questioning eyes as he flicked his wand in a complex motion around his head; whispering "Totus ruina". His companions stared with wide eyes as they saw the torture attic being completely destroyed by Harry's magic, the shackles exploded suddenly, causing metal to fly into the protective charms. Flames scorched the wooden walls before quickly they extinguished themselves, whilst the potion vials shattered, which embedded their shards into the floor. The only place which the destruction didn't havoc was where there group was standing.

"It's to make it looked like they escape due to accidental magic," he answered their silent questions "That way no questions will be asked about how the rescuers got through the wards."

"How Slytherin of you," purred Tom from behind him, his hot breath tickling Harry's neck.

"The hat did want to put me in the snake-house," Harry admitted softly. "But I had met Draco in Madame Malkin's beforehand, and then he insulted Ron Weasley – my first human fried, of course I didn't know he was being paid to be my friend at the time, so I begged the hat to put me somewhere else. It said I could do great things in the snake house and I refused. I regret that now. But there isn't much I can do." he smiled sadly; making Tom exhale slowly to control his raging heart.

"It doesn't matter though now, does it?" Tom enquired. "You've got serpents supporting you now and I'm sure more will follow."

Harry merely hummed under his breath; opening the attic door once more, smiling as they quickly followed after him as he strode out of the front door.

When they were outside, they saw the navy sky fading into the pink/orange hues of the morning. The neighbourhood was still asleep but nature was embracing the new day, birds calling into the air and bare trees swaying with the wind. A hand stilled on his shoulder, which he knew was Lucius' way of silently thanking Harry, and he felt Bella press her lips to his cheek; showing her gratitude as well.

The familiar arm around his waist returned and he smiled to where Tom's face would be. "I will write again," he whispered to the older man, who squeezed his waist as a sign of understanding. "Drop your disillusionment charm Tom," he whispered lowly and smiled as he saw the young face of his ex-nemesis.

"I will write and you will reply, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life," he promised to the liquor-eyed man and flung his arms around his neck. Voldemort stiffened at touch, but let himself relax when he felt lips pressing against his own; moaning into the kiss, he felt Harry smirk. The smaller man pulled back and smiled innocently up at the older man

"So you will reply won't you?" he asked sweetly; Tom nodded; dazed. Harry chuckled at his expression and went into a full-fit of laughter after hearing Bella's and Lucius' snorts. "You best be going," he called, rousing the older man; who narrowed his gaze at the smug boy.

Harry turned when they were about to leave, but was pulled back by a strong pair of arms; one hand on his hip, the other in his hair. His mouth was taken roughly by Tom's, a tongue ravishing his own, whilst his moans swallowed by that skilful appendage. Tom merely smiled a smile which should be considered lethal...Two can play that game, my sweet... Tom hissed, making Harry shiver.

...Indeed they can...Harry replied ...We should do it more often...

...Oh, yes... agreed Tom

...You should go now, Tom. It's getting late,... he sighed, remorseful; thinking about the weeks he had to live with lying, deceitful bastards.

...I know, my sweet. Cheer up, you'll soon be rid of them... Harry nodded, leaving the comforting embrace "Bye, Harry" he smiled.

"Bye, Tom." Harry replied as he heard 3 'cracks', deafening in the quiet street. Dragging his feet towards the door, he applied the glamour and transfigured the clothes needed to keep his 'Golden Boy' persona and settled in the kitchen with a glass milk.

Tuesday 2nd December - 4:03 AM

The Dark Lord apparated straight to his chambers once he had ensured Severus and Draco were settled in the medical ward, he had (after having a quick shower) headed to his study, and settled himself into a comfortable black armchair whilst summoning the bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey. What number was he on now? 4th? It didn't matter, he welcomed the burn as he sorted through memories of the past 4 hours; 'Merlin' he thought 'so many secrets'.

The boy was a horcrux! His horcrux! A piece of Voldemort's soul and the boy didn't seem to care. Most would be terrified with the taint on their mind yet the boy didn't; he used it as a way to escape the Light's clutches and come to his side.

And he didn't have to kill the boy (which was becoming increasingly difficult recently), the fool had manipulate them both. Hiding the real prophecy which predicted the 'light's' downfall, whilst it also predicted also Harry betraying Dumbledore and joining the Dark Lord.

'That's a nice thought. The boy at my side, not the old fool's' Tom smiled; he now had a handsome, dark and incredibly powerful ally on his side; who wanted him, if the looks and kisses were anything to go by. 'Oh – this will be good' was his last coherent thought before drifting into contented sleep.

09:07 AM

His inner-circle were chatting amiably in the meeting room, waiting for their Lord's arrival, and Bella and Lucius were on the dais as their Lord had requested.

A pensive stood in the centre of the room in front of a white, rectangular block 2x3 metres in size, suspended in mid-air. The chatter died down as Voldemort swept into the room, they all dropped into bows and intoned as one "Good day Master". Once seated on the middle chair on the diadem, he indicated for his most faithful to sit themselves.

"In the earlier hours of this morning I met with one Harry Potter." he cast his eyes across the room. "It was not a trap as some of you feared, the letter was true: Potter has left the Light and has joined the Dark." cheers met his statement, and Voldemort raised his hand to quieten them

"A lot of revelations were made apparent in this meeting, however due to the detail of them I want to show you. If you turn and face the block you will see all of yesterday's events; but I warn you now there is a lot of changes in the Boy-Who-Lived and the scenes are quite disconcerting at the least, so brace yourselves." They visibly gulped, letting the sombre tone cut through them. He pointed his wand at the pensive and whispered "demonstro memoria"

The block which was previously blank now showed Voldemort standing alone on the platform at Hogsmeade station...And the Dark Lord proceeded in showing the morning's events.

Throughout the showing, cries of happiness, revulsion and horror fell from the inner-circle's lips and following his intimate moments with Harry the Lestrange brother's let out some cat-calls and wolf-whistles, which brought smiles to everyone's faces.

"So," Tom loudly declared "Harry Potter is with us. He has Bella's, Lucius' and my respect, he is my equal and with him we will win this war!" The cheering began again and Voldemort smiled, the wizarding world was within his grasps, as was a certain dark-haired youth.

"My Lord!" cried Rodolphous "When will you and Potter do the dirty deed?" laughing at everyone's horrified faces but Tom merely smirked.

"Are you interested in him? Disappointed in your wife's performances, Rodo?" he asked, an evil laugh escaping his lips as Rodolphous' face drained of colour.

"Belly!" he cried desperately "I didn't mean it like that!" he watched fearfully as Bellatrix calmly stalked after her retreating husband.

"I'll give you a hint Rodo." she called sweetly, so sweet it was sickly. "Run!" she chased after him, wand in hand, which made the rest of the death-eaters laugh.

"And in case you are wondering, young Draco and Severus are healing nicely in the medical ward. Narcissa Malfoy and Irma Greengrass our healers have said that they'll both make a full recovery and should be released before the week is out. Harry Potter has saved two of our own he will be a spy at both the Order and Hogwarts, as we can safely say that Snape is not trusted any longer by him."

"My Lord?" Pollux Yaxley called "From what you showed us it seems like Dumbledore doesn't tell the boy a lot of useful information."

Tom looked at him, rising an eyebrow. "No, the Old Fool wouldn't tell Potter anything which would take his trust away for example him not telling Potter about the real prophecy. But he will tell Harry information about their plans for my demise and other such impossible feats, as he wants Harry to feel involved and continue his role as 'Gryffindor Golden Boy'. You can tell your children of Potter's loyalties. But for the love of Merlin tell them to be silent about it, they are Slytherin's but sometimes I highly doubt it." he sighed; exasperatedly recalling the amount of times Crabbe and Goyle Jr. had ran their mouths off about something their father's had told them.

Suitably chatsied, his Death Eaters nodded, and Tom swiftly left the room.

Wednesday 3rd December - 11:12 AM

The cold December weather had finally reached London earlier in the day, and the frigid wind ensured anyone escaping the warmth of their houses had to be dressed in at least 3 different layers of clothes. So there Harry was in 3 pairs of socks, scuffed-trainers, a baggy shirt, 2 'Weasley' jumpers, a scarf and a pair of gloves on the tiled roof to 12 Grimauld Place with a bottle of muggle bubbles.

Pulling the wand out of the liquid, he amused himself by making patterns in the air, watching as a trail of bubbles followed the wand, whilst quietly singing 'I'm forever blowing bubbles; pretty bubbles in the air'

He lay down on the flat roof watching the grey clouds floated by, whilst contemplating the past couple of days.

There had been no loud expletives or chaotic panic, so Harry had assumed no-one in the house new of Draco and Severus' escape. Which didn't make Harry angry, it made him livid. 'How often had they been feeding them? Once every week? The fucking bastards!' Harry swore at Dumbledore, the Order, and especially the Weasley's. They were meant to be a loving family, and yet they willingly condoned that!

He had known for months that the Weasley's hadn't befriended him out of friendship of kindness. No, he had overheard the Weasley's matriarch and her two youngest whilst in St. Mungos (Arthur had been recovering for months after being bitten by Nagini but had suffered a relapse in September 1997) discussing what they'd spend their money on next; they decided on new robes (Molly), a wedding dress (Ginny) and the newest broom (Ron). Of course not all of the Weasley's were under the same beliefs as the other three.

Harry knew for a fact that Percy was a very influential Death-Eater, he had joined straight out of school and brought back very interesting news from Ministry workers; who told him anything to get away from his overbearing worshipping of Fudge.

Charlie had declared himself neutral after the TwiWizard tournament, and returned to Romania to study his dragons. Bill was also neutral, and had moved to France to live with his fiancé – Fleur Decleur. Molly Weasley had soon stopped talking to them, calling them cowards to the 'Cause'. The twins had also said they were neutral, but Harry was pretty sure their version of 'grey' was several shades darker than most peoples.

On other matters though; he kissed the Dark Lord! Scrap that the Dark Lord snogged him! Of course Harry had known (by horcrux instinct) that Voldemort would regain a human appearance, however he thought it would be what he looked like before the curse rebounded. In his mid-fifties, with brown-grey hair and an ageing body, not a tall, lean and dark-haired beauty. Who can blame him for kissing him? Who could resist him?

But then again, he felt comfort whilst in the Dark Lord's proximity and it felt natural to embrace the older man. Maybe it was the horcrux's influence? The recognition of the same soul in another's body?

Whilst on the track of sexy Dark Lord thought, Harry wondered where this would take them.

Monday 8th December - 9:12 AM

Harry's earlier suspicions were proven correct nearly a week later.

He was sitting at the kitchen table, shovelling cheerios into his mouth (internally cringing at the lack of table-manners he had to display), staring at the knots of wood, blearily blinking to keep the sleep at bay; playing the role of the Chosen-One perfectly, when Moody barged into the room. Fixing his magical-eye on Harry, who flinched away – partly to keep the persona up but also because he was sure Moody was using his eye to peer through his clothes.

"Good morning, Moody," Harry welcomed with a small smile, hoping for dear life that he would point his eye at something other than him that day.

"Yes. Hello," Moody answered gruffly, swivelling his eye to the ceiling. "Did you hear anything strange in the night, boy?" he asked, impatiently.

Harry schooled his expression into surprise and curiosity "No, why?" he replied, letting the curiosity reign his voice.

"It doesn't matter really. Ginny and Ron said they thought they heard something in the night that's all," he lied, nonchalantly.

Harry let his face fade from curiosity to boredom "Oh, all right then." and continued with his breakfast. Moody left the room with one quick glance back at Harry, who suppressed a shudder at Moody's perverse thoughts. The fire turned from bright orange to stunning green in a flash and from the flames, stepped out the exuberant, disgusting git: Dumbledore, in red robes, with animated reindeer flying around the bottom.

He smiled at Harry, blue eyes twinkling madly 'Stop twinkling, you damned fool!' Harry swore in his mind but he reigned in his hatred and revulsion of the man and smiled pleasantly at the git who wrecked his and countless others lives. "Headmaster," he greeted kindly "What are you doing here? I thought you were at school?" he asked, the confusion obvious in his tone.

"Oh, it's nothing Harry." he smiled, reassuringly and Harry felt the need to retch. "Did you hear anything in the night, my dear boy?" Harry fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"No sir. But it's strange, Moody asked me the same thing." Dumbledore merely continued twinkling.

"Is that so, my dear boy? Is that so?" he smiled "I'm sorry Harry, but I must speak with Alastor and Minerva," he said apologetically, before leaving the room.

As soon as he was sure the hallway was clear, Harry cast a disillusionment charm, a silencing charm and olfactory confuto (a spell to stop someone, smelling another's scent – popular with husbands playing away) on himself to ensure no one, saw him, heard him or smelt him; and followed Dumbledore up to the attic.

He kept to the shadows, and saw that the Weasley matriarch and her two youngest spawn, Moody, Tonks, Dumbles and Lupin were also in the room. He glanced back at Lupin, there was something strange with him, he was standing stiffly, and his eyes were glazed, but the Potter couldn't dwell on it. Remus had made his bed by condoning this behaviour, now he had to lie in it. Casting his eyes around the attic, he smiled in satisfaction. He had been in quite a hurry whilst rescuing Draco and Severus, so had yet to actually see the extent of his destruction, but looking at it again, he was extremely proud in his work. The others didn't share his sentiments though.

"How did they escape?" a high voice asked, he recognised it as Ginny's. Even though she was paid to befriend him, her infatuation was completely real – to Harry's horror.

"Well someone obviously helped them escape," An idiotic voice spouted, 'definitely Ron then,' Harry mused.

"No, I checked the wards, no-one we don't know entered the house of the past two weeks," Dumbles said, irritably.

Harry internally applauded himself, the fool thought his wards were real! Harry allowed himself to snort, knowing no-one could hear him; Harry had created his own wards as soon as he signed the deeds to the house. It made any wards which weren't his null and void, but made them appear working to the caster; it was quite ingenious if he said so himself – Hermione would be proud.

She wasn't getting paid by Dumbles to be Harry's friend, but her parents refused her to go back to Hogwarts after the Ministry affair so was attending Etsey's School of Witchcraft in America instead; leaving Harry with the fake gits.

"So no-one rescued them?" Molly Weasley piped in, staring around at the destruction of the room.

"Unless it was inside job," Moody replied "Did one of you help them escape?" he asked the group. Most of them paled, apart from Ron, who's face grew to an insanely bright red colour.

"Of course not!" he bellowed at the ex-auror "Who would want to help the ferret and the greasy bat!" he grew in confidence at the Ginny's sniggers "No, I wouldn't dare touch them. Thank Merlin, only you, Dumbledore and Mundungus beat them. And to think!" he added "You were going to fuck them both today! Eurgh!" he shuddered, and Harry stomped down rage threatening to boil inside himself.

"Language, Ronald!" Molly admonished "But I totally agree." she sniffed at the air and started choking (much to Harry's pleasure) at the stench.

"It looks like accidental magic to me," Tonks said. "Looking at the state of the room plus the spot where there isn't any destruction is where they were stood. It sort of screams accidental magic to me."

"It certainly seems that way," Dumbledore and Moody agreed. "Well then, Molly." Dumbles beamed at the woman. "How about some eggs and bacon for breakfast?" he asked, whilst Moody and himself heading down the stairs.

"Certainly, headmaster," she answered happily, hurrying down after him. At the prospect of hearing food, her horrid spawn followed her, shortly after by a mechanic Lupin.

Harry felt sick to his stomach, they were going to rape Draco and Severus yesterday and none of them gave a damn! He needed to leave this house before he murdered someone, he would not compromise his position, he was too valuable for the Dark to get discovered. Too valuable to Tom. He knew where to go now. He lowered his occulmency barriers and reached out to a familiar presence...

Tom Riddle sat at his desk, reading the reports his followers had given him. He had told the lesser death-eaters of Harry's allegiances earlier, he didn't go into too much detail with them as he had with his inner-circle and cast the fidelius charm on them so they could not tell any one else the secret.

He was mulling over the report about Hogwarts wards when he suddenly felt an invasive presence in his mind and attempted to throw his occulmency barriers up, but his attempts failed.

'Drat!' he cursed, still attempting the barriers.

'Tom' a familiar voice called out to him, it sounded angry.

'Harry? Is that you.' Tom asked, wondering what the boy wanted.

'Thank Merlin, Tom. I am going to murder someone if I stay in this house any longer! Can I meet you? I need to get this anger out and if I stay here I'll blow my cover. Please can we meet?' His voice pleaded and Tom knew he couldn't resist the smaller man.

'Of course Harry. Just give me a few moments to tidy up. I'll meet you outside Borgin &Burkes in 10 minutes okay?'

'Thank you so much Tom.' Harry told him, sending a wave of gratitude to the older man.

Tom chuckled to himself 'What is that imp doing to me?' he asked himself, and instantly regretted it when warm laughter echoed across his mind. 'Get out of my mind imp!' he swore under his breath.

Harry rushed down the stairs and into his room; grabbing ink, a quill and a scrap of parchment he wrote a quick note to the gits of the house, telling them he's off out and will be back God knows when. There would be in a lot of shouting when it was over, but it would be worth it.

Dispelling his glamour and the charms around himself, he tore off the horrible glasses, pulled on black, leather pants, an emerald tank-top, New-Rock boots and a black robe. Covering his raven hair with the hood he threw some ashes into the flames and clearly intoned "Knock-turn alley" before stepping into the green flames.

Tom stood outside the shop he worked at 51 years ago, he looked exactly the same as he did when he worked here too – apart from his wine coloured eyes which he had spelled hazel for the short trip. His wavy-black hair was hidden behind the hood and his form-fitting suit was hidden under the robe.

"Tom!" he heard Harry call, he turned to tell the boy not to speak his name so loudly in public, but upon seeing his smile, he didn't want to.

"Hey, sweet," he answered, snaking his arm around the younger boy's waist – again, walking them towards the entrance to Diagon alley. "How are you?"

"Fine. Considering the circumstances." he gritted out, controlling his anger once more; Tom furrowed his brows in thought.

"Circumstances? You didn't actually tell me what happened," he reminded the younger man. "I'm going to apparate us now, ready?" Harry nodded and they were gone with a 'crack!', landing in Tom's study.

Tom led Harry to an armchair and sat in the one beside it. "Do you want to tell me what happened?" he asked Harry, entwining their fingers together. Harry leant towards Tom, resting his head on Tom's shoulder, sighed and told him what the earlier events. Once he had finished, Tom was in an equally bad mood.

Tom stood up, yanking Harry with him. "I've got training rooms, with dummies spelled to throw curses and hexes at you. We will go there now." Tom told him, still not relinquishing his hold on the smaller man as he led him through countless hallways and passages. Tom abruptly stopped before a stone wall and hissed 'open'. The stone slid to the side, revealing a large, circular room; with around 20 dummies of varying human sizes.

"Get changed," Tom said trapping Harry against the wall, whilst shrugging his robes off his shoulders. Harry looked at him suspiciously. "I mean - we don't want your lovely clothes ruined do we Harry?" he purred into Harry's ear, the latter shuddering at the closeness.

"You bastard," Harry cursed, taking his own robe off. Tom attempted to look innocently at him (it failed – miserably). "You just want a chance to leer at me, don't you?"

Tom grinned a Cheshire cat smile. "But Harry," he said ...You want the same, don't you?... he hissed, watching amusedly as a moan left Harry's lips.

...You're evil... hissed Harry, leaning into Tom's body.

...I am the Dark Lord Harry... he told the smaller man "What did you expect, fluffy bunnies?" he teased, as he undid the buttons to his black shirt; revealing a tanned, muscled chest. Harry's hand traced patterns into his pectoral, eliciting a gasp from Tom. ...Come on Harry. Off with your shirt...

But Harry didn't want to stop his touching spree after hearing the sounds which he could make Tom produce.

Said man yanked the top off of the smaller man, smiling at the creamy, lightly toned body before him. ...Beautiful... he whispered into Harry's ear. He pulled Harry's long legs around his own hips, panting as their arousals rubbed together, whilst Harry wrapped his arms around Tom's neck. Tom caught Harry's mouth, licking along the smaller man's lips asking to gain access to the hot cavern behind. Harry instantly let Tom in, their tongues crashing against the other's; battling for dominance; Harry was soon defeated and just revelled in the ministrations of the older man, moaning into the kiss. Tom pulled out and licked his way down Harry's jaw-line. Long ago the boy turned into Harry-shaped goo.

He nipped and kissed at the sensitive bit of skin just beneath Harry's neck, causing him to gasp in pleasure; finally sucking at the area, leaving his mark on the boy. Harry rolled his hips in small circles, seeking more contact with the older man; who groaned at the moves the boy was making.

...Harry, my sweet: Tom panted between gasps and wanton moans. Do that thing with your hips again... he hissed; trailing kisses down Harry's stomach.

...Of course, my handsome... Harry grinned at how hot and bothered it made Tom. Harry continued his actions as Tom left fiery kisses across the younger man's abdomen until he felt Harry still. The green-eyed man threw his head against the stone wall; mouth open with short gasps and Tom felt his own stomach clench and balls tighten as he reached his apex.

"Harry!" he groaned out his lover's name as he came; hearing his own name being screamed through Harry's lips; once they composed themselves, they found they were both in the same situation: Sweaty and covered in their own seed.

"Wow," Harry breathed against Tom's hair "That was...wow."

Tom chuckled. "I concur," he glanced down at their dirty bodies before smirking. "We need a shower."

Harry pouted cherry lips at Tom "Do we have to?" he moaned, as Tom gently placed him onto the ground. Tom's smirk widened.

"We can continue this in the shower Harry."

"Oh, Merlin, yes!" the smaller man agreed, "but as enjoyable as that was, I'm still angry." he smiled apologetically up at Tom.

"I can think of many ways to get rid of the anger Harry." he purred.

"Don't, it's too distracting." He moaned, trying to escape Tom's thrall over him. "Please Tom." he stared imploringly into crimson-eyes. "Not yet."

Tom melted under the gaze Harry sent, his eyes were full of pain and nervousness. "Of course my Sweet," Tom murmured; pressing a kiss into his hair "When you're ready, we'll make it special, okay?"

Harry smiled shyly up at Tom and sent gratitude and happiness through their mental to the older man. The latter stared down at him with wide eyes at the amount of emotion the smaller man was feeling and let a smile flit across his face.

Harry quietly muttered the tergeo charm to clean their clothes and selves of their earlier deeds, as Tom handed him a pair of jogging bottoms. Quickly putting them on, he removed a wand from it's holster on his left arm and another from his left boot; Tom rose an eyebrow at him.

"You do know it's illegal to have two wands right?" he asked, amusement layering his voice.

"Yeah – well." Harry grinned "It's not like you can talk Mr. Dark Lord. It's a dangerous world out there, what if you came to kill me in the night, I would need some sort of protection."

"Believe me. I wouldn't be coming to 'kill' you in the night," Tom replied silkily; waggling his eyebrows at the smaller man, who flushed a brilliant shade of pink at the innuendo.

"Anywaaay - I think we should start practising now." Harry averted looking into the eyes of his ex-enemy, now lover; for the fear of blushing wildly again.

As if he knew what Harry was thinking, Tomorrow's snorted softly and peered into emerald orbs. "Beautiful," he murmured; carding his fingers through Harry's silky hair causing Harry blushed yet again to his horror, Tom hid his smirk by checking a dummy to his left.

"Are you ready?" asked Tom, once he had schooled his expression.

Harry took a stance, low to the ground. His legs a metre apart, slightly bent at the knees, a wand in both hands, his left pointed behind him and his right in front of him, his face calm and concentrated. "Go." he commanded.

Tom swirled his want around his head, gathering the magic in the room and whispered "Animatum" And the dummies moved instantaneously, some fighting other dummies, imitating all fighting styles of varying levels of wizards. However Tom watched in fascination as 5 dummies crowded around Harry, who had yet to move; his eyes closed. As the first curse flew (the bat-bogey curse Tom thought) towards Harry, his sweet; snapped his eyes open, dodging the curse by jumping high in the air, aiming his left wand at the 'wizard' Harry whispered "petrificus totallus". By the time this happened the remaining 9 dummies (6 got hit by stray curses from the other fighting dummies) sprang to life, casting curses from stupefy to crucio; Harry avoided them all with ease and incarcerated them all also.

As soon as the crowd of dummies were down, Harry searched the mock 'battlefield for any straggling 'enemies' and defeated them all with amazing skill and precision. Tom could only gape, open-mouthed at the teen, he could now see how the boy could've defeated him and thanked the high-heavens he was allied with Harry instead of opposing him.

"Wow." Harry panted after another half-hour of duelling, his face flushed and sweat covering his back, Tom watched the teen's muscles ripple as he moved. "What's the matter, Tom?" Harry asked, seeing the older man's blank expression, placing an arm on Tom's bicep; worry etched on his face.

The older man smiled sheepishly down at Harry "You're amazing Harry, really I can see why you've been prophesied about, but err...watching you duel has given me a certain problem that I should probably deal with in private."

Harry blinked uncomprehendingly, before his face went a bit redder. "There's always that shower you promised," Harry shyly began.

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