A Little Princess

"That woman has given her whole life in service to her people. Fifty years doing a job she never wanted! A job she watched kill her father. She's executed it with honor, dignity, and, as far as I can tell, without a single blemish, and now we're all baying for her blood! All because she's struggling to lead the world in mourning for someone who... who threw everything she offered back in her face. And who, for the last few years, seemed committed 24/7 to destroying everything she holds most dear!"

- The Queen (2006), Tony Blair

All those years ago, she remembered. She remembered that fateful day when her father became king.

"Mummy, will we have rooms for the horses when we move to the new manor?"

"Of course, darling, we'll have a palace full of rooms...!"

The newly anointed king entered the corridor, and his wife and daughters turned to face him. They all walked up to the patriarch of the family.

"Curtsy...!" Elizabeth whispered to little sister Margaret.

"Your Majesty..."

The formal barriers were gone as a soft sniffle left the father king, and he embraced the two princesses. Their father loved the two of them very much. And he made sure they knew it very well.

No matter what the struggles royal life had on them.

At first, Elizabeth wondered why her father wouldn't be king after grandfather, but her mother explained the laws of succession. If Uncle David hadn't married Mrs. Simpson, and hadn't abdicated the throne... she wouldn't be where she was at today.

A Queen.

But it didn't start there.

First her father became king, she was the crowned Princess... Then her father was becoming ill. She quickly married her childhood friend, Philip... and soon after her father died, she was crowned the new Queen of England. Soon she became a mother to Charles. Then Anne came along, then Andrew and Edward.

More time passed, and she became a grandmother. Her own mother managing to live a little longer, becoming a great grandmother. She didn't know how England's values had changed. Was it through Tony Blair and his 'modern' philosophies? Or was it through Diana, that she was living proof of the 'twenty-first century' princess?

If Uncle David didn't abdicated the throne, she wouldn't be... where she was today. A Queen. Carrying the torch and burden of the Windsors. Under the magnifying glass of the world. She had sacrificed and held England's burden, like the rest of her ancestors... and now the 'modern' people weren't willing to do the same.

As she sat by the river, waiting for the mechanics to come and fix the Jeep, she couldn't help but feel tears streaming down her face...

So many years... Wasted. Gone by... If her father was in her mother's place and still alive to this day... Would he still wrap her around in his arms like the great winged albatross he claimed himself to be?

After all these years... he was at her side. Behind her every word, raised her up when she needed strength, the hand warmly placed on her shoulder... He was there at her side.