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Chapter 8


"You need me to do what?"

Tony stared at Fornell, who still sat in the chair in front of Jenny's desk, looking at him with a neutral expression on his face. Tony had already suspected that it couldn't be good when Gibbs had called him from Abby's lab, demanding that he'd get up to the Director's office right now.

But he honestly hadn't expected that and all he could do, was gape at Fornell like a fish out of the water, one hand subconsciously rubbing over his slight baby belly.

Fornell only shrugged.

"I thought I'd made it perfectly clear what I need, DiNozzo," he answered, ignoring the threatening growl from Gibbs. Tony's eyes traveled to his lover. Jethro was standing as far away from Fornell as possible and honestly, Tony was amazed that Tobias was still in one piece after that revelation. But DiNozzo could also see that it took all of Gibbs's self-control to stay this calm and only glare and growl at Fornell. Tony gave Gibbs a small smile, before he turned to face Jenny.

"And you didn't think to tell the FBI that it would be a really, really bad idea for me to play the lover, considering the circumstances?" he questioned the red-head, especially emphasizing the "circumstances".

And Jenny again had the decency to look at least a little guilty. But then she remembered that she was still director and she straightened her shoulders.

"I didn't have a choice, Tony," she admitted, getting the feeling that she was repeating the conversation she had had with Gibbs only a few minutes ago, but then again, that shouldn't be too surprising, because Gibbs and Tony had a common interest here.


DiNozzo laughed for a second and fell down in the free chair beside the one Fornell still sat in, calmly watching the scene unfold.

Tony ran a hand through his hair and looked at Tobias, trying not to show too much emotions.

"And why exactly do I have to play your lover?" he asked, because he really wanted to find out if Tobias had a personal motive by picking him or if there really hadn't been a choice.

Fornell cleared his throat and carefully looked at Gibbs, who only stared back, a dangerous glint in his eyes, but Tobias had been Jethro's friend long enough to not cower in fear at those looks.

Instead he focused his attention on Tony again, actually feeling a little guilty that he had to drag Tony into this mess of undercover operation, but they had gotten so far and they needed to complete the assignment and in order to do that he needed DiNozzo, no matter if he would have Gibbs breathe down his neck the whole case.


"First of all, I need someone pretty," he started, regretting the words only seconds later, when he heard a loud thud from behind him. He turned his head and saw that Gibbs had punched the wall... hard, probably imagining that it was his own face.

"Oh, am I supposed to see that as a compliment?" Tony questioned, once again diverting Tobias' attention from Gibbs and the FBI agent turned around, a wry smile on his face.

"I thought that we'd had cleared up last time that I find you attractive, Tony," Fornell began, chuckling a little when Tony actually blushed.

Gibbs, however, didn't really like that revelation, because with a few quick steps he was beside Fornell, glaring down at him.

"We're not here to discuss Tony's looks, Tobias. And I'd really appreciate if we'd keep this strictly away from personal feelings," he ground out and Tony knew that he'd attack Fornell, if the other said one more wrong word.

Fornell leaned back in his chair, trying to look casual, but Tony and Gibbs both knew that it was to put a little distance between Gibbs and himself without looking like he was afraid of the other man.

And he probably wasn't, but everybody who knew Gibbs, was also pretty much aware when to back off a little if you didn't want to be killed.

Fornell crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Oh, I'm keeping it away from personal feelings, I'm not too sure about you though," he answered, looking a little smug and Tony wondered if Fornell had a death wish somehow, because Jethro was about to explode. And he probably hadn't exploded by now, because of Tony's and Jenny's presence.


DiNozzo knew that there was no way he'd get out of this undercover assignment, so he decided to really get back on topic, accept what was going to happen and get out of it, hopefully with his health and his little secret intact. And as crazy as it sounded, he feared that the second part would be much harder to achieve than the first one.

"So what exactly does playing your lover mean here?" he asked and hoped that Gibbs would be able to calm down once they were back on the case. And indeed Gibbs took a few steps backwards, only to come to a halt behind Tony's chair, putting a casual hand on the back of it, demonstrating that he still didn't like it to Fornell and Tony that it wouldn't change anything between them. Jenny, who had watched the scene quietly now handed Tony the file she had gotten from the FBI earlier.

"This is your cover story, you need to have it memorized by tomorrow," she explained and Tony sighed dramatically after taking a quick look into the file.

"Great, another night of rehearsing," he grumbled, before once again turning his attention to Fornell.

"And other than learning my faked history, what else do you need me to know and to do?" he questioned, even though he really wasn't sure if he'd like the answer, but the last thing he wanted was to go into this blindly. He'd get every little part of this story out of Fornell before everything started.


Tobias scratched the back of his head.

"Well, as I mentioned a few times before, I've been in this undercover operation for almost six months and that's the reason why you have to play my lover," he explained. Tony raised an eyebrow and wondered what the time Fornell had spent on that undercover operation had to do with everything, but he'd get an answer soon enough.

"And well, I wasn't even that deeply undercover, so I have to admit I was a little careless when I approached you in that bar that one night," Fornell continued and Tony felt the heat rising in his cheeks when he realized exactly what night Tobias was talking about. Gibbs only snorted when Fornell admitted to being careless, because an FBI agent admitting a mistake to a member of another agency was rare.

"Okay, so I assume they saw us together and drew their conclusions." In Tony's opinion there was no need for them to go into any more details. Tobias only nodded.

"Yes, they did and when they searched my apartment, well, my apartment where I live during the undercover mission and they found your picture, so they started investigating you. Thank god they only found your last undercover identity, because I interfered in time." Fornell stopped at the angry look on Gibbs's face.

"So you were on an undercover operation and just left a photo of Tony lying around your fake apartment?" he questioned and it didn't need a genius to figure out that he was way beyond angry.

Fornell shrugged.
"As I said, I made a mistake," he explained and Tony was tempted to ask why on Earth Fornell had a picture, but again, he feared he might sign Fornell's death certification if he demanded an answer.

"This is more than a simple mistake," Gibbs growled, his hand now moving to Tony's shoulder, squeezing it so hard that it hurt, but Tony didn't say a word, because he knew that this touch kept Gibbs from exploding.


"Well, anyways, I had to make an explanation that wouldn't make them too suspicious," he started, but this time Gibbs interrupted: "And you didn't have any other idea than to make Tony your lover?"

"It was the most logical explanation," Fornell said curtly and again, Tony suspected that there was a little more to that story, but he just couldn't figure out what.

"Okay, let's assume it's the most logical explanation, I still don't get why you need me to play your lover. It should be totally irrelevant to your cover story." Tony opened and closed the small file in his hands just to do something with his hands.

"Well, as it turns out the boss of the organization we want to take down, is gay too and he wants to meet my lover," Tobias explained. "Well, after an extensive background check at last, and if you don't show up, he'll just get suspicious and I'll lose the trust I gained when he realized I was living with a man." he added.

Tony relaxed a little. That actually didn't sound too bad.

"So all you need me to do is to have dinner with you and that guy and then we can get this over with?" he asked, wondering why the guys Fornell was investigating hadn't gotten suspicious before.

"And why didn't you just tell them we've broken up? I mean, you've been undercover for six months and they haven't seen us together apart from that night," he questioned. Fornell scratched the back of his head too.

"I considered it, but the guy seems really interested in you and I needed to gain his trust so I told him that we were still together and you were just teaching film in England for a semester," he explained. Tony only raised an eyebrow. Sure, that explained why they hadn't gotten suspicious before, but he was pretty sure that again there was something Fornell wasn't telling. He rubbed his forehead and waited for Fornell to continue and the FBI agent did.

"And well, we know that there's a big deal going to happen in a few weeks and I need a way in to finally take them all down and I hope to achieve that if you charm the guy a little, DiNozzo. And we all know that you're outstanding to get what you want once you flash that smile."

Tony felt Gibbs's grip tighten even more and this time he winced a little in pain, which caused Gibbs to immediately loosen his grip. Well, Tony could understand that Gibbs was everything but happy about this and Tony had to admit that he wasn't thrilled either. But if it really was just a dinner, then why was Jenny so uneasy about the whole thing? A dinner Tony could do and he wouldn't even have to reveal his little secret.

"So, when is the dinner? And where do I have to be?" he questioned, again hoping that they could get this discussion over with. Then he could go home with Jethro and help the other relax and accept the assignment.

Fornell's eyes darted to Gibbs for a moment and that made Tony feel uneasy again, because he could see the hesitation in the other man's eyes.

"The dinner is in four weeks," he started and before Gibbs or Tony could ask why he had come to them so early, Fornell continued. His words made Tony go pale, because that was something he really didn't need, because that would make keeping his secret especially hard.

"And Tony, since they're keeping tabs on me almost all the time, I need you to move in with me for those four weeks... and we need to actually act like real lovers..."


to be continued...