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Allen had no clue how he ended up here. As if the situation hadn't already been bad-not to mention down right humiliating-enough, his lover just had to come in chasing a damn Noah at the worst time possible. When he'd heard that he had a mission in Las Vegas Nevada, Sin City itself, he had been beyond words with excitement at the thought of all the poor saps he would be able to play poker with and really wishing for a challenge. When he'd heard that Lavi would be accompanying him on the mission, his excitement had only gone up at the thought of scarring the rabbit for life-he was still mad about the 'incident' from a few months back. The rabbit had been trying to 'Help' or so he claimed, and Kanda was still teasing the Moyashi about that damn outfit!

One thing he hadn't been counting on was being scarred right alongside the Baka Usagi. No he had no freaking clue how things had come to this and he wasn't so sure he wanted one. All he wanted was for the floor to open up and swallow him whole or-better yet-for a damn akuma attack.

No such luck and his lover was looking at him now.

There was no way things could get any worse.


Allen made his way to Komui's office trying to ignore the pain in his lower back, from last nights 'activities' with Kanda, muttering under his breath about how the damn samurai didn't always have to be so rough. He quickly shut up as he entered the room, only to glare at the huge stack of papers and the scientist who was using it as a pillow.

He had called Allen to his office at six a.m. in the morning, knowing full well what had gone on last night-very few knew about the relationship between the whitette and the samurai but those who did knew all too well what those screams and groans coming from Kanda's room were-and he didn't even have the decency to stay awake until after he had explained why the whitette had to come in so god damn early!

He assumed it must have been important since it was the first time he had ever called him into work after a night with Kanda, since he knew how Kanda was in bed and he always gave the white haired exorcist the day off out of sympathy.

The white haired exorcist sighed and leaned down, till his lips were mere inches from the older man's ear and whispered softly, "Lenalee's dating the Earl."

"MY PREACIOUS LENALEE!" Komui screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks, as he bolted upright, "HOW COULD YOU DATE THAT FAT BASTARD! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR BROTHER!"

A soft whimper/groan of pain brought the sister obsessed idiot back to his senses. He looked down, to see a familiar teenager sprawled among the mountains of unfinished paper work, his hands covering his nose as tears fought to escape his eyes.

"Allen-Chan, what happened?" Komui asked, concern in his voice as he wiped sleep from his eyes.

"Your head," Allen groaned, tilting his head back to try and stop-or at least slow-the bleeding.

Komui tilted his head in confusion as Allen hoisted himself up off the floor, groaning at the shooting pain that went through his spin emanating from his lower back.

"Rough night?" Komui asked sympathetically.

Allen only glared at him, and Komui chuckled, as the whitette straightened up, another pained groan escaping his throat.

"Why'd you call me Komui?" Allen sighed, sitting down on the couch, trying not to jostle his back.

Komui sighed suddenly serious, "We suspect that a 'business' in Las Vegas Nevada is serving as an akuma factory, and we need you to infiltrate it, and shut it down."

Allen looked up in shock, "Wh-why me?"

He would have expected someone like Kanda to be given a mission that required stealth like this one most obviously did-although the thought of going to Vegas was just so tempting.

"Well, Kanda would probably end up destroying the place the first time he lost his temper, which could result in numerous casualties."

Well Allen couldn't exactly disagree with the supervisor…

"Besides," Komui continued, "We're not sending you alone. Lavi will be your partner for this one."

Allen smiled deviously at the thought, "When do we leave?"

Komui looked up, slightly shocked before he smiled at the boy, "Lavi is already waiting for you at the docks."

End flashback…

Allen groaned as he recalled the details of that conversation. Of course, they'd gotten to Vegas in no time, without incident, but then the finder had left them to it on Komui's orders, saying he was needed elsewhere, and that left Lavi and Allen alone.

They didn't think anything of it, when the manager of the 'business' had rushed them into an empty room after learning that they were from the Black Order, or even when he'd asked them to change their cloths so as not to arouse suspicion, but by the time they thought to look at the cloths they'd been given it was too late, and their own cloths were out of reach.

Now he and the red-head were clad in cloth that could barely be considered clothing, and more resembled women's ?lingerie? than anything else, a cotton tail attached to the back, black bow ties around their necks and rabbit ears.

As if that wasn't enough, Kanda was now in the club, hunting for the Noah he'd been chasing, and Allen was supposed to keep playing poker with the men who continued to flirt with him, believing he was a women.

And Kanda was getting closer by the second, his eyes locked on the whitette.

'God this won't end well.'

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

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