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As we break apart, I look at my family with happiness in my eyes. I realize how truly lucky I am to have such kind hearted people looking after me and actually caring about me. It's them who taught me that it's okay to be open and actually show affecting to one another.

I had learned a lot over the course of the past few months. I had learned that people didn't need to be related by blood to be family. I'd learned that family was when you whole-heartedly cared for each other and were there for each other rather than just genetically. This was my family and I knew they would always love and care for me even when everyone else didn't.

And nothing could be more perfect.

Except for one thing.

The guys and I still hadn't made up yet and there was so much I still had to thank them for. In the few minutes that I hadn't been caught up in all the drama, I had come to a realization that it was them who made the phone calls to home that caused my father to come out there.

I take a deep breath before calling them. "Guys, can I talk to you?" I motion them to follow me once they agree and as we slip into the room I share with Kendall, I shut the door behind me, enclosing us in the bedroom and allowing us privacy. "You were the ones that called my dad about Mom, weren't you?"

"You're accusing us," Carlos points out.

"So you mean you had absolutely nothing to do with it?" I say, sarcasm weaved into my voice. I cross my arms across my chest and smirk, knowing they would spill the beans regardless of what I said.

"So what if we did?" James sighs, raising an eyebrow. He crosses his arms over his chest, blowing out a gust of air. "We did it for you."

"Are you mad though?" Carlos asks timidly, being the one to care about others' feeling oh so much. "I hope you aren't, Logie 'cause all we wanted to do is help you."

And then, before I can help myself, I wrap my arms around all three of my brothers, "No, I'm not mad. I'm sorry that I kept pushing all of you away and refusing your help. I knew I needed it- I just didn't want to admit it. Just... thank you. Thank you for saving me and-" I ramble.

"Logan, you're welcome," Kendall replies, tightening his arm around me.

I blush a little, embarrassed by my rambling. "I love you guys. You're the best."

James chuckles, "We know."

Gently shoving him, I stick my tongue out. "Conceited much?"

"Hey!" he cries out and shoves me back lightly.

Kendall and Carlos join in soon after and we're pushing and shoving each other, all four of us laughing uncontrollably in the end.

Playing water tag with Camille on my shoulders, Jo on Kendall's, Rachel on Carlos' and Katie on James's wasn't the smartest thing to do and we'd figured that out quickly after we started. Nevertheless, it was still fun, therefore we continued playing.

Camille squeals as James splashes water on her from below and tightens her legs below my neck. She scoops her hand down and dunks it into the crystal blue water and while she intends to hit James with her handful of water, she ends up hitting Kendall.

"Hey!" Kendall whines and does the same, though this time hitting Carlos. The girls seem to be getting a kick out of throwing water in our faces because they're giggling uncontrollably and getting each of us as yet as they could.

"Stop it!" James whines, "You're getting my hair wet!"

"You're in the pool, James. What do you think will happen?" Katie snorts, ruffling his perfect hair with wet hands.

There was no way the girls were getting away with all this. And as Kendall, James, Carlos and I share a look, we reach around our necks to undo the legs that were so securely crossed around our bodies, we share the same idea- to push them off our shoulders.

"Logan!" Camille shrieks as she plummets into the water with a loud splash. But as she springs back up, hair drenched and all, she throws her arms around me and dunks me into the water with her. "That what you get," she says defiantly, messing up my hair even more now that we've surfaced.

I grin at her, reaching out I find her hand and intertwine our fingers. She smiles back at me softly and she steps forward, engulfing me in a hug. "I'm really glad I have you," she tells me softly.

And as I look around, I know I'm just as grateful- or maybe even more- to have all them in my life as well.

My heart warms at what she said and in that moment I realize that this entire difficult journey has led me to something that was very much worth it. And at that, the million little pieces that were once my heart started coming back together again.

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