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This will be a Sci-Fi AU that comes immediately after the second season.

Arcanum War

Yukinari, saw them in his mind, saw the people he had developed feelings for.

There was Kirie Kojima his childhood friend, Lisa Fukuyama, the sister of Kuzuhara Fukuyama, a user of black magic and has an infatuation for him, and others who he is still not quite sure about.

The one who is high up there, in his thoughts, was Miharu, the girl he met when he went to Seiren, the one who got him out of his despair of being unable to find love with anyone.

He imagined her, imagined being with Miharu, how beautiful she was, how she was the only person who did not set off his stupid gynophobia condition, and how he wished he was with her, but …


"Huh, wha … oh, now I remember," said Yukinari as he was in the cockpit of his machine, his war machine.

The machine was a special mecha called a Transient, a powerful weapon of the Arcadia Military Forces, and one of the seven original units.

He had been made a pilot, after another random incident caused him to emerge in Arcadia, to be taken and conscripted.

It was a morning, with a thick fog …

Yuklinari had heard something, in his front lawn.

He hadf gone there to find out what it was, and then he saw it, lying in the grass.

A diamond shaped crystal glowing with a beautiful azure light, and was beautiful beyond anything item he had seen.

He decided to take it and show it to Miharu.

He would do it in school …

It was in swim, class, and as expected, Fukuyama pulled another stunt, this time involving somehow creating a very large water slide, and attempting to use it to separate everyone, where he wanted to take Miharu.

As Yukinari was chasing him down, he ended up falling over the, edge, and he had been holding the crystal, but when he went closer to the ground, the crystal, released a massive gout of energy, and it destroyed the water slide, and then exploded into a large crystal structure which tore into the school, and encircled Yukinari.

Then it instantly shrunk the size of a small marble, and then disappeared.

Leaving everyone, especially those who knew Yukinari in shock at what happened or shocked in general.

Yukinari ended up in the Arcadian slums, in only his swimsuit.

Then he ended up being found by a guy in a coat, and said that he was not from around Arcadia, speaking in Japanese, saying he used a universal translator.

Then he said that Yukinari would have two choices, it was to either be caught by the military of Arcadia, or join the organization that he was from, ICON Advancements.

Yukinari, being who he was, agreed.

That was how he was thrust into the war.

Yukinar had been given training more harsh and punishing than any beating or humiliation he had incurred (accidental or otherwise).

He was told that he had been exposed to the energy of their enemies, a race of crystal life, whose bodies were made of ever shifting crystals, in sizes ranging from that of an ordinary Arcadian to the size of a large warship, as for the Arcadians, they were a race that never shows their face, and to that end, wear masks at their coming of age, but without their masks, have grey, scaled skin, and slitted eyes, as well as a humanoid appearance.

However, Yukinari learned more about them, and their enemies, the Prothos, a race that is capable of living even in the vacuum of space, and using a powerful, and overwhelming energy:


As one sees it, it is a very bright Azure, and is an adaptive energy, and the Arcadians now use it for many of their devices, but now put it into their war against the Arcanum.

He then, found out why he had been taken with them.

He learned of the machines that were made, the machines known as Transient.

Yukinari had seen mech anime before; actually he used to watch many mech animes, but not in real life, even on Seiren.

"This is your machine, it only responded to the signal from you, you will be its pilot," said the Arcadian named Juno.

It was a rather small machine, name Novus (think Gundam Exia, except more white and with a more angled design), armed with a Mako beam rifle, several Acturan composite knives and short swords made by the Acturan heavy weapons industries, and its primary weapon was the ICON made Mako long-sword, lined with the Mako producing crystals of the Arcanum, and compared to the others it was smaller than the others.

Yukinari got in, and he found problems, great problems.

Whenever he piloted it, he found that it was heavily affecting his gynophobia condition, causing his hives to act up, but as he was the only pilot, he was given a special micro-machine treatement for his condition to suppress the hives.

Neither he, nor any Arcadian knew that what was actually happening to Yukinari as the Mako entered his tissues, into his very DNA, and very slowly ….

… it started to change him.

At the time however, the only thing on everyone's mind, was the war, and Yukinari was having his first test with the unit.



Novus vs Arcadian Arc Drone, codename 'Reflex'