Chapter 3: Arcanum

Yukinari took more for his log, putting into it how much he cared for those he left back home, writing:

'Miharu, Kirie, everyone, we are in the Icota Sector of space, though we are nowhere near the galaxy I belong, but in the end, I wouldn't know where home is even if I was near it. Anyway, the Arcadians said that when the war is over, they can see about sending me home.

However, the war isn't over, it won't end until the Arcanum lost, and right now, we still haven't seen even one, I don't even know what they really look like, but from what I hear, their some type of crystal space monsters.

I hope we don't find them and we can just go home.

This is Yukinari, signing off."


"Wha-what, what's happening," Yukinari said as he got to the main launch bay, already in his flight uniform.

Then an Arcadian with a green full body unit goes by and says, "sensors have confirmed their presence, its them ….

… it's the Arcanum."

Yukinari's eyes shot open and he headed straight for his machine, and quickly got on.

"ALERT," said Novus's AI, "Arcanum detected, they are emerging from warp-space near the moon near the planet Ihan, numbers at 300+ enemies, detecting light attackers and medium assault types."

Novus was soon shot into space, and then Yukinari finally saw them.

Large angled, crystal constructs, forming into a pointed design, with Mako energy coming off of their structure, it was the Arcanum.

And it was heading straight for him.

It then unleashed from its frame a rapid discharge of Mako energy bolts, all of which impacted off of the Novus's shield.

Yukinari fired the rifle at the Arcanum, and the rounds that hit glanced of its own field, but unlike the pure energy bullets of the Arcanum, the rifle had been made to fire Mako charged Oscillation rounds.

The rounds pounded into the Arcanum, and after three shots, a round punched through, and the Arcanum exploded into clouds of Mako energy and crystal armor.

Then five more showed up, but three mass production Transient destroyed them, blasting them to pieces in an instant using mass fire, but then a Transient was struck by one powerful purple colored beam, and it tore through the field, destroying the machine and killing the pilot.

Yukinari saw the enemy as it was coming, instead of the shining light green color of the other Arcanum, the new one was a blazing purple color, and it had a larger structure, which was shaped into what could be explained as a fighter bomber.

It let loose seven crystals, all blazing with intense Mako energy as they flew at a very high speed straight at Yukinari, it took Yukinari only moments to realize that the incoming pieces were missiles.

Yukinari, pulled multiple maneuvers, and finally used anti-missile canisters to destroy the missiles, the canisters releasing spheres that gave of the signal of a Mako powered machine, causing the missiles to believe it was the real thing.

Yukinari soon charged at the enemy, but found that he could not get at it fast enough as it fired smaller, weaker, yet numerous beams.

Then Yukinari found it, he found a system that had been in the Transient, the Mode shift system.

He realized it was there as he saw a Transient suddenly shift into the mode of a fighter in the span of seconds.

Then Yukinari charged forward, pushing the Transient faster at the Arcanum, now firing off more energy blasts, the mako energy beams all high powered beams, capable of blasting a Transient in two.

Even then, Yukinari did not falter.

He used a Mako enhanced oscillation knife, and he threw the knife, which succeeded in stabbing into the frame of the Arcanum, though now it focused its attention on Novus.

Yukinari is blasted by countless high energy beams, large numbers of small energy beams hit Novus's shield, but the shields held, Yukinari mainly avoiding the large scale heavy energy beams that are heading at Novus.

"I am going to live, I am going to live," Yukinari yelled, activating the M-Blade (the Mako longsword) and Novus soon accelerated to its hire speed, and Yukinari dodged one final large energy beam, "I am going to live, and go back home, to Miharu, to Kirie, to everyone," he then plunged the blade through the Arcanum, shattering its crystal armor, and penetrating through it.

The Arcanum soon exploded, and started to fully vaporize, and Yuikinari allowed himself to rest a bit.

Then the Arcanum suddenly blasted outward, and Mako energy flooded the area, and entered Yukinari's cockpit, Yukinari feeling the intense energy enter his body, and felt as his body took it in, and felt an intense pain which would come from his problem, but the micro-machines stopped the pain quickly.

They could not however, stop the change that came from the energy as the Mako began to manipulate his DNA, along with his own body.

The pain passed, enough for Yukinari to see as another Arcanum was heading straight at him, and it soon fired off a large amount of energy rounds at him from its frame, but Yukinari reacted quickly, and fired his rifle, the Mako charged oscillation rounds tore into the Arcanum, and blew it apart.

Then several large beams of energy lanced through space, all were the main cannons from the combined Arcadian fleet, with ships from ICON and the regular Arcadian Deep Space Fleet, the craft being a mix of large Assault Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers, along with a few Patrol Ships.

The Assault Carriers were the pride of the fleet, as they had fifty-four Mako Missile Tubes, forty-five Mako energy canons, Twenty Mako charged Rail Guns that used powerful Oscillation rounds, and finally was the twin Mako High Energy Quantum Cannons that formed the front of the Assault Carrier, which was a mix of a sloped and blocky structure, combining toughness and durability with advanced shielding and protection, which was the hallmark for all ships of the Arcadian fleet, as well as a large complement of Reflex-class fighter drones, as well as mass-production Transients.

Yukinari soon returned to the ICON Assault Carrier, the Arcanum of Fate a slightly larger type of assault carrier that mounted on its top deck a turret mounted, small version of the main gun, a Mako Impulse Cannon, which was not as powerful, but because it could swivel almost a whole 360 degrees, it was a powerful weapon in its own right.

Yukinari soon docked the ship, and then sent the information on his battle to the main control center, but as he passed a large window that showed space, he then noticed his own features.

His hair color was now lighter color, fading a bit, and his eye color now looked a bit lighter now, and appeared to be shifting a bit, and his skin which was very light originally was now more light colored now, looking like it would become pale, and his features as well, he was known to have a baby face, bot now his face looked a bit more …

… feminine.

He began to wonder about that more, but soon went to the hall, and ate.

The Arcadians had a large amount of foods and meals to choose from, though it consisted of mostly made based foods, they also enjoyed grain and veggies, so rice was also there as well as veggies that were similar to those of Earth.

Yukinari got his meal and sat at a table, of course he made sure to put on the hooded uniform he had before he even went to eat, along with a mask he was given, as showing ones face was viewed as an act of insolence amongst Arcadians, so Yukinari had his hood up as he ate, though the Arcadians had their special masks off so they could eat, for the only time they could be without the mask was in their quarters, when they were cleaning themselves in the bathrooms (let's just say that) in their quarters where they needed to remove all articles of clothing to bathe, or when eating as the mask prevents such a thing.

Some talked amongst others, though their heads were low so as not to show their face to the other, Yukinari having to look a bit at the others as they ate, his mask clipped to his hip.

Some talked of the battle that occurred, others would talk amongst themselves about other matters.

"Human, I saw you in battle, how you valiantly destroyed several Arcanum and took on a Neves Arcanum," said the Voice of an Arcadian sitting at the table, one Yukinari knew as Shi' Itan, a pilot from the 23rd Elite Transient Corps, one of the better units.

"I saw it too, taking out the small fry was one thing, but to best Neves was a real feat," said another, a Transient pilot named Izan.

Yukinari knew about the Neves Arcanum, they were a more powerful and unique variation of the regular Arcanum, much more powerful, and had abilities unique to themselves, so taking one down was no small task, in fact taking one down was a rather large achievement.

Yukinari soon finished his meal and went to his cabin, and he soon went to sleep, wondering what would happen later in the war, one thing was certain for him.

He just wanted it to end.

Yukinari slowly felt his eyes open, he felt strange, as though he was himself, yet at the same time wasn't himself.

He then looked down at himself, and the saw that he had no clothing on and covered himself, then he noticed to his horror that several areas of his body, being the legs and much of the area below the hips, which obscured the more … distinguishing parts of his body.

Then he saw where he was, seeing the strange dreamscape world he was in, and saw he was surrounded by a strange crystal landscape, all of which had an almost organic shape and form, but then he saw a sight nearby.

It was a girl, a girl with hair and skin whiter than snow, and a large robe with strange symbols on it, and she was looking up at the sky.

Yukinari then spoke, but instead found no words coming out, none at all, but then saw the woman turn to him, and then she suddenly appeared directly in front of him, startling him.

Then she pointed up at the sky.

He looked up, and saw what looked to be a spire, a spire with nine rings around it, all of the rings had a texture that made them look like mirrors, reflecting the blue-green light that was glowing through the strange dream realm.

Then, Yukinari saw as a ring suddenly darkened, turning black as night, then it cracked and fissured all over, and finally it broke apart, disintegrating in the air.

Then he felt a dark feeling go through him, like something terrible had happened, and then the light dimmed a bit, and the crystals that made up the land didn't give off the shine that they had once had.

The girl turned to him, and spoke, but instead of words, he saw images, images of shattered crystals, of destroyed ships and fighter craft, and wrecked Transient craft, and it was horrible, seeing the death, the destruction, it hurt him deeply in ways he could not comprehend.

Then an image came to him, a moon with a large fissure in its side, rocks from its surface suspended in space near the fissure, and within awaited a trange crystal being, that l had four crystal structures that looked like bladed wings at four points on its own main body, which was long and sharp, and it glowed with a yellow light.

Then he saw images of Miharu, of the things they have been through, of the peaceful times before he arrived in Arcadia, but then he saw a light as well, within himself.

The light seemed to be shrouded, with it being only a small dot within him, located in the center of his chest, but then the girl seemed to reach out and grasp the light, and a euphoric and blissful feeling passed though Yukinari at that time, and he felt peace within himself because of it.

Then the world soon darkened a bit, and Yukinari realized that he was waking up, but then as he felt himself start to awaken, feeling more changed than he originally was, he saw the girl speak, but instead of images, he heard the words, spoken in a voice that sounded like that of a being of true benevolence, the words being:

"I will be here when you come back"