Ohana Means Family

We're a family damn it… so suck it up and deal!

Dean growled low in his throat darting out the door and tackling his youngest brother to the ground before he could reach any of the cars. Grunting and struggling against the other man the oldest Winchester somehow managed to get Adam to his feet and held in a way that he could physically move him back into Bobby house. Only once they were inside and the door was shut did Dean let go of him; as soon as he was loose Adam wheeled around to glare at his brother, "What the hell was that?"

"You ain't just walking out on us Adam." Dean said folding his arms and blocking the smaller man's path to the door, "I wont let you."

"What does it even matter?" Adam snarled glaring at him, "Not exactly like I've been around for ever and you can't function with out me."

"What does it-? Damn it Adam! We're family." Dean said throwing his arms out to indicate the whole room. Sam, Bobby and Castiel just watched silently as things unfolded, ready to intervene if needed.

"Granted it's weird, I mean you've got a high school drop out with a whapping ten bucks to his name, a domesticated Sasquatch, a crabby old guy with a mound of dusty old books and a socially retarded angel," He said pointing to each person in turn (for his credit, Castiel only cocked his head and gave Dean a confused look when he was brought into the equation), "But so is everything else in our lives. We're a family damn it! As messed up and screwy as we may be, we're your family, and you're stuck with us… so suck it up and deal!"