Author's Note: This story is loosely based on The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Not directly in plot, but I did steal his idea of the actual notebook and the way this will cut between past and present.

Prologue: A Promise

There will come a time when I... well. The time will come. And I must be completely selfish with you and ask one final favor-a favor you must promise to repeat for as long as I can stand it-and hope that you will comply even when I no longer remember asking it of you.

Don't let me forget this. If everything else slips away, I don't want to lose the way your hair smells in the morning, the way it feels to have your hand at the base of my spine, the different expressions on your face that only I know how to read. Don't let me lose the days we've spent at Baker Street, the nights, the years.

If there's ever been a promise I couldn't make you keep, it's this one. This impossible, improbable promise: Don't let me forget us.