Raven was having a rough night, Titan Tower had suffered a glitch, The central heating was destroyed by water leaks in the vents. Not good in the coldest winter since 1957. Her room had to be below freezing. That said she was half demon, her fathers blood prefered magma to snowball fights.

She needed to find another blanket or something, she lifted herself fromher bed and looked at her clock. One AM. No one would be up. Her barefoot touched her carpet, she winced at the cold. She stood and ran to her door.

It opened with a hiss, revealing the dark hallway. The walk to the common room was long and far colder than her room was. After five minutes she reached the common room, in there was a cupboard which held several emergency blankets. She was going to be warm.

The truth was Raven had always hated being cold. She was never allowed to hug her mother or curl up near a fire because of her demonic blood and that meant she was perpetually chilly. Worse, recently she had seen Beast Boy resting as a polar bear, she would dream about snuggling up to him and resting with him. OK maybe she had wanted to do that for a while, but now she had to meditate to control herself when near him.

She entered the common room and immediatly regretted it. Beast Boy was asleep, as a polar bear, covered with a blanket.

"Darn it!" Raven couldn't help it. He looked so warm and cosy in the blanket, not to mention cute.

The bear grunted to wakefulness and transformed into a human again.

"Hey, Rae." Beast Boy mumured, sleep lacing his voice.

"Why Beast Boy? Why do you do this to me?" Raven cried at the hero.

"What do you mean Rae?"

"You know I'm cold, so you have to showoff how warm you are. Why do you do it to me?

"Rae, if you're cold then get under the blanket." Beast Boy then stood up and wrapped Raven in the blanket. He placed it over her shoulders and put it on her like it was her cloak, before pulling her into a tight embrace. Raven stiffened at first, but relaxed almost instantly. relishing the warmth.

Beast Boy lifted Raven to his chest, before lying down with Raven on top of him. He felt Raven nuzzle her head into his chest, just before he transformed back into a polar bear he whispered a gentle "Night Rae." and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Beast Boy fell asleep thinking I am so asking her out tomorrow.

On the edge of his thoughts he could swear he heard the words Friday at seven.

Then they slept.