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Raven woke up alone. The bedding next to her was slightly warm from her now absent boyfriend. She got up and went searching.

It was three in the morning and Raven was surprised to find Gar on the couch, wide awake, looking at the TV. It wasn't on.

"What's wrong Gar?" Raven asked.

"Nothin's wrong Rae." He answered.

"Yes there is. Now what is is?" She persisted.


"Well then, if you won't tell me, I'll force it out of you." Raven delivered her ultimatum.

Raven proceeded to utilize her powers, holding Gar completely still.

"Wait, Rae! There's nothing wrong!" Gar yelled, fearing reprisals.

Raven shook her head and began to softly touch his ear.

Gar flinched as much as he could, squirming in the magical bonds pathetically. He shuddered when Raven breathed down his ear. He squealed when she brushed her fingers against his back.

"Gah! Okay, I'll talk! I'll talk!" Gar squeaked as Raven teased him.

"And..." Raven stopped her torture, but kept him still.

"I'm mm mmmmhmm." Gar said, trailing of into embarrassed mumbles.

"Pardon?" Raven asked as she lightly touched his neck.

"Grr. I'm in season!" Gar growled.

"...So?" Raven asked.

"I'm male, you're female. I have to practice restraint!" Gar continued.

"You mean like when you tied yourself to the bed?" Raven asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

"Not funny..." Gar stated.

"It was also a display of how bad of a vegan you are, after all, you wore leather undies..." Raven carried on, teasing the changeling.

"They were foax leather, besides, that's not the point, I-" Gar started before a kiss cut him off.

"I always listen to your problems Gar." Raven told him in a husky voice after breaking contact.

"Thanks Rae, I know I don't say it enough, but I really love you." Gar told her, a soft smile and a brownish blush on his face.

"You say it every time you see me." Raven stated.

"It still doesn't feel like I say it enough." Gar answered.

"I love you too Gar." Raven said with a warm smile.

Several moments passed.

"Rae?" Gar asked.

"Hmm?" Raven responded.

"That kiss did not help." He complained.

"It wasn't supposed to.." Raven said casually before teleporting them both back to bed.

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