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Title: A Darkened Heart still wants.
Author: EtherealCrescent
Word Count: 420
Characters: Naraku/Kagome
Summary: CU. A darkened heart still wants what it wants. Naraku's thoughts during a significant moment of the final battle (Inuyasha: The final act.)

Author's Note: Just my first try at a Naraku/Kagome pairing. I'll probably try writing something for this pair again. The morbid torturous idea of that relationship just calls to my love of dark/angst writing. I'll figure out how to write something longer in the way that I want to eventually but for now I've come up with this. Hope you enjoy!

" You may not love me today, tomorrow, or ever, but I will love you until it kills me, and even then, you'll be in my heart."- Author unknown.


He stared at her. At her cute button nose, her innocent bright eyes, and imagined that she wore the large happy smile that was plastered on her face whenever he wasn't around. She was different than the other one. The other one had never smiled and had never looked at him like she wanted to save him. Kikyo had been content in letting him lay in a cave mangled till he died and still... he had wanted her. But this one, this new girl… this smiling, caring, loving, PURE girl: He wanted her so bad he'd give up his soul to demons… if he hadn't already done that.

He watched her as her wild raven tresses blew in the wind. Kikyo's hadn't done that either. Her strands had always lain down so stiff so perfect against her miko outfit and yet… he had still wanted her. This girl was wild with purity, perhaps even wild enough to actually choose him over that same white haired hanyou that all his secrets desires seemed to fall for. He was a hanyou too, he thought darkly, couldn't she tell?

He clenched his eyes shut tightly aching to stop this obsession. But even though he couldn't see her he could still feel her. It was impossible. The threads of her soul would forever remain tangled within his web, his human heart longing for hers. Why couldn't she be his?

The carrier of that soul could break him down, make him vulnerable. She could forcibly crack open his chest and crawl inside his heart to eat away at him forever. The first one, Kikyo, had devoured him whole and left him in a darkness, in a torture, that he'd learned to love. That he now sought to share with the world, but more importantly he sought to share it with her—with this new girl.

He opened his eyes and realized just how much pity was held within her gaze as she looked back at him. He was startled for a second that she was feeling anything for him at all. And then she spoke.

"The Shikon No Tama didn't grant your real wish, did it?" She asked him aloud as everyone's gazes became questioning ones.

He just let her words echo around, bouncing off the walls of his large spider body, as he continued to stare at her with torturousdesperateurgent… longing.

And he thought to himself with a morbid dissatisfaction that pulled tightly at his features,

'Well no my Kagome, it didn't.'

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Word Count: 420