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Chapter 2


Kagome's grandfather started on his journey to Mt. Hakurae. Around mid-day, he stopped to rest by a river. After he had something to eat, he started back up on his journey.

By the next day, he still hadn't reached Mt. Hakura, and he had become quite weary. A strange sound caught his attention. It was the sound of a thousand wings beating the wind around them, his breath caught. "What could that Gramps wondered aloud. All of the sudden, hundreds of moths came out of nowhere using their wings to buffet a strange golden dust toward his face.

"Wha, Where did all these moths come from?" As the air around his eyes became clouded, he noticed that while the beasts weren't attacking. As he breathed in the moth dust, his muscles were beginning to ache and his eye lids were getting heavier.

"Oh Kami," He sighed; "I am exhausted." "Perhaps a short nap," he paused to pant, "would do me good." "Yes," he said sitting down, "just a short rest."

Within an instant he had fallen asleep under a peach blossom tree. A long dark shadow fell upon the collapsed Gramps. A pair of black boots come into view, and we see the owner, a tall moth demon with long blue hair, and antennae on his head.

"Hm… He is just an old man but a soul is a soul I guess." He began to laugh manically. "Ha ha ha ha ha! Soon now, very soon, I will inherit my father's full power and add it to my own. Then I will have surpassed my old man in every way and be the most powerful demon in the world!"

"Ahhhh!" the demon screamed abruptly. He flailed his arms as his blue skin started smoking and leaving big, black blotches everywhere the smoke touched. His screams became cries of agony. The demon felt a jolt from behind and looked down. A thick wooden pole was protruding through his chest. The demon looked up a final time and he finally keeled over. The area around where the pole was stuck in his back was black and burnt. Behind the dead demon stood a monk holding the top of the pole protruding from the demon's back.

He wore black and purple robes, and carried a tall gold stick with rings at the top. (Anyone know who this is?) His hair was short, black and was tied into a small pony tail with his bangs hanging in his eyes.

"That should keep you out of trouble." Said the monk. Then he slowly lifted his head to reveal big vibrant purple eyes. Then those beautiful eyes came to rest upon the collapsed form of Gramps.

"Oh Kami, what should I do?"

"Under normal circumstances, I would bring the man to the palace until he awakened. But the last person I brought to the palace, had been thrown in prison by my lord!."

"What should I do?"

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