Alright! Here is chapter 1 of Warrior "Princess"

Hi. My name is Ever Sugar Preston. You might also know me as Cinderella or Coco. Just to remind you guys…I have dark brown hair now(it used to be coco colored then my mom colored it jet black . After I washed it out on my first day at Blackwater Academy I learned that my hair wasn't really black. Oh yeah, I also have bangs.), chocolaty brown eyes, a nose ring(stud!), a bad attitude…etc.

If you have read all of Punk Cinderella, then you already know the basics-my crazy best friend's name is Jade, Mace claims that he loves me(I still despise that word-"love". Pft, It doesn't exist.), Brendon wants to take over all of Europe(I know, it's INSANE.), I have 2 bratty older sisters named Jamie(16 years old, blonde beauty. Barf material. Mean. Gossip girl.) and Nicole(17 years old, light brown hair, cheerleader. Nicer than Jamie/ Da bitch/Jay.) that turn into bloodthirsty puppies at midnight, I am a descendant of Phoenix(so I can turn into a phoenix) and more.

God, my life is so screwed up! Oh yah, did I mention that Mace and Brendon are princes that like me…but they hate each other. Incredibly great, right? That 2 princes want me? No. It sucks. Brendon wants Mace and they have started a fucking(I'm foul mouthed. Please excuse my language.) war over me. Because they like me-well, I know that Mace likes me, but I think Brendon is just using me to piss Mace off. For some strange reason, Brendon hates princes . Yes, I know that he wants to take over all of Eurasia, but still! I mean, why doesn't he hate himself? He is a prince too!

So yah. That is my crappy life so far. Enjoy "book 2".